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Wed Oct 23 2019
By   Bibek

Malika Andrews, a young and dynamic personality, is all set to dominate the sports industry with her in-depth reporting for ESPN. Recently, a lot of rumors about her husband are circulating on the internet.

The news came out of nowhere, but some hint suggests it spread like wildfire because of the ring in her wedding finger. So, what's the truth? Is she already Married or Single? To know more about this, tag along.

Is She Really Married?

The 26-year-old ESPN reporter Andrews is unmarried and possibly single. She is quite confidential about her personal life, especially when it comes to her relationship status, and merely shares anything.

Malika Andrews enjoying her trip of Paris
Image: The NBA reporter Malika Andrews in Paris. 
Source: Instagram @malika_andrews

Malika is making a big name for herself for some years now in the field of a sportscaster. She is the only National Basketball Association (NBA) reporter for the region and in fact, the single woman of color reporting NBA games for ESPN.

It seems like; she wants to achieve great heights before indulging herself on a romantic journey. 

Her Confusing Sexual Orientation

The sports reporter loves to spend time with her friends and family, as suggested by her Instagram posts. Not just that, she also loves to ride horses, which she shows off via her social media.

In any of the reports or social media posts, she's never hinted about her sexuality; however, in one of the Insta posts, she confused her followers with her sexual orientation. In the posts, she wrote that the picture could be her engagement picture.

Malika Andrews together with her best friend
Picture: Malika Andrews (right) with her best friend (left). 
Source: Instagram @malika_andrews

In the post, she poses along with her best friend, which is removed now, but it creates a lot of controversies. Despite all the rumors, Malika has not openly clarified her sexual orientation, which is her personal choice. So, until and unless she gets into a romantic relationship with someone, we can only guess about her sexual orientation.

Malika's ESPN Journey

To achieve a big dream of working for ESPN, Malika had to start somewhere small, getting all the experience making her ready for the big job. She worked as an editor-in-chief for her college newspaper, The Beacon, while she was studying journalism at the University of Portland.

Completing her education, Malika started her journey to become part of a big company like ESPN. She started working at The New York Times as an intern. After the internship, she joined the Chicago Tribune, but in 2018, she left Chicago Tribune to land her dream job as a sports reporter at ESPN.

Malika Andrews reporting for ESPN at the match between Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks
Frame: Malika Andrews reporting for ESPN. 
Source: Instagram @malika_andrews

Now, working at ESPN, she joins some veterans in the job like Suzy KolberDario Melendez, and Tiffany Greene, to name a few. At ESPN, she is the only woman of color to report on NBA games. Besides that, she is also the reporter of Milwaukee Bucks at ESPN, just like Sophia Minnaert does for Fox Sports.

Andrews's Big Controversy at ESPN

In May 2019, during a post-match Press conference of Milwaukee Bucks after they lost to the Toronto Raptors. One of the Bucks players, Giannis Antetokounmpo, refused to answer the question asked by Malika and walked out of the press conference. 

At the moment, everybody was curious about Gianni's rude and unprofessional behavior, but later, it revealed that he did not like the article written by Malika about him. In the article, she wrote about Gianni's possibility of leaving Milwaukee Bucks if the Bucks failed to reach the finals. 

Giannis did not like that story, especially after suffering the most significant loss of his career. The story, however, was accurate as Malika did her research very well in writing the article. Giannis does possess the possibility to leave Bucks if they fail to reach the NBA finals.

The controversy is now calmed down, but some still criticize Giannis for his unprofessional behavior.

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