Dive Into Tyrus Love Life: Who is Tyrus Wife?

Sun Jun 25 2023
By   Prajwol

George Murdoch, popularly known by his stage name Tyrus is a well-heard name. He is none other than the American wrestler who won the title NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in his first reign. Besides, Tyrus Is also an actor and cable news personality.

The champion in the ring, Tyrus is also the champion in the romantic world. He has successfully won the heart of American fitness mogul, Ingrid Rinck. The Charming wrestler has been making headlines both inside and outside the ring. 

Who Is Tyrus Wife?

Tyrus's wife, Ingrid Rinck, is an American health and fitness influencer boasting more than 79k followers on her Instagram.The love bird was in a whirlwind romance for several years before tying the knot. Ingrid was born on April 24, 1981, and her birthplace is a mystery. Ingrid prefers to keep a low profile despite being married to the famous Tyrus. 

Tyrus is married to Ingrid Rinck for a long time now. Source: Instagram @ingridrinck

Ingrid is a mystery wrapped in a gorgeous package, making her all the more intriguing to gossipmongers. Despite her secrecy,  Tyrus's wife is said to be the daughter of Gary Rinck, a former restaurant owner. Some internet tabloid suggests that the fitness trainer is a college dropout.

Is Tyrus Still Married To Ingrid Rinck?

Yes, peps, Tyrus is still married to the love of his life, Ingrid Rinck. The American professional wrestler has proven himself to be a faithful and dedicated man. There are no rumors relating to the couple's divorce and scandalous extramarital affairs.

Tyrus and his wife Ingrid Rinck. Source: Instagram @ingridrinck

As aforementioned, Rinck prefers to stay away from the limelight. In addition to this, Tyrus's wife never revealing too much about her personal life has made it difficult to confirm their marriage date. Tyrus spilled the beans regarding their relationship via Twitter in 2020. He said:

"Married for years but officially gave her a real proposal. It’s never to late to make things right! This woman is my everything and she deserves the world and it’s my honor she chose me The love of my life my life.anyone that knows her knows green."

Tyrus & Ingrid Rincks Are Parents Of A Daughter!

From their long-time union, the professional wrestler, Tyrus and his fitness trainer wife, Ingrid is a parent to a beautiful daughter. The married couple welcomed their only daughter together, Georgie Jane Murdoch on March 7, 2014.

Tyrus's daughter Georgie Jane Murdoch.
Tyrus's daughter Georgie Jane Murdoch. Source: Instagram @ingridrinck

Georgie is the apple of the eye of her parents. Ingrid often posts the picture of her daughter on her Instagram. The mother-daughter duo went on dinner by the beach in January 2023. Tyrus's wife shared a glimpse of this beautiful moment and wrote:

"Dinner on the beach with my sweet girl. Thank you @tyrussmash"

Georgie and her incredible mom also bond over dance exercises. Not only Ingrid but her husband Tyrus equally love their daughter. Once Tyrus's daughter joined him in a radio studio. Moreover, she has even recommended a book on Fox News's "The Five" talk show. 

Tyrus's wife, Ingrid Rinck posted picture of Georgie and her mysterious daughter
Tyrus's wife, Ingrid Rinck posted a picture of Georgie and her mysterious daughter. Source: Instagram @ingridrinck

Beside Georgie, a mysterious girl is often seen sharing screen on Ingrid's Instagram. She has posted pictures of them together with the hashtag sisters. People have been wondering about her identity as both Tyrus and Rinck have guarded her identity secret.

Did You Know? Tyrus's wife, Ingrid Rinck Was Married Before

Before saying "I do" to the dashing NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Rinck had already taken a trip down the aisle once before. Tyrus' wife has not been open about her past relationship but she has two children from it.

Ingrid Rinck with five children.
Ingrid Rinck with her five children. Source: Instagram @ingridrinck

Ingrid's two sons, Rhett and Rock, are from her previous relationship. Rhett graduated from Mandeville High School in 2021. The younger son, Rock turned 16 that same year and received a beautiful black Dodge Challenger as a gift to mark his important day. 

Sadly, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for young Rock. He was diagnosed with incurable type one diabetes nine years ago. Similar to Rinck, Tyrus also may have a child from another relationship, but he has remained silent about it.

Tyrus and Timpf Dating Rumors

The stars of Fox Sports had started the podcast called Tyrus and Timpf Show. As the show progresses the chemistry between, Murdoch and Katherine also grew. This led people to believe that the two co-hosts were dating.

However, TImpf and Tyrus never dated. The relationship between them was only professional and nothing else. In fact, Katherine was together with her long-time boyfriend, Cameron Frish. While Murdoch was with Rinck.

NWA Wrestler Faced Sexual Allegations 

The wrestling world buzzed with scandal as Britt McHenry, a former Fox News host, accused wrestler Tyrus of some steamy misconduct. He was accused of bombarding McHenry with inappropriate messages. Britt said the NWA wrestler used to harass her off-screen.

McHenry had complained about it to Fox's higher representatives. As there was no proper response, she filed a lawsuit in December 2019. Later, the NWA wrestler and his co-host Britt reached an agreement. Britt left the show while Tryus remained and still worked.


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