Tyrus and Fox News Faces Sexual Harassment Suit Filed by Fox Nation's Britt McHenry

Sun Jan 19 2020
By   Manish

In December of 2019, Fox News host Britt McHenry filed a sexual harassment suit against her co-host Tyrus. Tyrus A.K.A. George Murdoch teamed up with political commentator McHenry for the show on Fox Nation.

As per reports, It was found that Tyrus was sexually harassing Britt during the working time and off-the screen. He showed his unprofessional behavior which includes text messages which are sexually linked.

Fox Nation commentator, Britt McHenry sued her former co-host, George Murdoch
Photo: Britt McHenry filed a case against her former Fox News co-host, George Murdoch 
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

The Fox Nation commentator, McHenry and her former co-presenter, Murdoch had their first meeting in August 2018. Shortly after their first interaction, Tyrus started sending her messages during the night, and in the day he harassed her assertively.

In the statement released, Britt said, she didn't wanted to file a lawsuit in the beginning but did it anyway to stand up for herself and women. According to Fox News Journalists, Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes, McHenry was sexually harassed for months by Murdoch while they were off-air on the set of Fox News. 

More to that, Tyrus used to threatened Britt with inappropriate emails because he once loved her buttocks and legs. According to case reports, Britt stated that Tyrus always speculated her by questioning what she likes after having sexual intercourse.

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This much of sexual harassment was enough for Britt McHenry, and she complained to the HR Department of Fox News channel in January 2019. Nonetheless, Fox News asked her, "what Murdoch did to provoke her harasser."

Fox News commentator, Britt then found it will be a right way to file a sexual harassment complaint against Murdoch to the New York State Division of Human Rights in October 2019. The case of McHenry is taken by Lisa Bloom, who's a civil rights attorney.

Britt McHenry sued her former Fox News co-host, George Murdoch
Picture: Britt McHenry is sitting alongside her former Fox News co-host, Tyrus 
Source: The Daily Beast

The sexual assault case claims several reports of retaliation, facing Britt's professional opportunities while Murdoch is starting his own show. On the other hand, Murdoch's lawyer, Tom Clare gave a statement where Tyrus denies all the allegations with McHenry and will be defending the case firmly. He will also look for defamation counterclaims for the wrong lawsuit by Murdoch's opinion.

The lawsuit of McHenry claims that Murdoch made an abusive and hostile work environment on the set for her. It was also reported that Murdoch was drunk on 22nd February 2019, and he lashed out at Britt on the show, which she again complained to the Fox News' HR representativeRauchet. But, she refused to hear her complaint and told her not to complain again about the thing on 3rd December 2019.

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In an interview with Fox News, the case of McHenry is going on the same way as it went before she filed the case from October 2019 to 6th December 2019. It was stated that the lawsuit is going through a thorough investigation and looking for an appropriate solution for the legal action against Murdoch.


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