Dixie Brubaker Personal Life, Husband and Children

Sun Sep 15 2019
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"Those who get divorced are not necessarily the most unhappy." After divorce, the ex-husband and wife can retain their friendship and support with each other. Almost all astounded when D'Souza's ex-wife, Dixie Brubaker, supported him back in the day when D'Souza had a political issue.

Dixie Brubaker, widely recognized as the ex-wife of Indian-born American political commentator, Dinesh D'Souza. They two divorced after 20 years of their marriage. Grab some more detail about her personal life, husband, and children. 

Brubaker's and Dinesh D'Souza Marital Relationship

To begin: Dixie Brubaker and D'Souza first met while she was serving as an intern in the Reagan White House, and he was a young policy aide. Soon after their first meeting, they developed a good friendship, which eventually bloomed into a romantic relationship. 

The duo dated for years before tying the knot in 1992. Their wedding ceremony was held secretly among the presence of their family members and close friends.

D'Souza and Brubaker has a daughter named, Danielle D'Souza.
Photo: D'Souza and Brubaker share a daughter. 
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What's more, the couple shares a daughter named Danielle D'Souza. The family of three lived in California until D'Souza relocated to New York, where he held the position of president at The King's College.

Nevertheless, the couple could not carry their relationship well and ended up divorcing in 2013. 

Not Every Bona Fide Relationship are Meant to Last

While Brubaker and D'Souza were still married, he introduced a woman named Denise Odie Joseph II, being his fiance in a conference on Christian values, which caused controversy.

The two were reported to share the same hotel room as well as having an illicit affair. However, D'Souza refuses the allegation.

D'Souza was engaged to Denise Odie Joseph while he was still married to Brubaker.
Image: D'Souza was previously engaged to Josep. 
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Later he clarified; though he was not officially separated from Brubaker, he filed divorce papers on October 4, 2012. Further, he added they had been living separately since 2010. 

Matter of fact, Brubaker asked him for a divorce before he began serving as a President at The King's College in New York. At the time, she remained in California while he moved to New York. Another celebrity wife who filed for divorce against her partner is Maggie Johnson.

A New Start-Up

Since the divorce, there is no news and rumors regarding Brubaker's re-marriage or boyfriend. On the other hand, her ex-spouse, D'Souza, married Deborah Fancher. Fancher is a conservative political activist who has two children from her previous relationship. 

Picture: D'Souza is married to Deborah Fancher. 
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Before, Deborah, he was engaged to a woman while he was still married to Brubaker. Besides, he has also dated Laura Ingraham. Also, Ann Coulter, an American pundit, includes in his dating list.

A Support System To Dinesh D'Souza

Even after Dixie Brubaker and D'Souza parted ways, she stood for her ex-spouse when he was pleaded guilty in 2014 after violating federal campaign laws. As reported, she wrote a letter to the U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman.

Though the couple isn't together now, they are always there for one another whenever they required. Interestingly, in recent days, even it proves their kindness and support.


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