Doug Karr

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Director (1982)
Mon Feb 21 2022
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Doug Karr is a  famous French Canadian film director who has directed many movies. He Has his own company in New York that works regarding films productions and marketing.

He is also the grandson of a famous American journalist and film producer David Karr. 

Childhood of Karr

Karr was born on March 27 1980 in Paris France. He was very hardworking and dedicated from a young age.

He was born in France but was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia from a very young age with his parents.

Doug Karr
Doug Karr with his camera. Source Wikipedia

Personal life of Doug

He was involved in the film industry from a young age. It was easy for him to engage in the industry because of his grandfather. 

 He has worked in the film industry since 1997 creating original films which have got many awards and appreciation. 


Karr is the son of Raymond Karr and Thelma Karr. He is also the grandson of a famous journalist and director David Karr.

Grandson of famous director and journalist David Karr

Karr is the grandson of the famous director and famous American journalist, Businessman, communist, and Agent of the NKVD government of the soviet union.

Doug Karr
Doug Karr's recent look. Source: Amazon. com

Relationship of Karr

The famous young and energetic director Doug Karr is single at present. He hasn't uploaded the photos of his girlfriend to his official social media account yet.

 The Award-Winning Direction 

Karr's award-winning directed movies are Ten for Grandpa, Art machine, The Stronger, and Strait-Jacket Lottery.

He has given an amazing and wonderful contribution to the industry which are immense.

Net Worth of Karr

The net worth of Doug Karr is $2 million. His sources of earnings are from his career as a director.

He doesn't own a personal business that generates income for him rather than his respective career.

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