Elly McConnell, Mitch McConnell's Daughter

Thu Jan 30 2020
By   Manish

In the world of sorrow and hatred, the precious thing in life is children because they're colorful mind that makes the world a beautiful place with their amazing creativity and brilliant minds. So, Elly McConnell is one of them who born with a silver spoon on their mouth in the life of Mitch McConnell and Sherrill Redmon.

So, what is happening in Elly's life? Is she committed to someone at present? Find more in detail about McConnell's interesting things of personal life in the following sections.

The Marital Status of Elly is Still a Mystery!

The 48-year-old, Elly is living a single life while maintaining a down-to-earth personality. Despite being a child of a politician, she doesn't have any interest in pursuing the field of politics. She also appears occasionally in the media's attention.

When it comes to her professional life, she is hardworking and dedicated to her works and follows the path of success that will surely fulfill her life goals. So, this might be one of a reason why she isn't married and dating someone in a romantic relationship as of now.

Her father, Mitch is Married Twice

Elly's beloved dad, McConnell was first married to her mother, Sherrill Redmon, a feminist in 1968. At the time of the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom respectively welcomed their wedding guests in their intimate nuptials.

Upon their quiet ceremony, the couple became the parents of three adorable children, where they first welcomed their daughter, Elly, in 1972. The pair then welcomed two more children, daughters, Claire McConnell, in 1976, and Porter McConnell in 1979.

Mitch McConnell dancing with his first wife, Sherrill Redmon. Know more about their past marital relationship?
Picture: Mitch McConnell and his first wife, Sherrill Redmon 
Source: Pinterest UK

After staying married for overall 12 years, the couple separated due to some misunderstandings and filed for divorce in 1980. Following that, the registered court finalized their divorce by giving the custody of their children to Mitch.

Following ten years, Mitch met his second marital partner, Elaine Chao, in Washington, D.C., during the period of the early-1990s. At the time, the two had their first introduction through their mutual friend, Stuart Bloch, the husband of Julia Chang Bloch, who mentored Choa. Shortly the duo started dating and got engaged afterward.

Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao married in a private ceremony on 6th February 1993. Know more about their wedding details?
Photo: Mitch McConnell with his second wife, Elaine Chao 
Source: Business Insider

Mitch and Elaine walked down the aisle on 6th February 1993 in a closed ceremony, inviting their beloved ones. On the day of their wedding, it was Ronald Reagan's 82nd birthday and starting of Senate recess one week before.

Since then, the pair are maintaining a commitment to their marital relationship for more than two and a half decades. Just like them, some other celebrities, including Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward are sharing their company for over the decades.

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