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Wed Mar 13 2024
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Emma Laird growing to become a really popular actress despite relatively being newer in the industry. The Scottish actress is known for her role as Iris, a dancer from the popular show, Mayor of Kingstown. The show stars actor, Jeremy Renner.

Laird stands at the height of 5 Feet and 7 Inches (170 cm) and has a body weight of 110 lbs (50 kg). The Scottish actress's zodiac sign is Virgo. She is also known for her blue eyes. 

Relationship Status: Laird Is Single

Emma Laird is living her life as a single woman at the moment as she is not in a relationship with anyone. She is in her mid-20s & she is fully focused on her acting career. Being in a relationship is the least of her worries for now.

The Crowded Room actress, Laird is private when it comes to love life. But it is known that she has never had a husband in the past. Also, the records of her previous relationships are completely missing apart from one when she was small.

Emma Laird is standing in the bridge watching the mountains.
Emma Laird on one of her trips 
Source: Emma Laird Instagram @emmalaird

Larid had a boyfriend when she was a child. She once revealed a story that involved her and her boyfriend when she was just eight years old. 

The story was about how this unidentified man became her boyfriend. And, it happened because of a shark. He drew a shark for her and that was enough to impress the eight-year-old, Larid.

Net Worth Of Mayor Of Kingstown Actress

Emma Laird's net worth has been estimated to be $500,000. She is a young actress and hasn't bagged a lot of roles yet which explains her wealth. 

The biggest commercial work Emma has done in her career so far has been the TV show, Mayor of Kingstown. However, the amount she received for her role of Iris is not known yet.

Laird has already bagged roles in some other big projects like A Haunting in Venice, and The Crowded Room, and her wealth will only increase in the future. She has also worked in music videos. 

Besides acting, Emma is also a model and generates some money through modeling work too. She has previously modeled for the Jewelry company Pandora.

Body Measurements

Laird is in good physical shape as her body measurements are 30-34-36 inches. She has got the same height as Kylie Jefferson as she stands at 5 Feet and 7 Inches (170 cm). The Scottish actress has got a slim body type that weighs 110 lbs (50 kg). 

Emma Laird is posing in the pedestrian walk in an empty street in the night.
Emma Laird walking in the streets (Source: Emma Laird Instagram @emmalaird)

From Life actress, Laird wears a dress of size 4/34 and wears a shoe of size 8.5. Another physical trait of her body is that she has blue eyes which is not common among many people. Also, she is a ginger, so, her natural hair color is red. 

Is A Vegan

Emma Laird is on a plant-based diet as she is a vegan by choice. She chose to become a vegan for the environment. She has always been an environmentalist and doing this is one way of her positive contribution to the planet.

Laird's choice of choosing this lifestyle has also been appreciated by Peta. Her favorite thing to eat is sweet potatoes as mentioned by Peta in one of their articles. 

For Emma, being vegan has multiple good effects as choosing a plant-based diet can not only save animals but also has a positive impact on a person's health.

Laird Did Modelling Despite Not Liking It

The Mayor of Kingstown actress, Laird did a lot of modeling when she started her career but, turns out she never liked doing it. She brought it up in an interview with Schon Magazine.

Emma Laird has curly short hair and is wearing a fancy jacket.
Emma Laird back in her modeling days 
Source: Emma Laird Instagram @emmalaird

In an interview, Laird revealed that the whole of modeling just didn't click with her. She said that the people she worked for weren't nice and, she was only doing it to make a living. 

Mayor of Kingstown actress Emma also revealed that she hated her connections to the industry. Also, she didn't like it when someone brought it up.

Loves And Wants To Protect Oceans

Laird has always been environmentally conscious and particularly, has always been concerned for oceans and ecosystems. She has also been actively involved in making people aware of the oceans and all the lives that live on them and how they can impact our planet.

The Crowded Room actress, Laird has done a lot of work on her part for the cause. She has switched to a plant-based diet. In one of her interviews, she also revealed that she focuses on sustainable fashion. 

Laird particularly prefers thrift shopping over other stuff. She has also previously taken part in the Global Climate Strike.

Gets Nervous While Filming

A Haunting in Venice actress, Laird always gets nervous when she is set to work on something. This isn't something that happened much later in her career as she would get nervous while acting ever since she was young.

Emma Laird and Jeremy Renner are both wearing big jackets as they are smiling at the camera.
Emma Laird with Jeremy Renner on the sets of Mayor of Kingstown 
Source: Emma Laird Instagram @emmalaird

Every time, the Scottish actress is set to work on something new, she has this issue. No matter how many roles she has already played. She even once threw up in her mother's car when she was around six years old as she was being taken to her acting class.

Social Media Presence

Laird is active on the internet through multiple social media platforms. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram page and Twitter handle are @emmalaird and @emmalaird respectively.

The actress is active on both platforms and regularly posts and tweets. Instagram is where you will see a more personal side of her although the majority of her posts are still work-related. 

Besides that, Laird also has a channel on YouTube called @emmalaird4915. But, she deleted all of her videos at the time of this writing. Her reason for doing that remains to be known. Most of her content focused on her work and talking about oceans. Only time will tell if she will return to making videos.

A Summary Of Laird's Acting Career

Emma Laird, an actress from Scotland, is such a short span has managed to gain a lot of attention. The actress became a household following her performance as Iris in Mayor of Kingstown, the show starring Sonni Pacheco's ex-husband, Jeremy Renner. It was her first major role and she killed it with her incredible performance.

Before the Mayor of Kingstown, Laird worked on only two short films as per her IMDb page. 2018 released From Life and In Conversation with a Goddess, the following year. She landed her first film in 2022 with A Haunting In Venice.

The acting wasn't the first thing, the Scottish actress Laird did in her showbiz career. She first started as a model. But, becoming an actress was always her priority and she did everything she could to make her dreams come true. Including, selling her house to raise money for her acting classes.

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