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Wed Jun 07 2023
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Eric Ferguson has popularly gained fame for being a former Chicago morning radio personality.  He used to host a daily show on WTMX-FM for two and a half decades until 2021. 

Ferguson has hosted morning in several different places before hosting in Chicago. He has been the host of morning shows in Denver, central Florida, and two other locations on the list. 

Unmasking Ferguson's Relationship Mystery: Know About His Married Life

Eric Ferguson was formerly married to the dentist Jennifer Moran. They shared their married life for almost twenty years before parting and separating ways with each other. 

Ferguson and Moran kept their relationship details private and away from the general public. However, it is known that they completed their marriage ceremony in 2000. 

Eric Ferguson and Jennifer Moran were divorced in 2020.
Eric Ferguson and Jennifer Moran were divorced in 2020. (Source: Biography Lane)

Ferguson and Moran had a longstanding married life for almost twenty years. Nonetheless, they shocked their fans and well-wishers with their divorce in 2020. 

The reason for Ferguson and Moran's divorce hasn't been revealed. Likewise, the allegations of s*xual harassment against Eric might have been the catalyst for their divorce.

What Were The Allegations Towards Ferguson?

Eric Ferguson has faced several accusations which include the accusations of Cynthia DeNicolo. She sued him in May 2021 in Cook County Circuit Court claiming he abused his power over her by coercing her into performing undesirable s*xual acts. 

While looking at the lawsuit, Ferguson has faced the accusation of forcing DENicole to engage in oral s*x. It is detailed that he coerced her into these activities approximately twice per month between January 2004 and August 2004.

In the Lawsuit, DeNicolo claimed that even after she ended that type of relationship, he persistently requested sexual favors. Similarly, he consistently reminded her of his authority regarding her job which is pure blackmailing.

On the other side of the story, all these accusations were renounced by Ferguson's lawyers. The management at WTMX's parent company Hubbard Radio Chicago also denied conducting internal and external investigations, which revealed no evidence supporting claims of unlawful behavior in the workplace.

Are Accusations Against Ferguson Dismissed?

The federal judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit about allegations of sexual misconduct against Ferguson in 2022. It was a lawsuit which was filed by Cynthia DeNicolo against him.

As per Chicago Sun-Times, DeNicolo claimed the company defamed her by stating having no evidence to support her allegations. The U.S. District Judge Franklin Valderrama from the Northern District of Illinois ruled that the statements made were not actionable and did not harm DeNicolo's reputation.

Another former co-worker, Melissa McGurren, also filed a defamation claim against Hubbard Radio, alleging harassment by Ferguson. It was also dismissed in federal court and Valderrama cited the dismissal in support of his recent decision.

Did Ferguson Share Any Kids With Moran? 

The radio personality Ferguson is the father of four kids with his former wife Jennifer Moran. Meghan Moran is his step-daughter who is Jennifer's daughter from her previous relationship. 

Ferguson and Moran's children are the twins Ethan and Avery Ferguson. They welcomed them into this world in 2010 and presently enjoy their lives as a celebrity kid. 

Eric Ferguson and Ethan Ferguson during Peyton Diane's high school graduation.
Eric Ferguson and Ethan Ferguson during Peyton Diane's high school graduation. (Source: Twitter @ EricTheMix)

Similarly, Ferguson and Moran welcomed their second daughter Peyton Diane in 2003. She keeps a low-key profile but used to appear on Eric's social media posts. 

Eric is a responsible father as he used to hang out with his kids despite his busy work schedule. He often used to post pictures of spending time with his kids on his Twitter handle quite often. 

The Untold Fortune of Ferguson: Discover His Astounding Net Worth

Eric Ferguson has been able to make an estimated net worth of $1 million similar to Denise Gordy. He has made this amazing fortune through his successful career as a radio personality. 

Ferguson has earned money working for WTMX-FM 101.9 in Chicago. He joined that FM station in September 1996 and left after working for 25 years in 2021. 

Eric Ferguson with his co-host Kelly Ripa at Live with Kelly and Eric.
Eric Ferguson with his co-host Kelly Ripa at Live with Kelly and Eric. (Source: Twitter @ EricTheMix)

Eric has also worked for Chicago on-air personality John Records Landecker being a producer. He also hosted morning shows in Rockford, Illinois, and Allentown, Pennsylvania scenic locations.

Ferguson has earned money for hosting Live with Kelly and Eric with Kelly Ripa. Moreover, it was a morning show that aired on WTMX-FM 101.9 in Chicago.

 Ferguson's Real Estate Properties

Ferguson has purchased and sold several real estate properties. He sold his Hinsdale house for $1.5 million in November 2021 which he bought for the price of $1.3 million in November 2019.

In addition, Ferguson sold the Hinsdale mansion in 2021 but the price of sales hasn't been disclosed. It is known that he sold this property at a loss selling for less than he paid for it.

The Social Media Presence Of Eric

The celebrity personality Eric is presently inactive on social media platforms. He used to be an interactive person connecting with his fans but has stayed inactive for over a year. 

Eric is found on Twitter with the username@EricTheMix having over 10k followers. However, he is not available on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Eric used to share glimpses into his professional career and person life through Twitter. Unfortunately, he has stayed inactive on Twitter since September 21, 2021. 

An Introduction To Ferguson's Bio

Eric Ferguson was born to his parents on January 27, 1967, and is in his late 50s as of now. Likewise, he was born and raised by his parents in Elburn, Illinois.

Ferguson attended Kaneland High School for his high school education. After high school, he attended the University of Iowa for his bachelor's degree. 

A Glimpse Into Ferguson's Professional Career 

Eric Ferguson is a prominent Chicago morning radio personality who used to host a daily show on WTMX-FM. He started his career as an intern at WYTZ-FM in Chicago. 

After the internship, Ferguson later worked as a producer for John Records Landecke. He then shifted to the Morning Zoo on WYTZ-FM in the position of producer. 

Eric Ferguson with his daughter Peyton Diane.
Eric Ferguson with his daughter Peyton Diane. (Source: Twitter @ EricTheMix))

Eric also hosted a morning show on WMMZ-FM in Gainesville/Ocala, Florida. He even did morning shows in   Denver, Central Florida, Rockford, and several other places. 

In 1996, Ferguson joined 101.9fm THE MIX in WTMX Chicago. He worked there for 25 years but eventually left the radio station amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in October 2021.

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