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Sun Feb 23 2020
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Alex Cowper-Smith didn't succeed to cherish his marital union with his former wife, Alice Eve, and departed from their relationship after staying married for just a few years together. 

The reason why the couple failed to stay in the marriage is a failure in love many times with each other, which makes their marriage disgraceful.

The British-born financier, Alex is one of the notable businesspersons in London, England. Apart from this, what's going in his personal life? Let's explore more about Cowper-Smith in the following facts.

Alex is Currently a Single Man!

London-based investment banker, Cowper-Smith is now living a life like a single man after facing a divorce tragedy with his former spouse. Despite being single for almost three years, many people are asking about his choice of committing twice?

Alex Cowper-Smith opens the door of his lavish black car with holding a white flower. What is Alex's Current Marital Status?
Snap: Alex Cowper-Smith looking forward while holding a white flower in his hands 
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It seems like Alex is living his life to the fullest without tying the knot for the second time. On the other hand, if we look from Alex's point of view, Alex isn't interested as well and focuses on his busy investment deals while uprising the shares that are fruitful for him.

Previously Married to his High School Sweetheart

Former Goldman Sachs financier, Alex was committed to his high school sweetheart, Alice Eve while studying at Westminster School in London. When they were in their school days, they dated until they graduated from there.

Fortunately, the duo rekindles their relationship in 2014 after having met once again. They, furthermore, engaged after Eve announced their engagement on 14th August 2014.

Alex Cowper-Smith with his wife, Alice Eve. How the former married couple first met?
Image: Alex Cowper-Smith and his wife, Alice Eve 
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Alex and his fiancee, Alice then exchanged their wedding vows on 31st December 2014 in a Catholic Church in London, England. Among many others, their wedding guests included a newly-married couple, Twiggy and Charles Saatchi in the Brompton Oratory.

Alex Cowper-Smith and Alice Eve during their wedding ceremony. Want to know more about their wedding details?
Picture: Alex Cowper-Smith and his wife, Alice Eve in their wedding ceremony 
Source: The Celebs Closet

The bridegroom was looking stunning at their nuptials, where Alice wore a white-topped dress with an expensive fur-trimmed cape. Meanwhile, Alice was wearing a slim-fit black tuxedo, tied up with a black bow tie and a white flower on his left pocket.

Following their grand nuptial, the couple started to live in their new life full of joy. However, they divorced in 2017, after staying married for the overall three years due to some misunderstandings. 

Similarly, Jackie Braasch and her partner, Justin Braasch are also no more in a romantic relationship.

His Estranged Wife Carries a List of Dating High-Profile Men

Cowper-Smith's ex-wife, Alice was initially involved in an on-and-off relationship with a British actor, Rufus Sewell. The couple faced troubles while the starting of dating in 2004, which ended later in 2008.

Following the breakup, Eve eventually began dating a British singer-songwriter, Ben Adams in 2008. But, their relationship ended shortly due to some personal differences in the same year. 

Just like them, Braylon Howard's father, Brian Howard also separated from his former partner after staying in a relationship for a while.

Alex Cowper-Smith's ex-wife, Alice Eve with her ex-boyfriend, Adam O'Riordan. Know more about Alex's estranged wife's dating history.
Picture: Alice Eve with her former boyfriend, Adam O'Riordan 
Source: Zimbio

Alice then met Adam O'Riordan, a British poet, while majoring in English at the University of Oxford in 2009. After staying in a 4-year-long relationship, they break up tragically. 

Apart from this, Eve is currently living a single life, as Alex is living. Maybe the separated pair would hope to reconcile their relationship again in the future.

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