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Mon Nov 18 2019
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During the last days of Paul Walker, the actor was in a relationship with a college student named Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. Despite a considerable age gap, the couple was head over heels in love with each other.

Just like Paul's past relationship with Rebecca Soteros, the romantic affair with Jasmine was also kept very secret. Because of this secrecy, many are very curious about knowing more about Paul's last girlfriend. 

Jasmine reportedly got Engaged

In several reports published around 2008 suggests that the lovely couple got engaged. But there is no precise information to this as the pair has not confirmed on anything regarding this matter.

The first time the duo met each other, Paul was 35, and Jasmine was just 16. Many reports suggest this age gap, but according to Zimbio, Jasmine was 19, and Walker was 35 when the pair first met each other. Regardless of which description is correct, the couple dated each other successfully despite the vast age gap.

Late Paul Walker with his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell
Image: Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell (left) with Paul Walker (right). 
Source: Pinterest

Even though the pair had their ups and downs, they preferred each others' company. According to Jasmine's uncle, Paul was a great guy, and now that he passed away, Jasmine is heartbroken.

Jasmine broke the news about Paul's death to Meadow

In 2013, when the Fast and the Furious actor crashed his car, his death shook the whole world. The sadness spread across the globe, and we can imagine what his loved ones' been through during a sad time.

Gosnell went to a fateful charity event when Jim Torp broke the terrible news to her. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Jim said he gave the appalling news, and upon hearing the news, Jasmine collapsed then and there. Gosnell mustered up all the strength she could as she took it upon herself to tell the sad news to Paul's daughter.

Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell crying while being accompanied by a male friend upon Paul Walker's death
Picture: Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell (left) crying after Paul Walker's death. 
Source: Daily Mail

Meadow Rain Walker, who is currently working as a Philanthropist for The Paul Walker Foundation, was just fifteen years at that time. Gosnell broke the sad news to her, and both were crying their hearts out. After some time, Gosnell stepped out of her Silver SUV, accompanied by two of her male friends in Santa Barbara. Her eyes were swollen from all the tears.

Is she Dating Again?

Gosnell, who is now twenty-nine years old, went entirely off the radar after Paul's death. She might be still in touch with Meadow as both formed a perfect relationship while she was Paul's girlfriend. 

Jasmine is not an active user of social media, as we couldn't find her profile on the internet. She might've moved on from the terrible news and started to build a life for her. But as of now, there are no proofs to precisely say anything about her relationship status.

Meadow Rain Walker along with her friends on the beach
Frame: Meadow Rain Walker (in front) with her friends on the beach. 
Source: Hollywood Life

On the other hand, Meadow is busy with her Philanthropic work for the foundation. Not just that, she often updates her 1.9 million followers on her Instagram. 

Jasmine least famous among Paul's Girlfriends

During his years, the fast and the furious actor dated some very celebrities. Before Jasmine, the actor was in a relationship with Rebecca Soteros from the late 90s to the early 2000s. 

The couple broke up, and in Paul's own words, he was not the best boyfriend. In addition to that, the actor also dated his Into the Blue co-actor Jessica Alba. Walker, furthermore, started dating celebrities like Jaime King and Christina Milian

Jasmine, however, was not quite famous as his previous girlfriend. She was a student and not a Hollywood starlet. 


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