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Wed Oct 09 2019
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From the battlefield of Afghanistan to the Masterchef Kitchen, Sarah Faherty has prepared herself for every challenge. Though she did not win the competition and a grand prize of $250,000, a mom of three is definitely not leaving disheartened.

Becoming the second-best amateur chef in the USA, Faherty received a truckload of Viking appliances for her La Mesa Home. In an interview with John and Tammy on KSON, she spilled the beans about her future plans. If you want to know more about that and other facts of Sarah, then keep reading.

And the Winner is...

After months of grilling and around 40 contestants, finally, Masterchef boiled down to three finalists. All three contestants Nick DiGiovanni, Dorian Hunter, and Sarah Faherty prepared their best cuisine. 

Sarah Faherty with Nick DiGiovanni and Dorian Hunter
Image: (From left to right) Sarah Faherty, Nick DiGiovanni, and Dorian Hunter in the finale of Masterchef season 10.
 Source: Instagram (@sarah_faherty)

With the announcement made by Gordon Ramsay, Dorian Hunter reached cloud nine making her the best amateur chef in the country. Sarah, however, finished second with Nick placing third. 

Despite coming from different backgrounds, Faherty found her passion for culinary art which led her to constantly impress the three judges.  

Her Military Background...

A native of San Diego, Texas, Sarah chooses a difficult path in her career. She enlisted in the U.S. Army but the reason for that was to gain more educational opportunities. Faherty became the Army interrogator and was deployed in difficult terrains.

While her time at Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010, she interrogated some Taliban suspects at detention facilities. In an interview, she admitted her training and being in the military helped her to prepare for the competition.

Sarah Faherty
Picture: Sarah Faherty in an interview with welcometosandiego.com. 
Source: Youtube.com

She says,

"Being in a military helped me prepare to be yelled at by Gordon".

She traveled a lot because of her profession which helped her to try different cuisines from a foreign culture. This also helped her to build an interest in culinary arts. 

Faherty on her Blogging Plans

In a couple of months after the competition is over, Sarah planned to start her own blog called "Everyday Food and Wine". The content of the blog will contain wine pairings with recipes. In addition to that, she also plans to start a podcast on wine pairings in the coming years.  

Not just that, the education of food runs in the blood of the family. Besides Sarah, her hubby Michael works as a Sommelier. In case you don't know what is a Sommelier, then it is a job which is commonly known as a wine waiter. Sarah is currently learning to get the certificate in Sommelier.

Sarah Faherty and her husband Michael
Frame: Sarah Faherty with her husband Michael.
 Source: Instagram (@sarah_faherty)

Despite having other professions like chefs Jo Wood and Danny Goffey, Faherty successful pursued her career in being a chef. As of now, Faherty is working as a real estate agent. That is her day job and moreover, on her website, Sarah asked her readers to reach out to her if they need help in these matters. 

With all the challenges she goes through and getting into the final, Faherty has definitely inspired many women out there which is supported by many amazing messages she received on the internet.

She is a Proud Mom of Three!

From her married relationship with Michael, Faherty gave birth to three children. The former Army Interrogator is the mom of a daughter and twin boys. In an interview with La Jolla Light, she discussed holding her dreams to raise her kids as they were very young at that time.

Sarah Faherty and her family
Image: Sarah Faherty enjoying lunch with her husband and children. 
Source: Instagram (@sarah_faherty)

Neither Sarah nor Michael has openly discussed their wedding and how they met each other. But with their cheerful relation, we can say the couple probably exchanged wedding vows a long time ago. 

Scrolling through her Instagram page, we can see her love for Culinary arts and traveling to new places. 

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