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Thu Dec 15 2022
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Falon Brown is a traffic reporter/digital producer for WBRZ TV based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Brown began working at WBRZ in August 2020 as an apprentice, which was made possible by a fellowship from Louisiana State University (LSU).

Brown worked as a Traffic Reporter/Digital Producer at WBRZ after achieving success in her previous positions. Let's get to know more about the journalist in the section below!

Is Falon Brown Is Married? Or Dating?

Falon Brown prefers to keep her private life away from the general public's gaze. Her relationship status is a mystery to all. 

Falon Brown's dating life is not learned
Falon Brown's relationship status is not revealed
Photo Source: Louisiana Public Broadcasting

To this day, she has not shared any of her personal information on any social media platforms. Brown has set her Instagram account to private, and she only posts things related to her work on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. It seems she likes to keep her personal life as quiet as possible.

How Much Is Falon Brown's Net Worth?

Falon Brown has a wealth of previous job experience to draw from. She held positions of responsibility in several companies. The salary of a WBRZ TV Traffic Reporter is $52,452 per year on average. Falon Brown is estimated to have a net worth of $700,000. Tristen Land is also an Anchor at WBRZ.

Falon Brown standing in front of WBRZ.
Image- Falon Brown standing in front of WBRZ.
Source: Falon Brown's Facebook (@FalonBTV)

Falon Brown likes to work out, spend time with her dog Sonny, cook for her family, and go shopping. The model featured in numerous fashion exhibits as well as a fashion spread in the magazine 225. Brown was a member of a garage band and model.

Did LUS Tiger Drop Falon Brown's Career? 

Falon Brown was promoted from entertainment reporter to entertainment director at LSU Tiger TV. She oversaw a team of reporters and ensured weekly content production. During her tenure as entertainment director, Falon got to interview American artist Kevin Gates. The interview has over 100,000 views on YouTube and is featured on many pop culture websites.

Falon Brown is the LUS Tiger TV, Twitter, and Instagram social media director. Her duties include making one social video each week and exploring ways to grow our following and engagement. A Chik-Fil-A gift card offer aided her in gaining additional followers, and we achieved 100 followers as a result. Brown accompanied one of the producers one day to see how they organize their shows.

Falon Brown is wearing a red dress and posing for the photo.
Image- Falon Brown posing for the photo.
Source: Falon Brown's Facebook/FalonBTV

Falon Brown, a monthly broadcast on the local channel LPB Falon Brown, debuted on January 21, 2020. Brown was invited to attend a panel of specialists to discuss vaping in Louisiana after her December 2019 article went viral. 

Falon's purpose in this panel was to provide a glimpse into Gen Z's brains and explain how vaping got so socially accepted in such a short period. Ginger Chan was also a Traffic Reporter.

According to her Linkedin account, in January 2020, she freelanced at Louisiana Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for a month. From August 2019-September 2019, she served as a social media director for Tiger TV in Baton Rouge, where she managed the channel's Twitter and Instagram accounts. 


Falon Brown grew up in the Louisiana town of Prairieville. She is a graduate of St. Amant High School and Louisiana State University with a bachelor's in Mass Communication with a concentration in broadcast journalism. Brown maintained the secrecy of her personal life in the same way that she did with her social media accounts.

Falon has had a lifelong goal of working with the WBRZ family, and her dream became true when she joined WBRZ in 2020; she is delighted that this has come true.

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