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Tue Feb 07 2023
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Finley Faith Sehorn, the popular look-alike daughter of Angie Harmon and her husband Jason Sehorn, was born on October 14, 2003, in Dallas, Texas.

Finley is an American national and a Caucasian. Just like her father, she is also an athlete and soccer player. At the time of Finley's birth, Jason was in St. Louis, but he flew straight to Dallas as soon as possible to be by his wife's side.

Uncovering American Celebrity Daughter Details!

Finley is known to be the lookalike daughter of her model mother Angie. She has inherited grace along with good looks from her mother. With the good grooming of her parents, Finley has grown up to be a fine lady. 

Finley Faith posing for a photoshoot.
Finley Faith. Source: Celebritywurld

Finley has prominent facial structures. Even her body proportion is super fine. She is a brunette with a black pair of eyes and has a beautiful pearly smile.

Finley's Juvenile Days & Education

The celebrity daughter Finley spent most of her childhood in Dallas with her parents until they moved to Los Angeles. Their family later decided to settle down in North Carolina. 

Angie Harmon bathing Finley Faith Sehorn
Angie Harmon and baby Finley Faith Sehorn. Source: CelebSuburb

Reportedly, Finley completed her high school studies at Charlotte Christian High School, Charlotte, NC. She is also an athlete and plays soccer.

Parents Details 

Finley Faith Sehorn is the firstborn daughter of Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon. Her father is an American football cornerback player who used to play in the National Football League, and her mother is a renowned American model and actress. 

Reportedly, the first meeting of Sehorn and Harmon was an arranged meeting. It was Harmon's mother who introduced her to Sehorn after a game. After that, they started hanging around and eventually started their relationship as a couple. 

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn when they were younger
Younger Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn. Source: Pinterest

After dating for a while, Sehorn proposed to Harmon during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in March 2000 in front of millions of audience and viewers. And of course, Harmon accepted it. 

Finley's Parent's Failed Marriage

Harmon and Sehorn, Finley's parents, decided to exchange vows on June 9, 2001. The couple stood out with bonds and standing. The two soon welcomed their daughter and started their journey as parents. But just like the autumn leaves, their relationship started withering that went unnoticed.

Surprisingly, the once so superior couple that everyone adored soon came to fall out. After being married for thirteen years, the couple decided to separate their ways and got divorced.

Angie Harmon with her former husband Jason Sehorn
Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn. Source: ABC news

Unlike the tale of most celebrities, the ex-couple didn't decide to divorce because of an external affair. The relationship didn't falter because of their interest in someone out of wedlock but rather they fell out of love. 

According to sources, Sehorn was usually out of the house for over six months a year. An insider revealed that the distance between the couple grew gradually and became habitual with it.

After their divorce, in December 2019, Harmon got engaged to soap opera actor Greg Vaughan while Sehorn tied the know with an activist named Meghann Gundermann in 2017.

Is Blessed With Two Sisters 

Finley is the firstborn child of Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon. She has two younger sisters, Avery Grace Sehorn and Emery Sehorn, who are yet to hit eighteen. The sisters have a good relationship and share a strong bond.

Angie Harmon with her daughters
The ladies of the Sehorn family. Source: pinterest

Avery Grace Sehorn was born on June 22, 2005. And her youngest sister was born on December 18, 2008.  The Sehorn sisters often share their adorable photos on social media. Besides, Avery plays volleyball and is also involved in a few other games.

Finley Was Born With a Silver Spoon

Finley Faith Sehorn just graduated from her high school in 2022. There are rumors that she is looking forward to join the University Of Arizona for her undergraduate studies. So she is still focusing on her studies and hasn't inclined toward her career. So we look forward to seeing her thriving in the future. However, being from one of the most prominent families, her parents are super rich.

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn
Angie Harmon with Jason Sehorn. Source: People

Being one of the well-known models and actresses in the industry, Harmon has a stammering net worth of $30 million, as same as Robert Kirkman. Moreover, her father, the retired football cornerback player who used to play in the National Football League (NFL) has a net worth not less than $20 million.

Both of Finley's parents have accumulated lots of fortune. With all this money, Finley can live her whole life in luxury. She doesn't have to worry about any money-related problems. Right now too she is having the life that many desires.


Finley Faith Sehorn has always been quite a private person. She doesn't let her thoughts and activities out in the public. So, there has been no news of Finley entering a relationship. Apparently, she is single but there's no confirmation.

Finley Faith Sehorn with her friends
Finley Faith Sehorn with her friends. Source: Instagram @finnsehorn

It seems Finley is doing just fine being single. She is thriving by herself and letting the world know that she doesn't need anybody to be the best of herself. 

How Is Finley Doing?

Finley has just graduated from high school this year. According to some reports, it seems she will be joining the University of Arizona for her undergraduate studies. 

Recently, in May 2022, Finley attended an event organized by Variety along with her mother, 2022 Power of Women, and made her first official public appearance.

Finley Faith Sehorn and Angie Harmon in flower dresses
Angie Harmon and Finley Faith Sehron at the Variety Event. Source: Yahoo

It seems Finley has been doing more than just fine. She has uploaded several pictures of her traveling and having fun with her friends and families. 

Social Media

Finley Faith Sehorn does not have much big of a presence but still, she doesn't lay too low. She is active on Instagram under the account @finnsehorn and has kept her account private with over 4k followers. 

It hasn't been entirely proved that this is her account, but we have yet to find other social media platforms that belong to her.

Finley Faith Sehorn enjoying her vacation. Source: Instagram @finnsehorn

Finley is more focused on her studies and other hobbies. She posts occasionally and from what could be seen, she is the person to live in the present. 

She doesn't surf social media as much and her presence is faint but there. She lets the world know that she is doing very well in her life without letting the media pry too much.


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