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Thu Feb 16 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of frank paytas

Wife : Lenna Paytas
Frank Paytas took the wedding vows with Lenna Paytas.

Do you know who Frank Paytas is? If not, then let us tell you he is a businessman and millionaire who sold his companies and is enjoying his retirement. He is also well known as the father of the famous YouTuber Trisha Paytas. 

He is an American national born on 1956 May 10 and hails from Riverside, California. Assumingly, the businessman, Frank, is from a Christian household. 

Frank Is A Multi-Millionaire

It may surprise many, but the father of Trisha Paytas, Frank Paytas, was a very successful businessman. He opened & ran at least five financial businesses with much success. Then, he sold off his companies for millions. He is a multi-millionaire. However, the figures of his net worth are not revealed.

Frank Paytas having a tea time
Frank Paytas having tea time. Source: Instagram@frankpaytas

Similarly, his daughter, Trisha, is a famous Youtuber. She has had a very successful career with a considerably colossal fanbase. The net worth of the YouTuber Trisha Paytas is estimated to be over $10 million.

Family Background  

Presumingly, Frank is from a Christian household in California. According to sources, his father is Frank Sr., and his mother is Helen Paytas. He grew up in a family of six; he has two brothers and one sister. 

Frank's brothers are named George Paytas and Joseph Paytas, while his sister is Julianne Paytas. However, apart from their names, nothing else has been revealed about their personal lives. 

Frank's First Marriage With Lenna Paytas Did Not Work: But Why?

The American businessman Frank Paytas was married to Lenna Paytas, a web star. They married each other in a secret wedding ceremony to avoid the media limelight. So, the exact date & place of their marriage are still behind the curtains. 

Frank Paytas & Lenna Paytas's daughter Trisha Paytas.
Frank Paytas & Lenna Paytas's daughter Trisha Paytas. Source: thewikifield

As of now, this couple is not together. Trisha revealed that Frank divorced her mother, Lenna, when she was just three. This was Frank's first marriage and Lenna's second one.

According to Trisha, her parents, Frank Paytas and Lenna Kay Bland, aka Lenna Paytas, hated each other. The former could not stand one another and hence separated. 

About Frank's Second Marriage

After his divorce from his first wife, Lenny, Frank got married to another woman named Kimberly Paytas. Just like his first marriage, the exact date & place of marriage are still behind the curtains. 

Unfortunately, other information about his second marriage is also not available. It was Trisha who used to update the public about her father, but now she has not posted any about her father's second marriage.

Children Of Frank Paytas

Frank shares two children with his former wife, Lenna Paytas. He is blessed with a son and a daughter. His daughter is Trisha Paytas, while his son is Nick Paytas.

As mentioned above, Frank's daughter Trisha is a renowned YouTuber. However, the profession of his son Nick is still behind the curtains. 

Frank Paytas with young Trisha and Nick Paytas
Frank Paytas with Trisha and Nick Paytas. Source: Instagram@trishapaytasbackup

However, there's no news of him having a baby with his current wife, Kimberly. Though the couple shares a hot relationship, they seem not ready to have a child yet. 

Is Frank Active On Social Media?

It seems that Frank is not available on social media. However, there is an account under @frankpaytas, but we doubt it is his official account as he has only one post. Nonetheless, his ex-wife, Lenna, and his daughter Trisha are active and prominent on social media.

On Instagram, Frank's daughter Trisha is available with the username @trishapaytasbackup & has over 783k followers. Similarly, she is known on Twitter as @trishapaytas and has over 848k followers. 

On the other hand, Frank's ex-wife, Lenna, is active under the username @mamagotback83 with over 69.7k followers.

Brief Bio Of Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is a well-known YouTuber, actress, and singer. She was born on May 8, 1988, in California. A child of divorced parents, Trisha had issues being separated from her father when her mom, Lenna, had custody. 

Later she returned to California and reestablished relations with her father. Sadly she had to return to her mom as she was still a minor. After high school, she returned to California but had a falling out with her father, primarily due to her stepmother, Kimberly. 

Trisha Paytas hanging out with her baby
Trisha Paytas hanging out with her baby. Source: Instagram@trishapaytasbackup

Later, Trisha ended up stripping and making poor life choices to make ends meet. Luckily, dad came to the rescue and took her to the hospital.

She later started a youtube career with the encouragement of her then-boyfriend, Anthony Michael Hall. Starting from Quentin Tarantino-inspired content and after jumping to the beauty and influencer niche, Trisha has had enormous success.

Frank's Bonding With His Daughter

As a child whose parents are divorced, Trisha missed her father a lot when growing up under her mother's custody. Though she loved her mother the same, she couldn't help but find it sad to live without her father. And when her father, Frank, married again, she couldn't help but feel somewhat angry towards him. 

Trisha also revealed that her relationship with Frank was ruined thanks to her stepmother. She has also released a song named Daddy Issues, addressing her issues with her father. 

However, it seems Frank and Trisha have walked past their differences. She keeps posting pictures of her father visiting her and her child. And now, they have a normal father-and-daughter relationship and are happy. 

Trisha Hated Her Step Mother: But Why?

If you are an audience of Trisha Paytas, you know she was never in a good relationship with her mother. In the previous social media posts by Trisha, she clearly stated that she hates her stepmother, Kimberly. Moreover, she noted that it was because her stepmother ruined her relationship with her father.

Trisha Paytas on Twitter.
Trisha Paytas on Twitter. Source: Twitter@trishapaytas

However, a long time has passed since then, so we can't say if the hate is still there. Though she hates her stepmother or not, it's clear that she is still not on good terms with her.

Frank Opposed Trisha's Idea of Becoming An Actress

After the divorce of Frank and Lenna, they started living separately. And then, Trisha's custody was handed over to Frank's ex-wife, Lenna. However, Trisha also visited Frank and lived with him for quite a while.

When Frank was living with his daughter, Trisha, their relationship became better. She mentioned that her father was starting to get attentive to her and always became supportive of her. 

He started teaching her things related to the stock market. However, Frank did not like her idea of becoming an actress. Trisha revealed this information. And he also asked Trisha to quit her career several times.

Frank Became A Grandfather In 2022

A few months back in September, Trisha Paytas gave birth to their baby girl named Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon. So Frank Paytas is busy being a grandfather.

Frank Paytas with his daughter and granddaughter.
Frank Paytas with his daughter, Trisha Paytas, and granddaughter. Source: Instagrama @trishapaytasbackup

After the birth of her baby, Trisha has been posting many pictures of her and her baby on her social media. Moreover, she posted many pictures of her baby cuddled by her grandfather Frank. Frank is busy looking after his granddaughter.


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