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Mon Jan 08 2024
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Future Zahir Wilburn is famously known for being the son of the American rapper Future. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth as both of his parents are well-known musicians.

Being related to mainstream celebrities makes your life always in the spotlight. So, how old is Future's son now? Let's find out as we dive deep into the intriguing life of the celebrity child.

Future Zahir Wilburn Age, Parents & Birthday

What is Future Zahir Wilburn's age as of now? well, the celebrity child was born on May 19, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. Wilburn will be celebrating his 10th birthday in 2024. He weighed 9 pounds and 10 ounces at the time of his birth.

Future Zahir Wilburn at his 7th birthday.
Future Zahir Wilburn at his 7th birthday with Future. Source: Instagram @_Futurezahirwilburn

Future is the son of the songstress Ciara and the American rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. He shares the name with his father and as per the Maskoff singer, Zahir is the future of his music and his family.  Wilburn's parents separated which resulted in a nasty custody settlement.

Future Zahir Wilburn parents Love Life: American Rapper & Ciara Broke Up

The celebrity child, Future Zahir Wilburn was born out of wedlock and his parents were never married. But, the former couple was engaged briefly before their separation in 2014.

Future Zahir Wilburn parents Future and Ciara.
Future Zahir Wilburn's parents Future and Ciara. Source: Pinterest

The American rapper, Future, met R&B artist, Ciara, in 2012 and soon the couple began dating. They were so excited about their relationship and thus, got engaged in 2013. 

In 2014, their only son Future Zahir Wilburn was born. However, even the birth of their child, could not strengthen their relationship. The once romantic pair turned into a couple with a sour love life three months after Future's birth.

Future Was Accused Of Cheating Ciara

Ciara accused Future of cheating on her with another woman. She called off her engagement with the American rapper. Ciara released I Bet in January 2015, which was rumored to be about Future's alleged cheating.

Their breakup turned into a nasty court battle over the custody of their newly born son Future Zahir Wilburn which ended in January 2017.

Future and Ciara agreed to joint custody of their son with the majority of the time with the mother. In the meantime, Ciara also dropped her $15 million defamation lawsuit against Future Jr.'s dad, which she had filed after the American rapper made negative comments about her and her now-husband, Russell Wilson.

Future Zahir Wilburn Siblings: The American Rapper Future Has Eight Children With Eight Different Women

Future Zahir Wilburn is the only child of his parents. Yes, Ciara and Nayvadius DeMun Cash broke up after being together for two years. But, Future Jr. has many brothers and sisters from his parent's other relationship.

Future Zahir Wilburn's siblings and Britney Miller.
Future Zahir Wilburn's siblings and Britney Miller. Source: FeaturedBiography

Speaking of his father, Nayvadius, he has seven biological children besides Future. Likewise, Wilburn's mother, Ciara, also has two children with her present husband Russell Wilson. The American rapper Future's son is close to all of his half-siblings.

Future Jr.'s eldest half-sibling Jakobi Wilburn was arrested twice. One is for involvement in gang-related activities while the other is for trespassing.

Future Zahir Wilburn with his baby sister.
Future Zahir Wilburn with his baby sister. Source: Instagram @_Futurezahirwilburn

List of Future Zahir Wilburn's Siblings From Paternal Side.

Child NameBirthdateMother
Jakobi Wilburn2002Jessica Smith
Londyn Wilburn2009India J
Prince Wilburn2012Brittni Mealy
Reign Wilburn2017Joie Chavis
Hendrix Wilburn2018Joie Chavis
Kash Wilburn2020Unknown
Paris Wilburn2021Dess Dior

List of Future Zahir Wilburn's Siblings From Maternal Side.

Child NameBirthdate
Sienna Princess WilsonApril 29, 2017
Win Harrison WilsonJuly 23, 2020

Future Zahir Wilburn Net Worth: Explore The Financial Empire Of Future & Ciara

Future Zahir Wilburn is the son of millionaires. Despite being just a kid with no professional life, the celebrity child has still managed to live a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his parent's fortunes.

Future Jr.'s dad, American rapper Future is estimated to have a net worth of $50 Million. While Ciara has a net worth of $20 Million. Additionally, Ciara's husband Russell Wilson has a jaw-dropping wealth worth $165 Million.

Future is one of the top-paid rappers in the world and grossed $30 Million between September 2016 to 2017 from touring, endorsement, and royalties.

Recently in November 2022, Future bought a house worth $16.3 million for a mansion in Miami. This extravagant house spans an area of 9000 sq ft. A month later in December, Wilburn's dad added a 6,000-square-foot apartment in Florida to his collection which is worth $7.5 Million

Relationship Between Future Zahir Wilburn & Russell Wilson

Ciara got married to the football player, Russell Wilson after she parted with Future Zahir Wilburn's dad. Is Wilson playing the role of father figure to Wilburn? Yes, the relationship between Future and Russell is on good terms.

Future Zahir Wilburn with Russell Wilson in a car.
Future Zahir Wilburn with Russell Wilson in a car. Source: instagram @_Futurezahirwilburn 

Like Wilson, Wilburn has also developed an interest in sports. He was interested in baseball since four years old and plays it quite well. They often spend quality time together and Future Jr is quite comfortable with Ciara's husband.

Future Zahir Wilburn Instagram & Other Social Media Presence 

The celebrity son, Future Zahir Wilburn has an Instagram id @_Futurezahirwilburn which has over 3k followers. The account is probably managed by his parents. 

The Instagram accounts gives insight into Future Jr's personal life. From the look of it, the American rapper's son is happy and comfortable with his life.



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