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Acting and Modeling (1991)
Mon May 22 2023
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An actress of The Legend of Hercules, Gaia Romilly Weiss, is known for her acts in movies: Mary Queen of Scots, Accidental Family, We Are Boats, and TV series like Vikings, Medici, La Révolution, etc.

Judy's diva Weiss was born on 30 August 1991 in Paris. However, she spent her early years in England and Poland too. 

Childhood of Weiss

TV star of the series Marie Antoinette spent her childhood in many countries. In the same run, when Weiss was three, she amazed the world with ballet.

Gaia Weiss in a black sleeveless gown and black slippers carrying a side bag.
Photo of Gaia Weiss (Source: Instagram@gaiaweiss)

Since then, the TV personality is active in the film industry. Her latest movies include Shepherd (2021), Meander (2020), and Judy (2019).

Parents & Siblings of Weiss

The Bunker Game actress was born to her father Alain Weiss and her mother Catherine Weiss. Weiss is from a Jewish father while her mother was Polish.

Moreover, the French model has a brother, Auriel Weiss, who loves adventures. His hobbies include cycling, traveling, surfing, and even loves artwork.

Career Outset of Pringles Lover

Judy's actress Weiss began as an actress in the year 1991. Since her career began, Weiss has always been a down earth personage which yielded her best opportunities.

Her top movies are Mary Queen of Scots, Vikings, and Serial Teachers 2.

Networth of Gaia Weiss

Meander's starlet is a rich actress. In today's date, her net worth is $4 million which is ensued from her acting and modeling career like Atandwa Kani.

Black and white photo of Gaia Weiss in front of her vehicle.
Photo of Gaia Weiss with her vehicle (Source: Instagram@gaiaweiss)

Weiss has got her own house and vehicle. Her movies and TV shows have earned her tremendous wealth.

Awards & Achievements

Weiss has been awarded many awards. She is the winner of Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, the New York City Horror Film Festival, and the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in 2020.

Lately, in the year 2021, Weiss received Celludrois Film Festival Award and FilmQuest.

Where Did Weiss Study?

Vivement dimanche's actress attended Cours Florent as her high school. Later, she went to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Weiss was interested in acting since she was seven and later in her life, she continued following her passion.

Who's Weiss Dating?

Rumors say Weiss was previously in a relationship with Francis Huster. However, she has been denying it from the very time the hearsay broke out. Weiss is even gossiped to have dated Dori Sadovnik (DJ Kapitan Sado).

At present, Sean Biggerstaff is known to be her lover. They are dating each other since 2019.

Weiss's Husband

The Netflix star is not married yet, nor does she have a child. More, Weiss has not adopted anyone to date.

Black and white photo of Sean Biggerstaff kissing Gaia Weiss on her cheek.
Photo of Gaia Weiss (Source: Instagram@gaiaweiss)

Heretofore, she is in a relationship with an actor from Harry Potter and maybe marrying soon.

Physical Appearances of Gaia Weiss

Fabio D'Andrea: Statues' stager is 5 ft and 11 in (180 cm) and weighs 58 Kgs (128 lbs). Further, She is slim and has grey eyes which suits her blonde hair.

Lastly, the stunning supermodel has a rough hourglass body shape. She is probably engaged in some kind of fitness routine in order to maintain her body.

Romilly on Instagram

Weiss has more than 284k fans and followers on her Instagram account. Additionally, she has 526 posts. She posts attractive and interesting photos through her profile.

Most of her posts include the snaps from her movie sets and photoshoots. More, she also uploads some of her travel pictures.


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