Geraldine Leer

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Sun May 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Geraldine Leer

Husband : Don Johnson
Geraldine Leer married to Don Johnson.

Geraldine Leer is famous for her lead roles in One Royal Holiday, Underneath The Waves, and Deadly Choice. She has been in the film industry for forty years. She started in 1982. Leer has worked in more than 31 TV series and movies to date.

Leer has not revealed her birth date yet. However, she seems to be in her mid-sixties.

Leer's Physical Appearance 

The Deadly Choice lead actress is 5 ft and 5 inches tall, i.e. 165.1 cm. More, she weighs 70.31 Kgs (155 lbs).

Geraldine Leer in a red lipstick and golden dress.
Photo of Geraldine Leer (Source: Instagram@geraldine_leer)

Further, Leer has shoulder health blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Family of Leer

Even though Leer has not shared her parents' details yet with the public, she has shared a picture of her father. She said that her sister bought this photo for her. It means that she also has a sister.

Her father was also in the film industry for a while, however, he left it then. In the picture, Leer's father is seen behind NBC's microphone.

Where is Leer From?

Leer is originally from Dallas, Texas. She was raised there by her parents. She joined school there, completed her high school, and even graduated in Texas.

However, Leer was born in New York City and is based there at present.

Geraldine Leer's Networth

Equal fortune as Sheletta Chapital, Leer has a net worth of $8 million proving that she is a rich actress. She is paid a handsome sum of money for her film career.

Her social media accounts also contribute to her wealth along with her other income sources and assets.

Is Leer Married?

Leer is indeed a married actress. However, she got divorced a long ago. Her husband's name is Don Johnson who is also an American actor. Johnson later married Kelley Phleger and had a son Jasper Breckinridge Johnson. Don also married Melanie Griffith.

Geraldine Leer in a black t-shirt with her ex-husband in red coat and son in dark blue sweater.
Photo of Geraldine Leer with her ex-husband and son (Source: Instagram@geraldine_leer)

On 27th August 2021, Leer shared her family photo stating, "#FBF to a guest star on the original #nashbridges. @donjohnson helped me find a missile, stolen from The Presidio. We found it, but I left him for career promotion. Can’t wait to see the #reboot! , @jackbyebull in arms, @maddybiebel in the stomach "

Where Did Leer Study?

Leer earned her high school degree from a private high school, Hockaday School, in Dallas. Later, she attended SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas.

However, Leer has not made it clear what she majored in. But, Leer is a well-educated actress.

Acting Career of Leer

Even though Leer has not disclosed what triggered her towards acting, it can be assumed that she got inspired by her father's short but good acting vocation. Her first roles were in The Member of the Wedding and The Country Girl.

'Inventing Anna' and 'Mandated' is the new TV series that Leer has worked on in 2022. FBI: Most Wanted was her TV series in 2021.

Who Are Leer's Children?

Leer has a son and a daughter. Her son's name is Jack Bièbeł who is the eldest child. He was followed by his younger sister Maddy Biebel.

Geraldine Leer smiling with her son and daughter.
Photo of Geraldine Leer with her children (Source: Instagram@geraldine_leer)

By profession, Maddy is an engineer while her brother Jack is a Co-Founder @ggiata. Both the children are very close to their mother.

Awards and Achievements

In 2016, Leer won Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston. She received this award for #MommasGotBars (2015).

More, Leer shared the award with producer Theodore Copeland.

Leer's Hobbies

American actress Leer admires enjoying her leisure time alone. Her hobbies include singing, snow asking, swimming, and traveling.

She shares interesting pictures on her Instagram account which sometimes includes her film crew, children, and friends.

Qualities of Geraldine Leer

Leer is a talented and multi-talented actress. She plays Tennis whenever she gets time. More, she speaks German and Spanish fluently.

Further, she knows to sing many forms of songs including Gospel and Equestrian.

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