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Actress (1986)
Thu Oct 06 2022
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Gillian Alexy is an Australian actress popularly known for her role in the NCIS: New Orleans TV series. She played the role of Savannah Kelly in the show. She is also famous for her role in the 2013 crime drama The Americans

Alexy has been actively working in the film industry since 1996. She was born on March 13, 1986, in Perth, Western Australia.

She Is A Mother

Alexy is a mother of one and has a baby daughter. The actress loves sharing posts about her daughter on her Instagram. She has posted about her daughter painting, traveling on a beach, and even hiking.

Her hand is all covered in painting.
Gillian Alexy's daughter painting (Source: Instagram @gillianalexy)

She chose to work while she was pregnant with her daughter. She was shooting for her show Outsiders while she was pregnant.

Gillian Alexy's Net Worth

Gillian Alexy had a humble beginning. First, she started in theatres, learning and improving her craft along the way and taking various experiences. 

Her career only seems to be going uphill from there as the actress has gained success in her native country and abroad in the US, the home of Hollywood. She has worked on numerous Hollywood projects and achieved some success.

Being part of these many film projects, it's no surprise she has made a lot of income through it. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

What Is Actress Stance On Gun Violence?

One of the worst mass shootings on US soil is the Orlando mass shooting. The shooting again gave rise to the long-standing division among people regarding gun laws. Alexy also used her social media platform to talk about this and let everyone know her stance regarding the law.

People have always been divided regarding the gun-control law. One group believes in allowing people to keep guns, whereas the other beliefs in strict gun regulation. Alexy falls in the latter.

Pray has been crossed out for policy change.
Gillian Alexy posting on Orlando Mass Shooting (Source: Instagram @gillianalexy)

She took to Instagram to post regarding it with a post that had crossed out the word "pray" from the #prayfororlando and replaced it with "Policy Change." So, it would read as #policychangefororlando.

Education Background

In a world where natural talent can only take you to till particular place, it's also essential to learn to be hardworking. The talent needs to be put into work. Alexy realized this and thus invested her time in getting a formal education.

Alexy prepared herself with everything needed to make a career in the movie industry. She is a student of John Curtin College of the Arts. The college is the first to provide selective arts degrees in Western Australia. Her course was in the theatres. 

The Outsiders actress did not stop there and joined the University of Colorado Boulder ( one of the highest-rated public Universities in the United States) to gain more knowledge and skills. She earned a theatre degree, which further helped her in her career.

Talking About Alexy's Height

What Alexy lacks in her height, she makes it up with her brilliant acting. She is one of the shortest women in Hollywood. She has the same height as Jessica Camacho at 5 feet 2 Inches (157 cm). 

Both are wearing glittery dress
Gillian Alexy with her friend Elisabeth Hower (Source: Instagram @gillianalexy)

She never let her height come in the way of her career progress. Her size never acted as a form of hindrance while acting on-screen. She has proven that blaming your height is nothing but making an excuse.

Now coming into her body physique, her short height is aided by her slim body of 60 kg.

She Loves Baguette

Alexy has a lot of things she adores, and Baguette is right up there on her list. Baguette is one of her favorite things to eat. 

Baguette is a type of bread loaf made very long and thin. It might be a bit hard on the outside but is soft on the inside. It is also popularly known as French Stick.

She has enjoyed eating baguettes since she was a kid. She shared a childhood photo of herself on her Instagram. In the post, she wrote.

My love affair with la baguette started at an early age... And I definitely indulged in it this past week! 

Alexy Is A Dog Person

Alexy loves her dog. She is often seen spending time and having fun with her dog. She likes to address her dog as "The Queen."

Both are facing each other in cuddling position.
Gillian Alexy sleeping with her dog (Source: Instagram @gillianalexy)

In one of her Instagram posts, she is seen going on a hike with her dog. In the post, she has captioned.

Last Hollywood hike with this Queen for a while... Bring on the cray cray travel!

That's not the only post she has about her dog. She also has various other posts about her dog, where she is sleeping with her dog and enjoying her company.

She Likes The Idea Of Getting A Tattoo

Alexy likes the concept of someone inking their body. She has yet to make one on her body, but we could see her getting a tattoo someday.

There is still a stigma against people who have tattooed their bodies in some parts of the world. They look at people with tattoo's on their bodies with different eyes. Alexy clearly, doesn't discriminate or form an opinion about them as she wants a tattoo herself.

For tattoo lovers, it is something that holds meaning to them. The tattoo might remind them of someone, their past, future, or anything they feel connected to. So, they permanently ink themselves with things they don't regret. Alexy probably hasn't done a tattoo yet for the same reason.

However, she will get a tattoo oneday, that's for sure. She has even mentioned in her Twitter bio that she wants a tattoo.

Alexy Is A Redhead 

A redhead is referred to as someone with reddish hair. They are one of the rarest groups of people, with only 4% of the world's population, and just like Julia Adamenko, Alexy is a part of this group.

She has her long red head with blurry forest background.
Gillian Alexy on a photo shoot (Source: Instagram @gillianalexy)

Unfortunately, redheads have been subject to a lot of hate from many people. Redheads are one of the most trolled people in the world. The hate, however, hasn't demotivated the actress as she has achieved much success in her field.

She hasn't let anyone get over her head. So, the so-called "less beautiful hair" phrase never affected her confidence. She has also helped other redheads who are struggling by becoming an inspiration to them.

Inactive on Social Media

Alexy fans can find her on her Instagram handle @gillianalexy, but the sad news is that she has been active on her Instagram for a long time.

The same thing can be said about her Twitter handle @gillianalexy. It has also been inactive, like her Instagram, for a long time.

She hasn't said why she is inactive on her social media. It is unknown whether she is leaving the platform or just taking a break from the Internet to focus on me-time.


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