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Wed Sep 13 2023
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Giovanna Marie LaValle is the daughter of Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, and her husband Jionni LaValle. Being the sweet daughter of American TV Personalities, she has been in the limelight ever since her birth.

Now, LaValle wants to make her own name and is going for it. Did you know Giovanna is interested in cheerleading? If this amazed you, stick with his to find more interesting features of the celebrity daughter's life.

Giovanna Marie LaValle's Age And Birthday

Nicole Polizzi and her husband Jionni LaValle welcomed their only daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle on September 26, 2014, in Livingston, New Jersey, USA. Based on her birthday, the celebrity child will be celebrating her 10th birthday in September 2024.

Giovanna Marie LaValle in her CJA uniform.
Giovanna Marie LaValle in her CJA uniform. Source: Instagram @sissygiovanna

Giovanna was born at 4:28 a.m. on Friday. Snooki announced the arrival of her only daughter via Twitter.

"So happy to let you know we had our beautiful daughter this morning Giovanna Marie LaValle. 6.7 lbs, full head of black hair & perfect."

Being related to TV Personality means getting constant media attention. But, it looks like the young girl, Giovanna has just managed how to handle it. 

Giovanna Marie LaValle Is An Aspiring Cheerleader

Born with an amazing flexible body, Giovanna Marie LaValle aspires to be a cheerleader just like Ryan Cummings. She started practicing gymnastics at the age of 3. LaValle's parents Jionni LaValle and Nicole Polizzi have been very supportive of her dream.

Giovanna Marie LaValle ist he banner winner of the American Spirit Championship.
Giovanna Marie LaValle is the banner winner of the American Spirit Championship. Source: Instagram @sissygiovanna

Giovanna Marie trained for cheerleading in CJA short for Central Jersey All-star. She alongside her CJA team has gone to many competitions including summits and the world of sports. 

One can see her dedication to Cheerleading on her Instagram account. Snooki's only daughter was the banner winner of the American Spirit Championship 2023.

Giovanna Marie LaValle's Parents Married Life

Did you know Giovanna Marie LaValle is the first child of her parents Snooki and Jionni after their marriage? Yes, LaValle's parents married two years before her birth.

The reality star Nicole tied the knot with her fiance on November 29, 2014. The couple made it official on Saturday at St. Rose of Lima, a Catholic church in East Hanover, New Jersey. 

Giovanna Marie LaValle's parents are on the red carpet.
Giovanna Marie LaValle's parents are on the red carpet. Source: Pinterest

Giovanna's parents had a beautiful reception party at The Venetian banquet hall in nearby Garfield. The TV reality star married two years after her engagement with LaValle in March 2012. She could not help but share this beautiful moment on her social media. 

To date, Nicole and Jionni are together despite having numerous divorce and infidelity rumors. Looks like, Giovanna's parent's love is pretty strong.

Snooki's Children: Giovanna Marie LaValle Has Two Siblings

Giovanna Marie LaValle has two brothers; one younger and one older than her. Yes, she is the middle child of Snooki. Prior to her, LaValle and Polizzi welcomed Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on August 26, 2012, at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston.

Giovanna Marie LaValle with her siblings and parents
Giovanna Marie LaValle with her siblings and parents. Source: Instagram @snooli

Similarly, on May 30, 2019, Giovanna became the elder sister of Angelo James LaValle. She was excited to be a big sister and even shared her happiness via Instagram.

LaValle posted a picture holding the scan of her baby brother on November 23, 2018, and captioned it:

"I’m going to be a big sister!πŸ‘¦πŸ½πŸ‘§πŸ½πŸ‘ΆπŸ½"

All the Snooki's children share a close bond. One can see Giovanna and her siblings enjoying their life together on Nicole's Instagram. 

Giovanna Marie LaValle Is Christian: First Holy Communion In 2023

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, Nicole Polizzi and her husband Jionni LaValle took their children to baptize. Now, Giovanna is a Christian too who wants to walk on the path shown by the mighty Jesus. Darla Leight Pittman Rodgers was quite the opposite and hated when her parents forced her to be a religious person.

Giovanna Marie LaValle wore a beautiful outfit at her First Holy Communion.
Giovanna Marie LaValle wore a beautiful outfit at her First Holy Communion. Source: Instagram @snooki

Similarly, on June 6, 2023, Giovanna had her first holy communion. To celebrate it here parents brought a huge cake. Speaking of dress, LaValle was in a beautiful outfit like a bride. The presence of her friends at the ceremony made it more fun for Snooki's daughter.

Giovanna Marie LaValle's Rich Lifestyle: Net Worth Of Nicole Polizzi & Jionni LaValle

Based on the lifestyle LaValle shows on her Instagram, it is no doubt that Giovanna lives a pretty rich lifestyle. Look at her, traveling to beautiful places, wearing fancy dresses, and all. LaValle sure does enjoy her parent's massive fortune.

Speaking of parent's wealth, Nicole Polizzi A.k.A Snooki is estimated to have a net worth of $4 Million. Giovanna's mother generates money from acting and her other business ventures like the clothing business Mawma.

Nicole earned $2,200 per episode for Jersey Shore. Later, it was released for $30,000 per episode on season two which again increased to $150,000 per episode.

Giovana's parents bought a three-story colonial home for $2.6 Million in Florham Park, New Jersey. A family of five resides there. 

Giovanna Marie LaValle Instagram Has Massive Followers

Besides being a celebrity daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle has now made a name of her own. With hardship and dedication in cheerleading, she has amassed wide followers.

Giovanna already has a verified Instagram account with more than 300k followers. Snooki's daughter uses the username @sissygiovanna where she snares glimpses of her personal life.





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