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Wed Jan 29 2020
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While we exchange our wedding vows, we say, "Till Death Do Us Apart," while holding hands on the occasion of marriage, but sometimes death becomes our enemy that takes the lives of the beloved ones, we loved the most. Just in the following phrase, Gloria Steinem faced a tragedy after her husband, David Bale passed away.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom honorable journalist, Gloria has the most joyful moments with her late spouse. Apart from this, what's her current marital status? Let's take a look at Steinem's personal life.

Is The Feminist, Steinem Committed Again?

The 85-year-old journalist, Steinem isn't married for the second time after facing a tragic death of her husband, David. But, the people who adore her are concerned about her relationship?

Gloria Steinem looking a pose for the cover of Ms Magazine. Did she married again after the death of David Bale?
Snap: Gloria Steinem is widely recognized as the world's most popular feminist for her notable works 
Source: National Geographic

Nevertheless, Gloria isn't ready to get into another marital relationship because of her mature age. Another reason why she isn't committed twice is due to her feminist career that comes as her priority in life.

Steinem & David Bale's Heartfelt Love Story

Ms. Magazine co-founder, Steinem and her late spouse, David Bale, an entrepreneur had their first meeting at a political event of Voters for Choice. During that time, Steinem was serving as a volunteer for David, who was a fundraiser for the function.

Upon the successful political event, the duo became good friends, and they realized their political and business interests are similar after having a day-to-day conversation. The two then started dating and got engaged after finding themselves they're meant to be.

Gloria Steinem with her beloved husband, David Bale. How did the married couple met first ?
Snap: Gloria Steinem and her late husband, David Bale 
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The perfect patch later walked down the aisle at the Adair County residence of Gloria's good friend, Wilma Mankiller on 3rd September 2000 in the local area of Iowa. During their nuptial, the bridal had 7 years of the age gap.

Gloria Steinem was with her late husband, David Bale at the time of demise. Know the current marital status of Gloria Steinem?
Photo: Gloria Steinem and her beloved husband, David Bale 
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Following their blissful wedding ceremony, the pair's marriage lasted for only two and a half years due to the unexpected death of Bale on 3rd December 2003 at the age of 62. It was found that Bale had a sudden brain injury in an accident in July 2003. He was later buried at Santa Monica's cemetery park in California.

Does Gloria Shared Children with Beloved Husband, Bale?

Gloria and her late spouse, Bale didn't welcome any children from their marriage. Nonetheless, she became the step-mother of Louise Bale (born on 22nd July 1972), Christian Bale (born on 30th January 1974), Sharon Bale, and Erin Bale.

Gloria's late marital partner, David was married to his first wife, Sandra Kreunen in a ceremony held in South African. But, their marriage ended with a divorce agreement, in which Bale took the child care of his first child, Erin.

David Bale and Gloria Steinem walking with their children
Photo: Gloria Steinem's husband, David Bale shared four children from his past marital affairs 
Source: Daily Mail UK

After the separation, Bale tied the knot with his second spouse, Jennifer James in 1972 in England. Nonetheless, their marriage also lasted after few years, citing irreconcilable differences, and David again became a responsible father for his three children, Louise, Sharon, Christmas taking child support from Jennifer.

On the other side, Steinem was also involved in a relationship with an American media proprietor, Mortimer Zuckerman. During a 2014 interview, Gloria stated she was in a four-year affair with Mortimer while she was serving as a contributor for Ms. Magazine. She also said the pictures of her and Zuckerman were deleted after they separated.

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