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Mon Sep 04 2023
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Golda Rosheuvel is a Guyanese-British actress. She has made everyone love her, with her exceptional acting skills. Her role as Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is appreciated by all.

Rosheuvel, besides acting, is interested in singing. She is a singer too and has released songs like Get Much Better, Dance in the Rain, etc. 

Is Golda Rhoseuvel Married? 

While the love story between the character Queen Charlotte fostered with King Goerge III. Many fans were wondering about her real-life relationship.

Golda Rosheuvel with her partner Shireen Mula.
Golda Rosheuvel with her partner Shireen Mula. Source: Married Wiki

Unlike her character, Golda Rosheuvel is not married in real life. However, she is together with her partner Shireen Mula. The Guyanese-British actress has been in a blissful relationship with her counterpart for over a decade.

Rosheuvel is openly lesbian. She met her partner Shireen at a friend's party in 2013. The love between the two bloomed and now they live together in South London.

Who Is Golda Rhoseuvel Partner, Shireen Mula?

Although Shireen is famous for being the partner of Dune actress Golda, she is famous on her own. Shireen is a British playwright and has a successful career in theatre.

Golda Rosheuvel's partner Shireen Mula is a playwright.
Golda Rosheuvel's partner Shireen Mula is a playwright. Source: Married Wiki

Shireen has produced a theatre show in London as well as outside London. She has also worked alongside theatre artists from different nations including South Korea, and Malaysia.

Golda Rosheuvel Is Proud To Be A Lesbian

While many people would hide their abnormal sexual preferences, Golda Rhoseuvel openly reveals them. Moreover, she is proud of it just like renowned tennis star Rennae Stubbs.

Bridgerton actress Rhoseuvel is also an advocate for all queer people. She wants to protect their right and freedom.

Golda believes in remaining authentic. She wants her true self to be known by all. However, the Guyanese-British actress was advised to remain in the closet.

Actress Rosheuvel Was Suggested To Be Silent On Her Sexuality

Rosheuvel who had thought of revealing her sexual orientation was stopped by her Director. It was disclosed by the Guyanese-British actress in The Today Show in 2022.

According to Golda, she was suggested to remain silent on this matter. It could affect her career, once she tells the public the truth.

Golda, however, did not let her fans stay in the dark. She also has helped many people who are afraid to accept their sexuality via this confession.

Queen Charlotte Actress Regarding Her Sexuality;

"I am out and proud and will continue to be so."

Golda Rosheuvel's Early Life 

Golda Rosheuvel was born on May 2, 1970, in Guyana. With this said, one can say Rosheuvel is in her mid-50s in terms of age.

The Lady Macbeth actress Golda has a brother. She has respected his privacy and has not revealed his identity. Golda came to England with her family at the age of 5.

Golda Roshuevel with her mother Judith Evans.
Golda Roshuevel with her mother Judith Evans. Source: Pinterest

The Guyanese-British actress Golda's younger brother was a chorister at university. Later he became a music producer.

Rosheuvel studied at BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in London. Later, she went to Middlesex University and graduated with a degree in performing arts.

Golda Was Athletic In Her Young Days

While growing up in England, Golda was quite athletic. She used to play netball and hockey. She was also on the swimming team and moreover was a record-breaker in the javelin.

Rosheuvel with this good record would have been a great athlete. However, she could not continue in this field after suffering from an injury.

Information On Queen Charlotte Actress Rosheuvel's Family

Rosheuvel was born to a simple family. Her father Siegfried Rosheuvel is from Guyana. Meanwhile, Golda's mother, Judith Evans, is from England.

Golda Roshuevel parents Sigfried Roshuevel and Judith Evans.
Golda Roshuevel parents Sigfried Roshuevel and Judith Evans. Source: YouTube Film Madness

Golda's parents, Siegfried and Judith first met at the music events in the 1960s. Later, the couple married in Guyana.

Siegfried worked as a priest in the Guyanese Church of England. Similarly, her mother Judith is a social worker with a prime focus on dementia.

Much information about Golda's parents is unavailable. However, one thing is sure of them i.e., they are supportive of their children. Due to this trust and support, Rosheuvel was able to tell them about her sexual orientation.

Golda Rhoseuvel Net Worth: How Rich Is Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Actress?

The Queen in the reel-life is also the queen in real life. Golda Rosheuvel possesses a net worth of a staggering $15 Million, similar to Terry Gross. She lives the life of a queen.

Golda Rosheuvel with a luxurious car at Queens Jubilee celebration.
Golda Rosheuvel with a luxurious car at Queens Jubilee celebration. Source: Instagram @goldarosheuvel

Rosheuvel has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades. Being a veteran actress and model, she has been able to amass this huge fortune.

Golda has not talked much about her assets. However, it is known that she has a Victorian clock in her flat which is of her mother. She also rides a comfortable car for her travel.

Rosheuvel Career Highlights: Movies & TV Show, Songs

Golda has been a part of many commercially successful movies and TV Series. Some of them are Dune, Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Luther, and so on.

Besides, Rosheuvel has also released several songs. Her songs are available on YouTube and other music streaming platforms.

Golda Rosheuvel Height, Weight & Physical Appearances

Queen Charlotte's actress Golda Rosheuvel has a majestic appearance. She stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 7 inches tall (170 cm). Golda has maintained a weight of around 68 kg, i.e. 149 lbs.

Golda Rosheuvel looks stunning with her designer outfit.
Golda Rosheuvel looks stunning in her designer outfit. Source: Instagram @goldaroshuevel

Rosheuvel, being a part of a glamorous world always maintains her appearance. She has a unique sense of style and has modeled for various brands. Golda has posed for magazines such as The Untitled Magazine, Fabric, Africa Fashion Bomb, and so on.

Social Media Presence

Golda is quite active on Instagram. She uses this platform to share a glimpse of her personal and professional life. The Guyanese-British actress has over 300k followers on her Instagram with the username @goldarosheuvel.

Dance in the Rain singer, Rosheuvel does have a Twitter account. It has a username @goldarosh but she is not active in this platform.


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