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Relationship Timeline Of Grace Anne Dorney Koppel

Husband : Edward James Martin Koppel
Grace Anne Dorney Koppel Married to Edward James Martin Koppel in 1962

Grace Anne Dorney Koppel is an American spokesperson for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). After serving for several years as a member COPD Foundation Board Of Directors, she is now a president. In addition of her profession, she is a well-known lawyer. Besides, Koppel is also famous as the spouse of Ted Koppel, an American journalist.

Anne was born on 8th January 1941 in the United States of America, where another lawyer Jennifer Rubin was also born. Born to her American parents, she is of White ethnicity and holds American nationality. 

Marital Status: Married

The famous lawyer and spokesperson is a married woman. On the day of 17th December 1962, Grace Anne exchanged her wedding vows with Edward James Martin Koppel. Her spouse is a well-known anchor and journalist for network companies such as BBC News, ABC, and many more. 

Grace and her husband Ted Koppel.
Image: Grace and her spouse Ted
Source: CNN

Anne shares four children with her partner from their nuptials. One of them was a son Andrew Koppel who died on 31st May 2010.

The rest of Grace's children are daughters, Andrea Koppel (born on 27th November 1963), Tara Koppel, and Deirdre Koppel. Andrea is the eldest daughter, who currently works as a Chinese topical journalist.

Death Of Son, Andrew Koppel

A son of former ABC News Anchor Ted Koppel passed away in a house after a day of a pub crawl with Russell Wimberly. He died in a back of bedroom of the Manhattan apartment, and four hours later of his demise, Belinda Caban discovered his corpse.

Death of Ted Koppel's son, Andrew Koppel
Photo: Late Andrew Koppel With his girlfriend, Ilona Lieberman, and Alice Juliet
Source: newser

According to the NewYork Police Department Detective John Sweeney, the cause of his death had not been determined as well as there was no evidence of hinting the situation as a crime scene. Andrew Koppel who used to live in Queen, was drinking excessively during the day. On the day he was deceased, he drank heavily with a Wimberly a various bar location. After getting intoxicated from alcohol, Wimberly took him to his friend, Belinda's apartment. There's where the death of Grace Anne Dorney Koppel's son occurred because of a lethal combination.

Grace's COPD Diagnosis

Grace Anne seemed pretty active towards her work, citing various excuses. A few years later, Doppel knew that her health condition is not good. 

In 2001, Koppel made an early appointment with a doctor because she was facing difficulty to walk and breathe, which even got worse when she was on vacation. So, she returned home asap and went to a major medical center and found out that she had an advanced COPD.

In 2005, she was also diagnosed with lung cancer. Anne said, her smoking habit was the main reason behind this. Since then, Anne and her spouse decided to help victims with COPD by raising funds and awareness and founded the Dorney-Koppel Foundation, where she serves as the board of directors.

Lawyer to Spokesperson

Being one of the prominent lawyers, Koppel also wanted to be a spokesperson. In 2006, she began serving as a spokesperson for COPD

Grace Anne speaking on behalf COPD
Photo: Grace Anne speaking for COPD
Source: Youtube

Since then, Anne has gained immense fame and made her appearance in various television shows to help many organizations such as The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Net Worth

The famous lawyer and spokesperson make massive wealth from her career. She is working as a lawyer since the '90s, and undoubtedly, Anne has managed to sum up a colossal fortune. 

As per some sources, the average salary of a lawyer in America ranges from $119,250 to $178,480. Hence we can assume the yearly wage of Grace Anne Koppel. Her total net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, as of 2019, which is a bit less than another lawyer David Yount.

Whereas, Grace's husband, Ted, has a staggering net value of $30 million. The pair also owns a $2.7 million luxury mansion of 16 acres located in Maryland. 

Grace and her husband also filed a lawsuit against their neighbors to reduce the size of their house.


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