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Relationship Timeline Of Hans Gosselaar

Wife : Paula Gosselaar
Hans Gosselaar married to Paula Gosselaar.

Hans Gosselaar, the celebrity father of famous  American actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, was born in the year 1933 in the Netherlands. He is a descent of German and Dutch Jewish. 

Hans is a proud father of Mark who is renowned for The Passage, Nobodies, Truth Be Told, and more.

Who Are The Parents of Hans Gosselaar?

Hans Gosselaar was born to his father Aron Gosselaar, and his mother Ida Ferdinande Kosel. Aron was born on 29 March 1904 while the birth date of Ida is 17 March 1908. Also, Hans has two siblings. One of them is Ingeborg Gosselaar.

Hans Gosselaar smiling for a picture.
Hans Gosselaar smiling for a picture. Source: MarriedWiki

Hans had a sound childhood and he grew up along with his siblings. He was an affectionate kid of his parents and was loved greatly.

However, Gosselaar's schooling has not been discussed properly nor has he provided the name of the university he joined.

Married Life of Gosselaar

Hans Gosselaar married Paula Gosselaar who was an air hostess for KLM Airlines in the Netherlands. They have not provided their marriage date yet.

Hans and Paula got married happily and were blessed with four children. They raised their children responsibly.

Who Are Hans's Children?

Hans Gosselaar and his wife Paula share four children: two daughters and two sons. Their sons are Mike Gosselaar and Mark-Paul Gosselaar while their daughters are Linda Gosselaar and Sylvia Gosselaar.

Black and white photo of Mark-Paul Gosselaar in a formal suit.
Photo of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Photo Source: Facebook@MarkPaulGosselaar)

All of Gosselaar's children are grown up and are engaged in different fields.

Net Worth of Hans Gosselaar

Gosselaar's net worth has not been figured out till now. However, his son Mark has a total worth of $8 million ensued from his acting career.

Mark is a rich son of Hans and is living a luxurious life with his family in the United States.

Bio of Gosselaar's Son

Hans's son Mark was born on 1st March 1974 in California. He was interested in acting from a young age. He started his film career in 1989. Later in 2005, he starred in the movie Commander in Chief.

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Recently, he completed Saved by the Bell and Mixed-ish.

Hans's Profession

Gosselaar used to work as a plant supervisor at Anheuser-Busch. He was very hardworking and used to struggle for his children's better life.

However, it is hard to trace what Hans is doing these days. He stays away from the spotlight.

Grandchildren of Hans Gosselaar

Hans has four grandchildren. Their names are Michael Charles Gosselaar, Dekker Edward Gosselaar, Ava Lorenn Gosselaar, and Lachlyn Hope Gosselaar. Hans's grandchildren are currently living with their parents.

All of them are the children of Mark-Paul. Michael and Ava are the children of Mark and Lisa Ann Russell (Mark's first wife) while Dekker and Lachlyn are the kids of Mark's present wife Catriona McGinn.

What More About Hans?

Hans does not have a presence on social media. Most of the parts of his personal life are still unexplored.

However, all of his children are almost known to the public. They are available on social platforms as well.

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