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Tue Dec 26 2023
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Harlene Rosen is mainly known for her relationship with mainstream celebrities. Rosen came to fame as American actor Woody Allen's first wife. 

Rosen and Allen were together as a husband-wife duo only for a handful of years. What happened to Harlene? What is Woody Allen's first wife doing now? The actor's fans most seek these questions. So, let's find out about it.

Relationship Status: Who Is Woody Allen's First Wife Dating Now?

Harlene Rosen was once Woody Allen's wife. After their divorce, she has remained a mystery. Rosen has secluded herself from the public eye. 

Woody Allen and his third wife Soon-Yi Previn.
Woody Allen and his third wife Soon-Yi Previn. Source: Pinterest

Thus, it is hard to say Harlene's current relationship status. Speaking of her ex-husband, Woody is married to Soon-Yi Previn now.

Woody Allen Married Three Times!

Woody Allen has married thrice just like Lee Jones. After Harlene became Woody Allen's ex-wife, The American filmmaker twice. Allen's second wife was Louise Lasser who appeared in a few movies together with him.

Woody Allen and his second wife Louise Lasser hugging.
Woody Allen and his second wife Louise Lasser hugging. Source: Pinterest

The former pair remained married for only four years, i.e. from 1966 to 1970, and was short-lived just like his previous marriage. 

Following that, Woody tied the knot with Soon-Yi Previn. Married in 1997, the couple is together to date despite being in controversy. They share two children.

List of Woody Allen's Other Relationships:

PartnerRelationship Period
Diane Keaton1970s
Stacey Nelkin1977-1979
Mia Farrow1980-1992
Christina Engelhardt1976-1986
Pamela Des Barres1970s
Mariel HemingwayThe late 1970s
Julia RobertsThe early 1990s

Woody Allen's First Wife: Harlene Rosen Married At 17

Yes, Harlene Rosen was only 17 when she married Woody Allen. The former pair were childhood sweethearts. The American actor was only 19 when he proposed to Rosen in 1955.

Of course, Rosen said yes to the proposal, and the love birds got married the next year. The romantic love birds shared an interest in music.

Harlene Rosen married 

Rosen remembered about her first marriage and wrote to Woody on his 80th birthday in 2015:

"You established a career. I completed four years of college. We supported each other, learned about life, and became adults"

Sharing interests and intimacy, Harlene and Woody were thought to be inseparable. But, it turned out to be false, as the married couple divorced in 1962, after being married for seven years.

During their seven years of marriage, Rosen and Allen did not become parents and had no children. Also, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have no children to date.

Woody Allen And Harlene Rosen's Divorce Cause, Allegedly

Woody Allen and Harlene Rosen divorced after seven years of their marriage. But what was the cause of their separation? Well, Rosen's relationship with Allen started fading sometimes after their marriage.

Harlene Rosen talks about her first marriage and ex-husband before Woody's 80th birthday:

"I loved going to movies with you. I loved making music with you... After our teenage summer of love, marriage was difficult."

However, Harlene only took legal action after Allen started defaming his wife by making fun of her in public. The American filmmaker called his wife 'Quasimodo' in his nightclub act and on TV. This took a critical turn and the former love duo decided to be separated.

Why Did Woody Allen Married His Adopted Daughter?

Did you know? Woody Allen married his daughter; adopted daughter to be more precise. Yes, Harlene Rosen's ex-husband was involved in a controversy for this.

Turns out, Allen's current wife, Soon-Yi Previn, is his adopted daughter.  Mia Farrow was dating Woody at the time when he met her daughter Soon-Yi. 

The American filmmaker had adopted Farrow's children including Previn. Mia's daughter was always a shy girl and the American actress was worried for her.

According to People, Mia asked Woody to create a bond with her daughter Soon-Yi to make her more sociable. But, spending time with Previn got Woody attracted to her and soon they began dating. 

Harlene Rosen's Ex-Husband Woody Accused Of Sexual Allegations

Yes, Allen was accused of sexual abuse. The allegation was made by none other than his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. She was seven at the time and accused Woody of touching and groping her. 

It was eight months after Mia found out that her boyfriend had been in a relationship with their other adopted daughter. Harlene's ex-husband has always denied this allegation. Soon-Yi supported her spouse during the allegation.

Harlene Rosen Net Worth: Divorce Settlements Amount & Alimony

Harlene Rosen's net worth is estimated to be around $100k. As Woody Allen's ex-wife has been living a private life, her assets and properties, as well as, her professional life are out of media reach.

Book written by Woody Allen.
The cover of a book written by Woody Allen. Source: Amazon

However, the American filmmaker Woody agreed to pay $75 a week in alimony. And the amount could have risen to $175 if he had a steady job.

Now, Allen has a net worth of $140 million. He owns 4,000 square-foot townhome on the Upper East Side worth $26 Million. As of now, Harlene's ex-husband has won 4 Oscars and has 48 credits as an actor, 83 credits as a writer, and 58 credits as a director on his IMDb profile.

Harlene Rosen Wiki/Bio: Age, Education & Parents

Harlene Rosen was born in the year 1939 in New York, United States of America. She is currently in her mid-80s in terms of age. Woody Allen's ex-wife is three years younger than him. 

Harlene Rosen's parents were reportedly Julius Rosen and Judith Rosen. While growing up, she used to play piano in Woody's jazz band. 

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