Harper Hempel

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Sun Jun 18 2023
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Harper Hempel is a multi-talented persona who is a social media marketing manager and photographer. She was also a former renowned volleyball in her high school years.

Hempel also caught people's attention for being the girlfriend of James Murray. The public knows Murray as a popular Canadian professional basketball player playing in the NBA. 

Explore The Details On The Relationship Between Hempel And Murray 

Harper Hempel shared a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Jamal Murray. Hempel first crossed the path of Murray, a freshman basketball player at the University Of Kentucky. 

Hempel started sharing a romantic affair with Murray when she was a college sophomore. During that time, she was a volleyball college athlete playing the 2015-2016 season. 

Harper Hempel and her boyfriend Jamal Murray.
Harper Hempel and her boyfriend Jamal Murray. (Source: Firstsportz)

Murry had to spend a long-distance relationship with Hempel after he got drafted into the NBA in 2016. As a result of the draft, he had to move to Denver to play with the Nuggets leaving her. 

Likewise, Harper continued their long-distance relationship with Jamal reuniting on her college graduation. As of now, they might have parted and ended their romantic relationship. 

The Present Relationship Status Of Hemple And Murray 

Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray probably have ended their romantic relationship. The distance between them rose after the explicit video of Harper was posted on Jamal's Instagram handle. 

Both Hempel nor Murray have shared a single picture of them on their official Instagram. They also have unfollowed each other on their Instagram which indicates and hints of their breakup. 

The viral explicit video took place in March 2020 which affected Hempel's personal life. Murray shared that his Instagram account was hacked and it was not his activity to the public. 

After the video incident, Hemepl even deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Overall, it was one of the unwelcome events which hindered their reputation among the general public.

Life Of Hempel After Video Leak Incident?

The celebrity personality Hempel's personal life was deeply affected after the video leak took place. Following the release of the video, she apologized and pleaded with fans to delete it.

Harper Hempel enjoyed her time in Italy.
Harper Hempel enjoyed her time in Italy. (Source; Instagram @ harperhempel)

As noted earlier, she had to deactivate her Instagram and Twitter to avoid negativity coming from people. It caused public scrutiny and invasion of her personal life.

Harper's Twitter account was suspended after she switched it to private mode for a long time. As of now, she has recovered from the incident and is active on her Instagram platform. 

Hempel's Wealth Revealed: Unveiling Her Impressive Net Worth

Harper Hempel's net worth is reported to be at least $150 thousand similar to Chaneil Kular. She must have accumulated this amount of wealth through her career as a social media marketing manager.

According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary of social media marketing manager is $65k. Harper must have earned similar to it as she is working in the same field. 

Harper Hempel prompted the sports drink brand Bodyarmor.
Harper Hempel prompted the sports drink brand Bodyarmor. (Source: Instagram @ harperhempel)

Furthermore, Hempel has earned through sponsored posts and brand advertisements on her Instagram. One of her promoted products is Bodyarmor which is an American sports drink brand.

The lady is believed to earn $40k yearly through her photography works. There are no details to cover about her business ventures or income-adding assets searching on the public domains. 

The Social Media Presence Of Hempel

Harper Hempel is a social media personality and actively interacts with fans on her Instagram. She has established a significant online presence over the years. 

However, you can only find her active on Instagram and not on any other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. She is found under the username @ harperhempel having over 70k followers. 

In 2020, the explicit video of Harper Hempel surfaced online, causing a whirlwind of attention and controversy. Yet, her recovery on social media serves as a testament to the power of resilience and personal growth inspiring a huge number of people.

A Quick Look At Hempel's Bio

Harper Hempel was born on August 31, 1996, in Union, Kentucky, USA. Likewise, Hempel's father's name is Richard Hempel, and her mother's name is Colleen Hempel.

Ricard is the co-founder of eCoach which enables sports enthusiasts to learn from expert coaches. While Colleen is a housewife taking care of her family. 

Harper Hempel with her sister Olivia Rink Hempel.
Harper Hempel with her sister Olivia Rink Hempel. (Source: Instagram @ harperhempel)

Similarly, Harper has shared a sister Olivia Rink Hempel with whom she shared her childhood. Olivia is a blogger and takes it as a place to write about the things she loves plus admires. 

You can connect with Oliva through her Instagram available under the handle@oliviarink. She has a massive following of 296k on her Instagram where she shares a bit about her life.

Explore The Physical Appearance Of Hempel

Harper Hempel is known for her stunning physical appearance which is one of the features attracting people. She has got a slender and slim figure weighing only 59 kg with an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches similar to Paulina Andreeva.

Hempel possesses a radiant smile and charming personality that will light up anyone. She has got smooth brown hair which perfectly fits her striking blue eyes. Her toned physique is a testament to her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Discover About The Professional Career Of Hempel

Harper Hempel was a star volleyball player during her high school and college years. As of now, she is a professional social media marketing manager and a photographer. 

Hempel earned the honor of being named a three-time All-State player by the Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association. She also won district MVP honors and Team Leadership Award in 2011.

Harper Hempel played volleyball for the University of Kentucky.
Harper Hempel played volleyball for the University of Kentucky. (Source: Instagram @ harperhempel)

After Harper's putting aside her volleyball career, she a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Digital Media. After graduation, is currently a social media community manager for Fact & Fiction.

In addition to social media marketing work, Harper is also a talented photographer. However, there is nothing much available about her photography searching on the Internet.

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