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Relationship Timeline Of Helen Essenberg

Husband : Dick Butkus
Helen Essenberg took the wedding vows with Dick Butkus.

Helen Essenberg is well-known as the celebrity wife of Dick Butkus, a former professional American football player. She is a happy mother of three and enjoys a quiet, peaceful life.

Essenberg's husband, Dick Butkus, is a former NFL player and played in the middle linebacker position for the Chicago Bears. The club he played in, i.e., Chicago Bears, is a Chicago-based American professional football team.

Helen Essenberg & Dick Butkus Relationship Timeline

The lovely couple Helen and Dick Butkus started dating in high school and deeply fell for each other. They both were still studying at the University of Illinois when they decided to get married. 

Helen Essenberg with her sweetheart, Dick Butkus
Helen Essenberg with her sweetheart, Dick Butkus.
(Image Source: Timetoast)

Helen and Butkus tied the knot in 1963, almost half a decade ago. It wasn't a lavish ceremony but a private one to which only their close friends and family were invited. It was a successful wedding without any problems.

The promising could Helen and Butkus have since lived a quite blissful life. They moved to Florida and later California after Butkus's retirement.

Helen Has Three Children

Helen Essenberg has given birth to three children since her marriage with Dick Butkus. Ricky Butkus, Nikki Butkus, and Matt Butkus are her children. They all have started careers of their own.

Helen's son Matt used to play American football as a defensive lineman for the University of Southern California. He is also a supporter of his father's charitable acts.

Helen Essenberg's husband, Dick Butkus, and her two sons.
Helen Essenberg's husband, Dick Butkus, and her two sons.
(Image Source: AP Images)

Helen's other son, Ricky or Richard M. Butkus Jr, is an actor known for his roles in Star Trek, National Treasure, and Spider-Man. As for her only daughter, Nikki, any information on her hasn't been revealed to the public.

Helen Essenberg Is A Private Person

Dick Butkus's wife, Helen, is one of those people who wants to live a life away from the limelight. She was born in the US, but the city or her date of birth hasn't been disclosed. Like this, many other personal details about her remain behind the curtains. 

From Helen's images, she appears to be above the age of fifty. Whatever she does for her profession and career, she seems thrilled with her life.

Helen Essenberg Net Worth: How Rich Is Dick Butkus's Wife? 

Essenberg's net worth cannot be determined as her profession hasn't been revealed. But it is for sure, she lives a lavish life with her husband's fortune just like Cathryn Sealey and Elina Gollert.

On the other hand, her husband, Dick Butkus's net worth is estimated to be approximately $8 million, similar to that of Rick Santelli.

Considering the work and effort, Butkus has put into his profession and other business ventures, having a multi-million net worth is justified. He owns a huge mansion in Malibu, California, whose valuation is still behind the curtains. 

A Little About Dick Butkus

Richard Marvin Butkus, better known as Dick Butkus, was born in Chicago on December 9, 1942. He had seven other siblings and was the youngest child in the family.

Dick Butkus playing in a football match
Dick Butkus playing in a football match
(Image Source: Daily Does of Sports)

Butkus grew up in a humble household where his father, John, was an immigrant working as an electrician, and his mother, Emma, worked at a laundry. When he was fifteen, he worked as a mover with his four brothers to earn his keep.

Butkus started playing football at Chicago Vocational High School as a fullback. He also became the first junior to receive Chicago Suntime's Chicago's High School Player of The Year in 1959. 

Social Media Presence of Helen Essenberg

Helen isn't a fan of being active online and thus doesn't use any social media platforms. However, the same is not true for her husband, Dick Butkus. He has a strong online presence.

Butkus has a verified Facebook account @51.butkus with over 152k followers. He has also garnered over 202k followers on his verified Twitter account @thedickbutkus. He is active over there as well.

On Instagram, Butkus is active as @thedickbutkus, with over 9k followers. He has the least number of followers on his Instagram account. 

Helen Essenberg's Husband Is an inductee Of the Football Hall Of Fame

Dick Butkus is often regarded as one of the best Linebackers in the history of the professional American football world. With awards such as NFL Defensive Player of the Year, George Halas Award, UPI Lineman of the Year, and Big Ten Most Valuable Player under his belt, it's no surprise he entered the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983.

Additionally, he is also an inductee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Chicago Bears retired the No.51 jersey in his honor following his retirement.

Founded The Butkus Foundation

Helen's husband, Dick Butkus, is a good husband with a big heart. He has established The Butkus Foundation, which supports various charitable causes. It was primarily established to manage the fund disbursement for charitable causes.

The Butkus Foundation has a website of its own that details everything related to it. One of its notable charitable causes is The Dick Butkus Center for Cardiovascular Wellness, a nonprofit organization for identifying those at risk of sudden cardiac death or heart disease.

This foundation also instituted one of the most honored awards in American football, The Butkus Award, in 1985. It is annually awarded to the top linebackers in football.

Butkus Career As An Actor

Apart from being a former professional football player like Michael Vick, Helen Essenberg's husband, Dick Butkus, is also one of the most celebrated actors and commentators. He has starred in many films & movies, including Brian's Song, Teddy Bears' Picnic, The Longest Yard, and Cass Malloy.

Helen Essenberg's husband acting in a movie
Helen Essenberg's husband, Dick Butkus acting in a movie
(Image Source: IMDB)

Butkus also served as a football head coach of Montour High School in Bound For Glory, ESPN's reality series. Besides films, he also participated in a commercial for antifreeze in 1970 during Super Bowl IV.

Butkus Does Podcast

Dick Butkus has also ventured into the podcasting industry and does a podcast himself. He joins with other known athletes and talks about various things on his podcast.

After recording his podcast, Butkus released it on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast. He also puts the podcast up on his website, where one can listen to all of his previous podcasts.


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