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Cutting Horse (1956)

Relationship Timeline Of Hilary Watson

Husband : Tom Watson
Hilary Watson Married To Tom Watson on 1999.
Ex-husband : Denis Watson
Hilary Watson first married to Denis Watson on 1985.

Hilary Watson is the wife of five-time British Open champion, Tom Watson. More to that, Hilary herself was a cutting horse champion. She became part of the 1976 Olympic team that was barred from competing at the Olympic Games, according to her obituary.

Hilary Watson was born on June 19, 1956, at Fort Victoria, Rhodesia. She is the daughter of Charles Holton and his wife, Anges Holton. She spent most of her childhood in South Africa. She married her first husband in 1986. So, what's the marital relationship with Tom? Also to know more about her cause of death, read along.

Hilary Passed Away at the Age of 63

Yes, that is correct. Hilary left her husband alone and passed away on November 27, 2019, at he home in Stilwell, Kansas. As per Golf Digest, She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on October 31, 2017. Similar to Hilary, Jay Monahan, also died of Cancer.

Hilary Watson, the wife of Tom Watson
Image: Hilary Watson passes away on November 27, 2019
Source: The Sun

Shortly after the diagnosis, treatment started with expert help from the doctors at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, then from Dr. Philip Salem in Houston. More to that, she placed fourth in 2018 in the NCHA's Amateur Rider of the Year competition while going through chemotherapy, radiation, and major surgery. 

Who was Hilary Married To?

Hilary was married twice during her lifetime. She was first married to professional golfer Denis Watson in Rhodesia in 1985 and moved to the United States. 

golfer, Denis Watson
Image: The former husband of Hilary Watson, Denis Watson playing golf
Source: SF Gate

The couple first moved to North Carolina and remained there for some time. The duo welcomed two daughters, Kyle Paige and Kelly Paige, while they lived in North Carolina. Soon they moved to Orlando, Florida. Hilary was blessed with a daughter, Ross

The family of five kept moving along with Tournaments destinations. In 1999, Hilary divorced her husband, Denis, and started to live on her own. After divorcing with Hilary, her former husband married Susan Watson. The couple shares five children, which include two sets of twins. 

Life after separating with Denis Watson

Shortly after the divorce, she finds love with another golf player, Tom Watson. They did not even get the time to think when the friendship turned into a relationship.

Hilary Watson along with her husband
Image: Hilary Watson along with her husband, Tom Watson at a event 
Source: Sports Yahoo

Hilary and Tom walked down the aisle in 1999 in Kansas City. Tom The couple took care of their children. Tom had two children with Hilary, Michael Watson, son, and Meg Watson, daughter. 

Tom Watson was a married man before getting married to Hilary Watson in 1999. Tom was tied to Linda Rubin back in 1972. The famous couple got divorced in 1997, following personal reasons. Both of them met each other when they were at Stanford. 

How Rich was Hilary Watson?

Hilary had an estimated net worth of $1 Million. She has gathered all her net worth through playing cutting horse game. More to that, Her husband, Tom Watson, has a staggering net worth of $25 Million.

Hilary Watson in a competition
Image: Hilary Watson at a cutting horse competition 
Source: Catty Hawk

Tom has accumulated most of his earning through his golf career. He played professional golf for more than four decades, making him one of the longest golf players. Hank Kuehne is another American golf player with a wealth of $5 Million


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