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Sun Jan 09 2022
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Homer Murray was born in 1982 and raised in the United States. He is a famous actor working in the film industry for over a decade, and he's still going strong.

Murray is the beloved child of the biggest hitter actor and actress. So he knew he should follow an acting career like his parents for his future profession.

Homer Murray wearing chief dress holding juice in his left hand
Picture of Homer Murray at Day off (Source: Instagram @Murray)

The actor earned a bachelor's degree from a public institution in the United States. He began his career with a small role in television ads and quickly rose to prominence.

A tiny Role actor who had a strong attitude had considered pursuing an acting profession and had begun to pursue it. Today, he is well known for the movie "Broken Flowers."

Murray's Relationships

Homer Murray is a single man who hasn't thought about his marriage. He has the responsibility to handle his family and job for now. 

Murray is the sixth son of Bill Murray. He has 5 siblings, which makes a great family. And some of his cousins are also actors and actresses as well. 

Legendary Father Bill Murray And His First Marriage

Bill Murray has been a famous actor since the '70s. He has been a Golden Globe-winning actor.

The actor has married two wives, but at last, he is a single man. But he is the father of six sons. He initially tied the knot with Margaret Kelly on January 25, 1981, in a private wedding ceremony. 

The following year the former duo welcomed their first child, Homer Murray, in 1982. Likewise, two years later on 1985, they welcomed their second child, Luke Murray, into the world. Luke is a professional basketball coach.

Although Bill and Margaret seem to be a match made in heaven from the outside, things are different from the inside. There were several differences in their marital bond. Due to this the couple got separated in 1996. 

One of the main reasons behind their separation is stated to be Bill's external affairs with other women.

Bill's Second Marriage With Jennifer

Shortly after being separated from Margaret Kelly, Bill Murray tied the knot with a beautiful costume designer Jennifer Butler on July 4, 1997, in the presence of their family members and loved ones.

Homer Murray father Bill Murray and his second wife, Jennifer Butler.
Homer Murray's father, Bill Murray, and his second wife, Jennifer Butler. (Source: LA Times)

However, Jennifer filed a divorce against Bill, accusing him of domestic violence, sex, marijuana, alcohol addictions, and infidelity. The court gave the couple divorce on June 13, 2008.  The couple parted ways, and since then, Bill has led a single life.

Throughout Bill and Jennifer's relationship, they have welcomed four children Caleb Murray (born in 1993), Jackson Murray (Born in 1995), Cooper Murray (Born in 1997), and  Lincoln Murray ( Born in 2001).

Side Business

Murray was also interested in cooking too. He had a lot of knowledge about food and cooking. 

The Young talented boy has worked on Roebling Tea Room and River Styx as a Sous Chef. Later, he built out his restaurant, "21Greenpoint," and became the chief of his restaurant.

Murray's Net Worth

Homer Murray has done a lot of hard work. So, he can be cable on his own without his family. His movie "Broken Flowers" hit big records in 2005.  As a result, Murray has a Net Worth of $1.6M on his own.

Likewise, his father, Bill Murray, is a rich actor with an enormous net worth of $180 million. He has earned this huge sum of money through his successful career as an actor, producer, and screenwriter. He has over 97 acting credits on his IMDb page.

Broken Flowers' actor tattoo

Broken Flowers's actor has a tattoo on his left arm like Manwell Reyes. The tattoo refers to mom, who he admires and loves the most.

Homer murray showning his tattoo of mom in 21Greenpoint
Picture of Homer Murray (Source: Instagram @Murray)

The tattoo is on his left arm because the heart is also located on the left side. And he want to show how much he admires and loves his mom.

Bill Murray's Son body measurement

Murray's son, Homer, is a tall man with proportionate physical dimensions. He has a decent height of 5 feet 8 Inches (172 cm).

The Broken Flowers actor has a healthy body weight corresponding to his height. He weighs 68 kg.

21Greenpoint's owner Rumor

It's been a rumor that Homer Murray is still working hard for his future and acting career. He has signed more pictures which are unknown for now.

The chief is holding his career smoothly, and his new pictures will be in front of the media in a few years.

The Chief's Social profile

21Greenpoint's owner hasn't been much active on social media. So, he had only made the id of his company on social media.

You can visit the 21Greenpoint on:

Instagram: @21Greenpoint

Twitter: @21Greenpoint


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