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Fri Aug 04 2023
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It's not uncommon for kids with famous parents to gain media attention from a very young age. Well, it is a similar case with the American celebrity child, Hunter Zion Bell.

Hunter landed his fame due to being born to famous parents. He is the son of actress Jurnee Smollett and Musician Josiah Bell. The baby's birth date has not been revealed, but the mother took to social media to announce her child on November 15, 2016.

Why Hunter Zion Bell's Parents Separated?

The celebrity son Hunter Zion Bell is a highly unlucky kid. Despite being born into a very famous family, who can afford to fulfill all his wishes, his mom and dad don't live together anymore.

All three are lying on a bed while taking a selfie.
Josiah Bell and Jurnee Smollett with their baby Hunter Zion Bell (Source: Instagram @throwshade101)

Hunter's father, Josiah, and his mother, Jurnee, shocked their fans and the world when they announced their divorce in March 2020. All this while the world was going through another crisis in Covid 19 pandemic as it shut everything down.

The couple's relationship had been going strong for a very long time. They tied the knot in October 2010, and the fans believed they would be together forever. Especially considering these two had known each other even before they started dating.

More trouble started with their divorce settlement since they couldn't find common ground while settling the case. Poor Hunter, trapped in their parent's divorce, will not grow up with both his parents under one roof.

What Is Hunter Zion Bell's Net Worth?

The Smollett family is one of the most famous names in the industry. Smollett's children are rich and famous, including Hunter Zion Bell's mother, Jurnee Smollett.

Hunter Zion Bell was photographed when he was in the arms of his mother.
Hunter Zion Bell was photographed when he was in the arms of his mother. (Source: Instagram @jurneesmollett)

Jurnee Smollett is a successful actress. The actress started in the 90s, and her career only seems to be getting bigger and better every day. Unsurprisingly, Jurnee is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $2 million (same as Tara Wraith).

His father, Josiah Bell, is a musician who may not be as rich and famous as his mother, but he is still a guy who can make a living making music, so he is gaining success through his music career.

His father has a music band called The Purple Heart's Club. Plus, he also makes money through Soundcloud and has a Youtube channel. He also makes money by selling merch.

About Hunter's Mother: Jurnee Smollett

Jurnee Smollett is an award-winning American actress and is popularly known for being one of the famous Smollett siblings. She is the fourth of six siblings.

she has a tied hair and and golden circle shaped earring.
Hunter Zion Bell's mother, Jurnee Smollett (Source: Instagram @jurneesmollett)

The New York-born actress has been part of some of the most famous movie and TV shows like Birds Of Prey, The Great Debaters, and Grey's Anatomy.

A Nephew of Five

Joel Smollett and Janet Smollett shared six children. One of whom was Hunter's mother, Jurnee. It means Hunter is a nephew of five of the Smollett siblings. 

Smollett has four uncles. His uncles are Jake, Jocqui, Jojo and Jussie Smollett. Besides his uncles, he has an aunt as well. His aunt's name is Jazz Smollett.

Hunter Zion Bell is a lucky kid. Not only are his parents popular, but also his uncle and aunt are also quite well-known. The Smollett siblings seem to be in love with Hunter, as they usually post about their Nephew on their social media handles.

About His Father: Josiah Bell

Like Moses Martin, Hunter's father, Josiah Bell, is a professional musician. He sings, writes, and even produces music. Although Hunter's father might not be as famous as his mother, he is still a successful musician.

Both are posing with hand holding looking un opposite direction of each other.
Hunter Zion Bell with his father, Josiah Bell (Source: Instagram @josiahbell)

The Detroit singer fell in love with music at a very young age. His passion for music came from church. In his interview with Arturia, he said: 

I grew up in Detroit around amazing musicians in the church. I’m a son of a preacher man, I learned how to play the drums in the church. I started producing gospel records at a young age and found myself in studios. It’s a really cool thing to continue to just do that and express myself as an artist.

How To Stop Hunter Zion Bell From Crying?

Hunter Zion Bell's mother Jurnee Smollett knows how to stop her baby Hunter from crying. She needed this trick to quiet Hunter while traveling through flights for her work.

This knowledge and technique were given to Jurnee by her sister and mother. The trick is straightforward, breastfeed the baby. Jussie revealed that breastfeeding Hunter on flights would make him not cry and help him get some sleep on a plane. 

Planes are small spaces, and you have no option but to sit on your seat throughout the flight. So, taking Hunter on flights is helpful for the mother. She also expressed that: 

Hunter is incredible on flights. He sleeps. I breastfeed him, this is what my sister told me, and my mom. Feed him on the way up and feed him on landing, so the ears don’t pop.

Hunter Zion Bell's Uncle Jussie Smollett Has Been in Jail

Hunter's uncle, Jussie Smollett, is the most famous of all the Smollett siblings. The Empire actor was one of the most respected figures in Hollywood before he landed himself in a controversy that saw him headlining every news channel for all the wrong reasons. 

Jussie is holding Hunter close to him as he is in a black suit and Hunter in a denim jacket with white jordan cap.
Jussie Smollett at an Event with Hunter Zion Bell (Source: Instagram @heyjussie)

The actor first made headlines when the news reported that he was attacked based on his skin color by two white men. It gave rise to the topic of racism in America, and Jussie was quickly labeled as a hero.

However, police, upon inspection, found out later that the attack was staged entirely and none of the stories that Jussie told to the cops was true. The later revelation showed that he had teamed up with his brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo to make this attack.

The infamous case was taken to court and broadcast for the world to see. The court found Jussie guilty and sentenced him to 150 days in prison and a fine of $145,000

Mother Tries To Keep Him Away From Social Media

Without a doubt, Jurnee is a caring mother. Any devoted mother would try to protect their children safely. So, you will hardly find any posts about her baby on her Insta handle @jurneesmollett, most likely since Hunter is still tiny and media exposure won't do any good to him.

Since Hunter is still young, even if he had social media, he probably wouldn't know how to use it. And, you will see both his mother and father (@josiahbell) rarely posting about their son. 

Even the other Smollett family hardly posts about Hunter. Even among their posts about Hunter, most of them are just posts wishing him his birthday.

Acting With Jamie Foxx

It hasn't been long since Hunter Zion Bell learned to walk. And yet, he is already following in his mother's footsteps. He is now an actor.

Hunter acted with the legendary Jamie Foxx. His mother, Jurnee Smollett, revealed the news when she appeared on the popular talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Hunter acted with his mom and Jamie Foxx in the Maggie Betts-directed The Burial. The Burial revolves around the story of a lawyer who helps a homeowner's house from an evil corporate man.

Hunter Has Taught His Mother

The first teacher of every child is their parent, as children learn to walk, speak and eat thanks to their parent's help. Well, the case is different with Hunter and his celebrity mom.

Hunter Zion Bell and his mother Jurnee spending time together.
Hunter Zion Bell and his mother Jurnee spending time together. Source: Pinterest

Well, during an interview with People, Jurnee Smollett talked about various things related to her son, Hunter. In that interview, she also stated,

“He’s teaching me so much about myself. He’s teaching me so much about love, Smollett-Bell said of Hunter. I see myself in him, and I start to love that about myself even more. It’s like I see the world differently now, through his eyes,”

 She continues. 

“He makes me reassess, really, what matters.”

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