Is Matt Stonie dating a Girlfriend in 2020

Wed Jan 29 2020
By   Manish

People who fond of eating healthy food are always the best with suspicious health and fitness because there is no sincere love than the love of food. So, the 14th time competitive eating record holder Matt Stonie decided to make his profession as eating after waking up one day in the San Jose area of California.

The 3rd world-ranked competitive eater, Stonie has won the hearts of millions with his incredible passion for eating faster than an average person can eat once in a day. So, what's going in his personal life, is dating someone or staying single in 2020? Let's take our eyes on the life of the competitive eating champion.

The Current Flame in Stonie's Life

When it comes to the 27-year-old food eater's personal life, Stonie is comparatively less interested in exploring his things on the media. Despite all the odds, he still doesn't hesitate to show his down-to-earth personality.

Matt Stonie holding the Donut Eating Championship title. What's the new flame in his love life?
Matt Stonie is carrying the Dount Eating Championship belt after eating 48 donuts in 8 minutes 
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

Stonie's current flame in his life is a mystery to millions of his fans who're curious to know whom he will date or who will be his girlfriend in the 2020 or the future? But, it assured that Stonie isn't ready to start his love story because he is focused on his upcoming competitive championships and becoming the world's no. food eater.

Do you know about Matt's Infinite Love with Food?

Many people take their daily food to survive, and some others prefer to eat to live. And some extraordinary persons like Stonie who thought their true love is eating, which is everything in his life, his goals, and his sports.

Matt Stonie beat the defending world champion, Joey Chestnut at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Know more about his personal life?
Photo: Matt Stonie beat the unbeatable competitive champion, Joey Chestnut 
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

What's more to this? The 14th time competitive champion recently won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest after beating the world's no. competitive eater, Joey Chestnut. In an interview, he said, "I want to keep an eye on the competition, even more than myself."

Maintains a Passionate Relationship with Food Goals in Creating History

Coming up to passionate food eater's life, Matt keeps his hardwork and dedication towards food while carrying his relationship with meeting his personal goals. He is a five-time world record holder, breaking the record of eating a 5.5 lbs birthday cake in minutes in 201332.5 Indian tacos in minutes in 2014.

Stonie also holds a world record of eating 182 slices of bacon in minutes in 2015113 pancakes in minutes in 2016, and 225 peeps in minutes in 2017. Aside from this, he accumulates over 10.6 Million subscribers in his Youtube channel, which he also thanked his fans through a thankful video on 20th December 2019.

Matt Stonie is eating his Diamond Play Button chocolate cake. Know more about his current girlfriend in 2020?
Picture: Matt Stonie is eating his Diamond Play Button cake 
Source: Instagram @matt_stonie

On 26th January 2020, Stonie shared a picture eating his Diamond Play Button, which is a frozen chocolate cake with a heart of diamond in the center via Instagram. Just like him, some other food eaters, including Michelle Lesco is also a passionate food competitor.

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