Is Taylor Kitsch Dating? Exploring The Love Life of Versatile Actor

Tue Mar 05 2024
By   Will Grey

Hailing from Canada, Taylor Kitsch is an award-winning actor, producer, and director. The multifaceted actor is widely recognized for playing the role of Gambit in the 2009 MCU movie X-men Origins: Wolverine and John Crater in the 2012 movie John Carter. Like his role, Gambit, Taylor also has several romantic interests and affairs over the years.

The versatile actor Kitsch has been romantically linked to several notable names to date. However, he has not made headlines lately for dating and relationships. Is Taylor single or are they entwined in a secret relationship? Let's unveil this versatile actor's current relationship status and love life.

Taylor Kitsch Is Single Now!

Yes, the John Carter lead actor Taylor is flying solo for now. There is not a single piece of evidence and rumors of Kitsch's romantic rendezvous. Likewise, there are no hints from the actor of possible dating and romance.

Taylor Kitsch is single for now.
Taylor Kitsch is single for now.
Source: Booking Agent Info

After so many short-lived relationships, Kitsch appears to be looking for a long-lasting relationship. Is Taylor looking to tie the knot? Well, the Canadian actor has not talked about his wish of getting married or a wife recently.

Speaking of wife, Taylor has never had a wife or wedding. The versatile Canadian personality has yet to wear a groom's attire and walk down the aisle.

Taylor Kitsch And Rachel McAdams Romance Buzz 

One of the most popular personalities, Taylor ever dated was Rachel McAdams. She is also the last known romantic interest of the Canadian actor. The duo sparked dating rumors in 2015 after starring together in the second season of True Detective.

Taylor Kitsch and his rumored girlfried, Jessica McDams spotted together.
Taylor Kitsch and his rumored girlfriend, Jessica McAdams spotted together.
Source; Yahoo

Additionally, the rumored couple, Kitsch and McAdams were spotted dining together at West Hollywood’s Osteria Mozza. Several sources claimed that Taylor and Rachel were in the early stage of a relationship with constant communication. However, the pair did not confirm this rumor.

The Hot Chick actress Rachel said that just two people taking a picture together does not mean they are dating. The rumored relationship came to an end in 2016 leading to their separation. McAdams wasted no time to hop into another relationship, i.e., with Jamie Linden in the same year.

Kitsch's Rumored Relationship With Jennifer Welch 

Taylor Kitsch is no stranger to the whirlwind of dating rumors. Much like with Rachel McAdams, he was spotted with the fitness instructor Jennifer Welsch. They reportedly dated between 2014 to 2015. Kitsch and Welsch's relationship is shrouded in a mystery as the two never give insight into their relationship status.

Toxic Relationship Of  Taylor Kitsch And Minka Kelly

Love and relationships are not always smooth sailing. Some relationships are not meant to be and end up being toxic. Such was the love life of Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch. In her memoir, Tell Me Everything, Kelly opened up about her former relationship with Kitsch.

Minka and Taylor started their on-and-off relationship in 2007. She mentioned that they were both too young and inexperienced to make things work. Even after the breakup in the summer of 2007, Kitsch received more support from their castmate rather than Kelly.

Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch posed together.
Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch posed together.
Source: Just Jared

The ex-pair, Kelly and Kitsch did not publically confirm their relationship and kept it in close-knit circles only. However, the John Carter actor accepted their past romance in a 2018 radio interview with Andy Cohen. In 2021, Minka dated Trevor Noah.

Taylor Kitsch's Speculated Romance With Other Co-stars

The first-ever known celebrity rumored girlfriend of Taylor Kitsch is Jessica White. After appearing together in a steamy photoshoot for the calendar and seeing their chemistry on camera, fans couldn't help but speculate the two were items. They reportedly dated between January 2006 and February 2007.

Similarly, Taylor's love life also includes the name of Laura Csortan. The alleged couple were believed to be in love while working together for X-Men Origin: Wolverine in 2008. While their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, whispers of off-screen romance were swirling around.

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