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Isaac Hockenhull became known for being the ex-husband of the late Mahalia Jackson. His late wife was a legendary gospel singer and is considered by many to be one of the greatest. The religious woman was known for songs like Take My Hand, Precious Lord, Trouble of the World, and Search Me Lord. 

Hockenhull used to work as a chemist and was the first husband of Jackson. She was also married to Sigmund Galloway later in her life. She passed away on January 27, 1972, and had an estimated net worth of $24 Million at the time of her passing.

The First Husband Of Mahalia Jackson

Isaac Hockenhull gained popularity for being the husband of the legendary gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson. The two had exchanged their wedding vows somewhere in 1936 in Chicago. 

Isaac and Mahalia's marriage only lasted for around five years as they divorced in 1941 and they had an age gap of 10 years where Jackon's ex-husband was the older one.

Mahalia Jackson has got a short curly black hair in the picture.
Isaac Hockenhull's Ex-Wife, Mahalia Jackson (Source: YouTube)

What impressed the Search Me Lord singer, Jackson about Hockenhull was his behavior, politeness, and how he carried himself. She dated him for a year. The two first met a year before getting hitched. 

Hockenhull and Jackson met during The Great Depression. The downfall in the economy had impacted Hockenhull as well because he was working as a postman at the time, leaving his regular job as a chemist. 

About Hockenhull's Parents

Isaac Hockenhull's father's name is John Hockenhull Gray and his mother's name is Martha Ella Hockenhull. Both of his parents lived low profile and didn't reveal much about themselves, especially his father, John.

Martha used to make a living by selling hair care products. Other than that, she also lived most of her life low-key just like Hockenhull's father and didn't reveal much about herself.

Hockenhull Ex-Wife Jackson Net Worth

Isaac Hockenhull's ex-wife Mahalia Jackson had an estimated net worth of $24 Million. The same amount Michel Stern's wife Lisa Kudrow was getting per season for her show Friends at one point. 

Jackson's voice didn't act much as her source of income. Her income came from a lot of other businesses. like her beauty salon, flower shop, and Mahalia Jackson's Fried Chicken.

Mahalia Jackson is on stage, standing in front of a mic.
Mahalia Jackson performing live (Source: YouTube)

How I Got Over singer, Jackson also received royalty fees of $105,000 from Mahalia Jackson System, Inc. Besides that, she had an apartment in California and three fiat buildings in Chicago.

Jackson could have easily made money through her amazing voice but money wasn't the most important thing for her. She was a gospel singer and never made any mainstream music despite numerous offers. 

Besides that, Jackson's wealth had also taken a significant hit just like everyone else's due to The Great Depression.

Jackson's Ex-Husband Gambling Problem

Hockenhull may have swept Trouble of the World singer, Jackson off her feet with his politeness. But, the love died out between the two thanks to his gambling problem which eventually led to the divorce.

Jackson's Ex-husband was addicted to betting on horse races. No matter, how many times she talked to him, he never got rid of this habit. Not only his own but Hockenhull wasted a lot of his ex-wife's money as well as mentioned by The Guardian. This became one of the reasons why their marriage failed.

Hockenhull Wanted Jackson To Not Just Do Sacred Music

Mahalia Jackson was a true gospel singer and only ever wanted to make a religious song. She was a religious woman and had turned down many offers to do mainstream music. Her ex-husband Hockenhull was also one of them who wanted her to do mainstream music. 

Mahalia Jackson is wearing a blue dress and singing whereas people are watching.
Mahalia Jackson performing her song, Precious Lord Take My Hand (Source: YouTube)

However, Hockenhull wanted his then-wife Jackson to make other forms of music. And, it got to the point where he tried to force her into doing it. This also had a huge impact on their husband-wife relationship at the time.

Where Did Hockenhull Study At?

Isaac Hockenhull was an educated man and had studied a lot more than his late ex-wife Jackson who had only studied till eighth grade. He was a student of Fisk University and Tuskegee Institute. 

What Jackson's ex-husband studied in the institute remains to be discovered. But, some speculate he could have a degree related to science considering he used to work as a chemist.

About Hockenhull And Jackson's Death

Hockenhull and his ex-wife Jackson have both passed away. He died on July 1973, in Harvey, Illinois. He died at the same age as Fred Willard's wife, Mary Lovell, i.e. 71. It remains to be known if the cause of his death was natural or other reason.

People are in queue to see Mahalia Jackson for the last time.
People at Mahalia Jackson's Funeral (Source: YouTube)

I Know It Was The Blood singer, Jackson lost her life on January 27, 1972, at the age of 60. She died in the bed of OSF Little Company of Mary Medical Center Emergency Room, a hospital in Illinois. 

The cause of Hockenhull's ex-wife's death was a heart seizure. The New York Times had reported that she was struggling with heart issues for a while before she succumbed to it.

Jackson's Second And Last Marriage

After Take My Hand Precious Lord singer, Jackson ended her marriage with her first husband, Hockenhull. She found herself in the arms of another man named Minters Sigmond Galloway. The two stayed husband and wife from July 2, 1964, to 1967, which would also be the last time she would marry anyone.

Galloway and Jackson shared a common interest, i.e. music. While she was a gospel singer, her second husband was a jazz musician. It is known that the two fell first met through mutual friends in construction work. 

The love died out shortly after a few years as Jackson divorced her second and last husband. Galloway was an abusive husband and he also cheated on the If I Can Help Somebody singer at one point. All this led to the failure of their marriage.

Hockenhull's Ex-Wife Friendship With Martin Luther King, Jr.

Move On Up A Little Higher singer, Jackson other than her music is also known for her friendship with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was the face of the civil rights movement. 

Both Luther and Jackson shared a good relationship. She was also present when he gave his iconic and historical I Have A Dream speech.

King, Jr., and Jackson both were the victims of racism like every black person in America at the time. So, the fight for uplifting the black community meant something to both of them. She had also performed for the crowd before King gave that classic speech.

Jackson also had something to do with that iconic speech of King, Jr. As he was giving his speech, she famously shouted at him to tell everyone about his dream. And that is when he gave that historic speech. The two used to go to a lot of places together and had also preached in the church as they both were religious people.


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