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Tue Sep 12 2023
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Ivone Kowalczyk rose to fame for her marital connection with American Filmmaker and comedy writer Andy Dick. While her relationship with Andy was only brief, it was enough to propel her name into the limelight.

However, following Kowalczyk's divorce from Dick she has remained in the shadows. What is Andy Dick's ex-wife doing now? Who is her new husband? Stick with us to know interesting details about Ivone's life.

Andy Dick's Ex-wife New Husband: Is Ivone Kowalczyk Married Now?

While Andy Dick dated many other women to date, the question arises, who is his ex-wife dating. At the moment, Ivone's new husband or boyfriend's identity is unknown. In fact, due to her being out of media reach, Ivone Kowalczyk's relationship status is under wraps.

Ivone Kowalczyk was married to Andy Dick for four years
Ivone Kowalczyk was married to Andy Dick for four years. Source: Pinterest

Ivone prefers to live a low-key life and was only in the limelight for her marriage with Andy Dick in 1986. The former couple was together for a brief period of time. Kowalczyk got separated from Andy in the early 1990s.

Andy Dick's Other Relationships

Following Andy's divorce from Ivone, he was married to Lena Sved. In 2018, Dick was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Sved and their children, Jacob and Meg, after having multiple drunk fights with their adult son Jacob.

Besides Sved, Dick reportedly dated American model Jennifer Gimenez in 2013.  Similarly, he was engaged to Elisa Jordana for a brief. 

Does Ivone Kowalczyk Share Children WIth Andy Dick?

Ivone Kowalczyk and Andy Dick welcomed their son named Lucas Kowalczyk Dick on February 22, 1988. Lucas was born in Chicago, Illinois, and now is a grown man and is married to Sofia Astrom.

Four years into their nuptials, the former husband-wife duo Ivone and Andy became the parents of Lucas. However, the birth of their child could not strengthen their relationship which led to divorce.

Ivone Kowalczyk and her son Lucas together.
Ivone Kowalczyk and her son Lucas together. Source: Instagram @lucasastrom_

Now, Ivone's son is also a comedian like his father. Furthermore, he is into writing and acting. Lucas has made appearances in several movies including Funny People, Kissing Strangers, and recently Hard Plastic.

Although Lucas is the only son of Andy and Ivone together, he has half-siblings who are born from Dick's relationship with other women. Andy Dick has a son and daughter with his second wife Lena Sved. 

Why Ivone Kowalczyk & Andy Dick Got Divorce?

Andy Dick and his ex-wife, Ivone Kowalczyk, got divorced in the early 1990s. The divorce reason was not disclosed publicly, but many people believe it was because of Dick's drinking habit and abusive nature.

Andy Dick dated model Jennifer Gimenez in 2013.
Andy Dick dated model Jennifer Gimenez in 2013. Source: Radar Online

This might not be the case as Ivone shared the same house with Andy even after their divorce. yes, the former couple is stated to remain together platonically in the same house for the sake of their son, Lucas.

Even, Andy's fiancee Elisa Jordana broke up with Andy after he went to prison. Following their divorce, Ivone has stayed away from the limelight. 

Andy Dick's Sexual Orientation: Is He Gay?

Andy Dick is actually a bisexual person similar to Jean Muggli who gets attracted to the person of both the same and opposite gender. In a 2006 interview, Ivone Kowalczyk's ex-husband clearly revealed his sexual orientation.

Dick openly talked about how he has kissed and caressed people of both genders inappropriately. It is unknown if Kowalczyk was aware of her ex-husband's sexual orientation.

Ivone Kowalczyk's Ex-husband's Sexual Assault Allegations

Andy Dick has been to jail for multiple sexual allegation cases throughout his career. In May 2022, Ivone's ex-husband was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery in Orange County, California.

A man was reported to be assaulted at a campground. However, the case didn't proceed as the alleged victim showed unwillingness to cooperate. This is not the only case of a sexual misdemeanor of Andy.

In April 2018, Dick was arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery. An Uber driver accused Andy of showing inappropriate behavior; touching his crotch to be more specific. 

Similarly, Ivone's ex-husband was convicted and sentenced to 90 days in jail in November 2022. He was also registered as a sex offender and underwent counseling.

Ivone Kowalczyk Net Worth: What Does Andy Dick's Ex-wife Do For Living?

The American filmmaker Andy Dick enjoys a net worth of at least $1 Million similar to Tyrus. He has over 180 credits as an actor and 10 credits as a writer on his IMDb profile. While Dick is doing fine in his professional life, what about his ex-wife?

Ivone Kowalczyk's ex-husband has a net worth of at least $1 Million.
Ivone Kowalczyk's ex-husband has a net worth of at least $1 Million. Source: Instagram @andydick

What is Ivone Kowalczyk's net worth? Well, Andy's ex-wife has shielded her personal as well as professional life. Thus, her net worth is currently under review.

However, If you are interested to know more about Andy Dick's real estate and properties, then here is a list of Ivone's ex-husband's real estate.

Property NameLocationDetails
Woodland Hills PropertyWoodland Hills, CA- Purchased in 2008 for $703,000
  - Approximately 2,500 sq ft of living space
  - Situated on approximately 15,000 sq ft of land
Topanga Canyon ParcelsTopanga Canyon, CA- Two parcels of raw land
  - Totaling approximately 80 acres
Shed in Topanga CanyonTopanga Canyon, CA- Reportedly lived in a shed in Topanga Canyon
  - Owned by his ex-girlfriend
Charleston HouseCharleston, birthplace- Ownership of a house in Charleston, where he was born

Ivone Kowalczyk's Ex-husband Has Been Into Rehab For 20 Times

Andy Dick has been the center of attention for the media of his infamous works.  Throughout his career, he has been involved in many controversial incidents due to his actions. Dick has admitted he underwent Rehab over 20 times for drug-related problems.

Andy Dick went to Rehab more than 20 times
Andy Dick went to Rehab more than 20 times. Source: The Smoking Gun

Ivone's ex-husband reportedly engaged in questionable behaviors like using illegal drugs, getting into trouble, and hurting others. He faced punishment, fines, and even lost parts of his career. Additionally, he played a role in a tragic event involving his friend's wife, Brynn, and her drug addiction, which ended in a tragic death.

Andy is now trying to be sober and according to Dick, he has been trying to be sober. Additionally, he also appeared in VH1's sober house.


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