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Thu Feb 13 2020
By   Bishal

An American stage actor, Jacob Ming-Trent is one of the underrated artists. He is known for his unique acting style and has contributed his talents to many stage shows and movies. Arguably, he is one of the most versatile actors of this era. 

Jacob is a native Boston who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Just at the age of eleven, he auditioned for a play and was cast on the stage. He attended the Pittsburg CAPA and graduated in 1997. Later at the age of seventeen, he moved to New York City to achieve his dream. 

Does Jacob Ming- Trent has a wife?

Talking about Jacob's personal life, he is quite secretive due to which it's impossible to assume about his love life. However, he is still marked as single because of less appearance in public with women. 

Jacob Ming Trent attending an award show. Is this his girlfriend or wife?
Image: Jacob Ming-Trent during an award show
Source: Zimbio

Ming does have active social media accounts; however, there're no any exact information regarding his love life. Furthermore, he might have been in a relationship in the past, but as of now, he is single and still unmarried. 

How much is his net worth?

Ming's net worth is estimated at $500,000; however, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. Having so much long experience in the film industry, he surely has gathered a very good amount of fortune for himself. His Watchmen co-stars like Don Johnson and Christie Amery have a total fortune of $40 Million and $300,000, respectively. 

Jacob Ming Trent Supterfly, Watchmen
Photo: Jacob Ming-Trent during Watchmen premiere
Source: Fandom

His starred movie The Possession of Hannah Grace has gathered $43 Million worldwide under the production budget of $7.7 Million. Similarly, Superfly collected a total of $20.8 Million. As an important character in all of his starred movies, he might have gathered a good amount of paycheque without a doubt. 

Unique character in the Watchmen

In HBO's superhero series Watchmen, Ming plays a Panda-Mask-Wearing Cop, which is loved and appreciated by almost every viewer of the show. 

Jacob Ming-Trent portraying role of cop wearing Panda mask in TV series watchmen.
Picture: Jacob Ming-Trent in the Panda Character
Source: Fandom

Though some of the viewers have been criticizing Panda for being the worst type of co-worker in the series, however, most of the viewers are hoping he will stick in the show in further series. 

Furthermore, there are at least 15 main characters in the show, where all have their own individual perception. Some of the characters in the movie are played by Tom Mison, Andrew Howard, and Hong Chau.

An experienced actor

The forty-years-old aged actor has given his talents to his audience over two decades. He's a renowned international stage actor who has performed in over 50 theaters worldwide. 

Jacob Ming Trent acting during the stage show.
Snap: Jacob Ming-Trent during a stage show
Source: the new york times

Similarly talking about his television appearance, he has shown remarkable acting in Watchmen, Unforgettable, 30 Rock. His one of the most loved television series is White Famous, where he collected a massive fan following. 

Additionally, he has starred in numerous movies throughout his career. He certainly has not had a problem finding work in his chosen profession.

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