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Sun Mar 05 2023
By   Jack

JameirKGolden is a rapper and songwriter coming from The United States of America. He is known for his songs like "Losing My Mind," "Beware of April," "Neon Paint Job," "Mix Match Socks," and "Kim Possible."

JameirKGolden was born on January 16, 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky, as Jameir Desean Kirkpatrick. He attended the Iroquois High School. He has two siblings, like Gunner Hegseth, and he is the middle child. With the song Losing My Mind, the popularity of Golden soared with his fans also wanting to know about his relationship status.

Jameir's Relationships Status. Is He Dating?

The young rapper is secretive about his dating life. Scrolling through his social media, we can see the photos of him with a girl. The rapper hasn't described the nature of his relationship in the post, but the two seem close.  

Jameir with a girl whose identity is not revealed
Snap: Jameir with a girl on his Instagram
Source: Instagram@jameirkgolden

The picture was captioned,

"Me & the iconic @haleysworldofphotography only person I need in my life shouts out to the mf trees man"

So far, Jameir has not disclosed whether or not he is involved with someone or not like Xavier Alexander Wahlberg.

Net Worth

The 19-year-old is not a label artist and hasn't signed with any record label as of now. So he currently not earning by being part of a big label. Because of that, his current net worth is not revealed.

Jameir's music is trendy on streaming sites like Sound Cloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. He is a rapper by profession like another Louisville rapper Brice Rhodes. He could be earning from his from these sites, but these affairs aren't disclosed. Spotify pays artists $0.00437 per play. By these prices, he made $1,359 from 311,000 streams in 2018 and $1,606 from 367,600 streams in 2019. 

The young rapper has also trended at number 3 on apple music charts. Apple Music, according to Business Insider, pays four times more than Spotify, so the artist surely made a few thousands of dollars from there. 

Rise to Fame with Losing My Mind

The rapper's music journey began at age 17 when he met his producer, Rose. He released his first single "Gucci" in 2017; the song was recorded on an iPhone 5.

The same year he released another song, "Losing My Mind," which would introduce him as a upcoming artist. The song surpassed over two hundred thousand plus streams in the first year. The rapper said the single changed his life and his entire outlook on his music.

Check out the music video of Losing My Mind!!!

In June of 2019, he released  "Mix Match Socks" the song again blew up on the internet. The rapper has raked in millions of streams across various platforms. He even was trending at No. 3 spot on Apple Music charts.

This rise in popularity wouldn't go unnoticed and has caught the attention of major record labels. He posted to his Instagram on October 2019 that he would release new music in partnership with Symphonic Distribution in 2020. On October 13, he announced he would be working on "The Sounds of Eden," his first Ep.

His Influences

In an interview published in Vibrante, When asked what inspired him to be an artist he replied, 

"When i heard Kanye West's "Yeezus" album at 13, I knew I wanted to write and create music."

He said that Kanye West inspired him to be confident and go after whatever he wanted. Golden also said that he viewed Kanye as more than a rapper and as a true artist.

The young rapper also coined late rapper XXXTentacion as another influence because of his diversity. He also said that XXXtentacion showed him how to give himself the maximum amount of freedom when it came to creating.

Reason Behind his Stream Popularity

The rapper believes that the reason he is so popular on Spotify is because of the timing of his songs. He told Vibrate that he is very careful when he drops certain songs, so they match the seasonal moods well.

Jameir's spotify stats on his songs
Snap: Jameir's 2019 Spotify stats
Source: Instagram @jameirkgolden

Kirkpatrick also credited his popularity to his song "Losing My Mind," a song that spills his mindset in one of his most painful expressions. The fact that the hurt resonates with a large group of people also helped.


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