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Car Enthusiast (1990)
Tue Feb 21 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of jared toller

Ex-wife : Constance Nunes
Jared Toller married Constance Nunes and later they divorce.

Jared Toller gained popularity because of his former partner, Constance Nunes. His ex-wife is one of the most famous female car experts out there. Nunes is renowned for being part of the famous reality show Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

Toller was born on November 5, 1990, and is a California native. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Let's learn some more about the former husband of Nunes.

Previously Married To Constance Nunes

Jared Toller was previously married to Constance Nunes, the fantastic car expert also famous for her looks. It remains unclear as to when these two first tied the knot. However, Nunes has revealed that these two were together in their married journey for ten years. They ended their marriage in June 2020

Jared Toller and Constance Nunes are posing together with fire in the background.
Jared Toller and Constance Nunes in a photo shoot (Source: MEAWW)

One more thing that is known about their marriage is that these two have known each other since high school but didn't start seeing each other until they left school. Speaking to the No Focks Given podcast, she said:

We were young and it was great and everything was like, fine, and then we got married.

What Does Jared Toller Do?

Toller is neither famous nor present in front of the media like his ex-wife. While Nunes is an extrovert and is present on social media, it seems like Toller doesn't like to do any of it. Hence, he is absent from all forms of media. So, it might come across as weird to some as to how their relationship started.

They fell for each other because of their shared love for cars. Nunes loves cars more than anything else and wants her opposite partner to have the same interests. There are also stories on the internet that he used to be an amateur car driver, but there is no concrete evidence yet, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

Toller's Marriage With Nunes Didn't End Well

Neither Toller nor Nunes has given information on their marriage and why it ended. But the sure thing is that Nunes was broken entirely due to it.

Constance Nunes is wearing a headphone as she is speaking with a mic in front of her.
Constance Nunes at the No Focks Given Podcast (Source: YouTube @No Focks Given)

Speaking to the No Focks Given podcast about her divorce, she mentioned how hard it was to deal with it as she said:

I was like, 'Wow, I've built my entire life after this picture of what I thought it was going to be and how it was going to be with this other person.' Then when that goes away, you're like, 'S***, what do I do?' But the thing is, life is crazy, and you can wake up tomorrow and have a completely different life.

The Popular Pregnancy Rumor

Constance Nunes ended her marriage with Toller a while back. They went through a lot of ups and downs before ending things altogether. It also didn't help that their marriage was the talk of the media once. And it was related to pregnancy.

The news of Nunes being pregnant with her then-husband Toller became a talk among the fans. They were excited to learn about their favorite couple being pregnant. But they were soon disappointed to know the fact that it was just a piece of fake news. Neither Nunes nor Toller said anything regarding it. 

Net Worth: How Rich Is Toller's Ex-Wife?

Jared Toller lives a low-key life, hasn't provided any information on his life or career, and is also absent from social media. There are stories on the internet that suggest that he used to be a racer, but it remains unclear if he still does it. So with all of his, Toller's net worth is still a mystery. 

Constance Nunes is looking at the damaged equipment in the picture.
Constance Nunes working on a car (Source: Instagram @constance_nunes)

But Constance Nunes is always on the media, and information on her wealth is also available to the public. The famous television personality has the same net worth as actor Munro Chambers at $2 Million. Her love for cars has landed her in a stable financial position. 

Besides working on cars for the Netflix show, she is also the founder and the owner of the company, Cars by Constance. Per the company's website, they build custom cars for their clients. In addition, she also does some modeling gigs when she is not busy working on cars, contributing to her growing net worth.

What Is His Education?

The information on Jared Toller's higher education remains to be known. He hasn't given any knowledge of the university he attended in case he went to one.

But his high school education is no secret, thanks to Nunes. As mentioned in his marriage to Nunes, the gorgeous car expert has known him since high school. And it means that he studied at Thousand Oaks High School in California. 

Nunes Is A Mother To Babystang

Nunes may not be pregnant, but she still considers herself a mother. Her love for cars is no secret, and it looks like she has a favorite one, the 1964.5 Mustang. She calls her car the babystang. Even her insta bio says that she is the mother of babystang.

The car is very dear to her as babystang has been in her life for many years. She bought that car at the age of sixteen. Hot cars reported that she modified the car with the 1964 parts. She has also shared a picture of her babystang during its first restoration on her Instagram. The photo was captioned:

Look how cute #babystang was on my first restoration go round we have grown up a lot since this photo but you’ll always be my baby...

The 1964.5 Mustang is white in color.
Constance Nunes showing her 1964.5 Mustang (Source: Instagram @constance_nunes)

Jared Toller Is A Tall Man 

Girls love tall boys, and looking at Toller's height; you can see why Constance Nunes would fall for him. He is tall, standing at the same height as Anton Hjejle at 6 Feet (185 cm).

But he is far from skinny, and his body measurement also compliments his height. His measurements are 44-28-40 inches. You can tell the man works out with his bicep size of 23 inches. His well-maintained body weighs 165 lbs (75 kg).

A Brief On His Ex-Wife Constance Nunes

In cars, you don't often see women getting involved. Constance Nunes has managed to break into a male-dominated industry and make quite a name for herself. A gorgeous Portuguese was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 17, 1989

Nunes has become a household name among television audiences through the show Car Masters: Rust to Riches, where most only tune in to watch her. But don't get fooled into thinking she is mere eye candy. The woman knows her way with cars.

The reality show wasn't the first time she got into building cars. She has been involved in this for many years now. And you can credit her father for getting her into it. Robert Balkovich for Looper has taken an interview from Carlyle Motors where she talked about her love for cars. 

She said:

I grew up building cars my whole life. My dad was a drag car racer, and our whole family is into building.


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