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News Anchor (1982)
Wed Jan 04 2023
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Jason Hackett has made a name for himself in journalism as a News presenter for KARE 11 News. He has experience working in television for more than a decade and is one of the most liked Morning Anchors in America.

Hackett spreads positive vibes wherever he goes, which you can probably tell from his infectious smile. The Miami native first made a name for himself, working for WUFT and later for KOCO News. His career has only been going uphill since he started in journalism.

Is Jason Hackett Married? 

The 1982-born Hackett is not involved with anyone right now and is single. He is still looking for his other half and is also known for keeping his relationship matter private. The work in journalism is not easy, and Hackett, being part of it, is busy with a lot of work. He is now occupied with his morning show, and finding love is probably his least worry.

Jason Hackett is wearing a specs and apple earphone in the picture.
Jason Hackett talking about Black History Month (Source: KOCO)

But it hasn't stopped the internet from cooking up the stories about Hackett like they do with everyone. He was rumored to have been dating his co-anchor, Alex Housden. However, the rumor was quickly shut down because of the famous controversy where Alex compared him to a gorilla.

How Much Has Hackett Made From Journalism? 

KOCO is liked by many, but it isn't the biggest news network in the US. This also means that Jason Hackett doesn't make enough money compared to other top News Anchors. His estimated net worth is believed to be the same as actress Violet McGraw, $500 thousand

Although Hackett has left KOCO 5 News, he has yet to start working for his new network. So KOCO remains his biggest source of income. During his time at the network, he was part of three programs at 5 am, 6 am, and 9 am, and this was his bread and butter for a very long time.

A Brief On Hackett's Career

Jason Hackett is an established journalist who has worked in this industry for the past ten years. It would be very lengthy to fit all of his works in one article, but we will highlight some of his career's important ones.

It hasn't been long since he switched to KARE 11 News, so there isn't much to discuss. But before that, he spent much of his career at KOCO News. He made a name for himself as a Morning News Anchor on the network. He was part of them for more than four years, first joining the institute in April 2018.

Jason Hackett is wearing a blue suit and a blue tie in the picture.
Jason Hackett in one of his shows (Source: NDTV)

It's not just KOCO News that made him popular, as his work with WPTV is also heavily recognized. He worked as a News Reporter there for three years, from March 2015 to February 2018. KOCO, on their official website, has also covered his works at WPTV. 

It has been mentioned on the website that he covered some stories, like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting and the infamous Pulse Nightclub Massacre.

Studied At The University of Florida

Hackett studied at the same institute as Cam Newton, i.e., the University of Florida, and he has a degree in BS. He specialized in telecommunication and was associated with the institution from 2006 to 2010

His work today mostly involves reading lines from a teleprompter but doesn't discredit his journalism. He has previously worked as a reporter, and you can thank his degree.

The Famous Gorilla Comparison

Hackett is known for staying away from all the controversies, which is a tough thing to do. He is a News Anchor and has covered political news, but he was the talk of the media once, even though he wasn't at fault. Rather, his co-anchor, Alex Housden's gorilla remark, caused the controversy.

It was just a normal day at work. Hackett and Alex were doing their regular show, and one part included them reacting to a baby gorilla video. It was all going well until Alex told Hackett that the gorilla looked like him while taking the selfie.

Much to anyone's surprise, Alex's remarks were met with much criticism. She apologized on the next show, which was accepted. Hackett, himself addressed the situation, which has been mentioned in Dillion Thompson's article for Yahoo. He said:

We’re becoming a more diverse country, and there’s no excuse. We have to understand the stereotypes. We have to understand each other’s backgrounds and the words that hurt, the words that cut deep. We have to find a way to replace those words with love and words of affirmation as well.

Beef With Ryan Walters

Everybody in Oklahoma loves Hackett except Ryan Walters. He and Ryan are not fans of each other, mostly due to their political views. Hackett is usually a quiet man, but he couldn't stop calling out Ryan for one of his tweets.

Christmas has evolved from the past. Unlike traditional Christmas, you will find many non-white people dressing up as Santa Claus today. Ryan doesn't seem to be a huge fan of this, as he said in his tweet, "No woke Santa this year."

Hackett called him out for what he believed was an insensitive tweet. His tweet read:

Would really, really love to know what "Woke Santa" is. Because this sounds like a dog whistle. Dog foghorn, actually.

The picture shows Ryan Walters with his wife, four kids, and a Santa.
The picture that started the beef between Ryan Walters and Jason Hackett (Source: Twitter @JJ_Hackett)

Some Of Hackett's Interests

Hackett often goes into his work, but that doesn't mean he has no personal life. He has revealed some things he loves to do when he is not covering some of the top stories on television.

He is a huge WWE fan, and more importantly, he is a huge pro wrestling fan. That also explains his love for staying fit and hitting the gym. You can find him talking about wrestling, giving WWE references while talking, and even using wrestlers' gifs while tweeting.

Just because he goes to the gym doesn't mean he is conscious about what to eat. He is a huge foodie and has talked about his love for chicken wings.

Currently Living In Minneapolis

Jason Hackett recently left his amazing career at the KOCO network and will soon start working for KARE 11 News. The network is located in Minneapolis, and he will live there now. He previously worked in Oklahoma, where the KOCO network is located. The goodbye must have been tough for him, as he created a lot of amazing memories at KOCO and was also OKC's favorite. 

As a farewell message to the people of Oklahoma, he told them that it was not goodbye but to see them later. Even the Mayor of Oklahoma, David Holt, thanked him for his service on Twitter. He tweeted:

Jason - Thank you for your service to the people of OKC!


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