Jayden Odom

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Thu Mar 03 2022
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Jayden Odom is the third child of Lamar Joseph Odom and Lisa Morales. Jayden was born on 15th December 2005. He was born on Thursday and his parents were immensely delighted upon welcoming him.

Jayden is a celebrity son of both Lamar and Lisa. He was a lovely kid with charming behavior. His parents and siblings loved him greatly since his birth.

Who Are Odom's Parents?

Odom was born to a former American basketball player and actress. Lamar is a renowned retired member of the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Photo of Jayden Odom's father and sister  (Souce: [email protected])

Further, Jayden's mother is popular for work in Two Sentence Horror Stories, Queen Sugar, Bluff City Law, and more. She is the producer and writer of Rosewood, Shameless, Queen Sugar, and more.

Where Is Odom Now?

It is sad news that Jayden is no more. He passed away on 29 June 2006. He was only six months old. Jayden died at a very early age.

All of his family members were miserable when he died. It was very hard for them to accept this truth, especially his parents.

Net Worth of Jayden Odom

As Odom is no more, it is not possible to mention his net worth. However, his father has a net worth of $30 million ensued from his basketball vocation. More, Jayden's mother is the owner of $3 million from her film career.

Further, Jayden's sister Destiny has a total worth of $1 million from her fashion and modeling career.

How Did Odom Die?

Jayden was probably suffering from SIDS since his birth. The full form of SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Jayden was in a very critical health condition. 

It was a gloomy morning of June in 2006 when Lamar got the news of his child's death. He was in Manhattan then. Jayden was hospitalized immediately after he did not wake up. Finally, doctors confirmed his death. 

Jayden's Siblings

Jayden shares two elder siblings. His sister's name is Destiny Odom while his brother is Lamar Odom Jr. Destiny is a fashion student and a model.

Destiny Odom smiling in a black and white one piece with her father, brother, and stepmother.
Photo of Jayden Odom's father, stepmother, and siblings (Souce: [email protected])

Both his sister and brother loved him greatly. They were responsible elders for him.

Grand Parents of Jayden

The name of Jayden's paternal grandfather is Joe Odom while his grandmother's name is Cathy Mercer. Joe was an American actor.

Jayden's grandfather died of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and pneumonia in April 2021.

Odom's Stepmother

Khloe Kardashian is the stepmother of Jayden. His father Lamar married Kardashian in 2009. However, they got divorced in 2016.

Jayden's sister was only eleven years old when his father married Khole. She was not happy with her father's second marriage.

Jayden Odom's Funeral

The Odom family completed Jayden's funeral in June 2006. They still remember him and wish him a happy birthday every year through their social media platforms.

For the complete data from his death through his funeral, please view the following video:

Even though it has been more than sixteen years of Jayden's death, his father regrets that day even today. He regrets that he was not with him during his last minute.



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