Jeanne Taibbi, Matt Taibbi's wife. Their Marital Status

Wed Nov 20 2019
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Matt Taibbi, who is a widely recognized A Rolling Stone journalist, faced an allegation of sexual harassment in 2017. Defending himself, the author regrets his cruel and misogynistic language used in the book published in 2000.

With all the allegations going on, his wife Jeanne Taibbi, who is a doctor, never commented on the issue. She is a private woman and has rarely appeared with her husband in front of the camera. Everyone knows about Matt's professional life, but people rarely have an idea about his marital life. If you're eager to know about it, then read along.

Matt lives in Jersey City with his Wife

The forty-six-year-old journalist rarely talks about his personal life. Similarly, he's never discussed his relationship with his wife in any of the interviews or books.

Matt Taibbi at The Barclays Center enjoying a basketball game
Image: Matt Taibbi enjoying a basketball match at The Barclays Center. 
Source: Instagram @mtaibbi

Not just that, Matt's only started posting on his Instagram account since 2016. Scrolling at his first post, we can see him with his son; this suggests, the author probably tied the knot a long time back. The couple walked down the aisle in 2010. Besides this, there isn't much information revealed about the wedding.

The Rolling Stones journalist walked down the aisle with his wife Jeanne in a secret wedding ceremony, unlike his father, Mike Taibbi. As per reports, Matt lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his wife and children. 

Matt Congratulated Jeanne on the Birth of Their Son

On October 13, 2015, Matt posted a tweet congratulating his wife. In the tweet, he mentioned his newborn son Nate Taibbi. He is the second child of the pair. With that announcement, the blessings for the family and Nate started flying around on Twitter.

Besides Nate, Matt and Jeanne are raising two more. Two years back, on April 21, 2017, Jeanne gave birth to the couple's third child, Ezekiel Marlowe Taibbi. Apart from these two, the couple is also parents to Max Taibbi, who is the eldest son of the pair.

Matt Taibbi with his three children at his home library
Picture: Matt Taibbi with his three kids. 
Source: Instagram @mtaibbi

Even though Jeanne seldom click pictures with kids, we can find many pictures of Matt spending time with the children. Scrolling through his Instagram, we can see father-children bond in many of the photographs. Besides three children, the couple also has one dog.

Matt Faces Sexual Harassment

According to the article published in Reuters on October 29, 2017, Matt faces sexual harassment allegations. The critics has charged him, and his co-author Mark Ames of this act based on the book published back in 2000.

In the book "The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia," the author has a passage where it details the mistreatment, sexual harassment, and assaults of their female staff. Responding to his allegation, Matt apologized via Facebook. He wrote,

"I regret many editorial decisions that I made back then, and putting my name as a co-author on a book that used cruel and misogynistic language to describe many people and women in particular".

Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames with their book cover facing sexual harassment allegation in 2017
Frame: Matt Taibbi (left-top) and Mark Ames (left-bottom) with their book cover (right) facing sexual harassment allegations. 
Source: The Moscow Times

He further added,

"I hope readers can forgive my poor judgement at that time".

Matt continued by saying the book was fictional, and it was a satire of a young American expatriate living in Russia. Apart from there aren't any severe controversies relating to Matt and his family.

As of now, he is an award-winning journalist just like Liz Crokin and Charlene Carruthers, to name a few. He is the recipient of the National Magazine Award in 2008 and the Sidney Award in 2009. 


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