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Tue Jun 20 2023
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Jodi Lynn has caught the people's attention for being the ex-wife of Mark William Calaway. Lynn's ex-husband Caletaway is a retired professional wrestler known by his ring name The Undertaker. 

Calaway aka The Undertaker falls among one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He spent the vast majority of his wrestling career for WWF/E beginning in 1987.

Explore The Details About the Married Life of Lynn and Calaway

Jodi Lynn is known for sharing her martial journey with Mark William Calaway. They shared their lives for a decade before splitting and parting ways with each other. 

Lynn and Calaway had their first encounter in the 80s and might have started dating during that time. They had their private marriage ceremony walking down the aisle in 1989.

The Undertaker was previously married to Jodi Lynn.
The Undertaker was previously married to Jodi Lynn. (Source: Instagram @ undertaker)

The ex-couple was considered one of the most celebrated couples in WWE when they tied the knot. However, they left the fans in sudden shock with their separation in 1997. 

Lynn and Calaway eventually divorced ending their ten years of marriage in 1999. Although their divorce reason isn't clarified, it was reported Lynn and The Undertaker had a range of personal differences which may have led to their divorce. 

Know About The Former And Present Relationship Of Lynn 

Jodi Lynn has lived a private life after her divorce and she might be single for now. The lady has opted to place her romantic life details away from the sight of media outlets or the general public. 

The marriage ceremony picture of Jodi Lynn and Mark William Callaway.
The marriage ceremony picture of Sara Calaway and Mark William Calaway. (Source: Childhood Biography)

Regardless, Lynn's ex-husband shared married life with Sara Calaway after the divorce from Lynn. They completed their marriage in 2007 and had their split after seven years in 2007.

Mark is presently sharing married life with his wife Michelle McCool. They had their marriage in 2010 and it was an intimate ceremony away from the unnecessary attention of media outlets. 

Calaway welcomed a daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway with his wife McCool in 2012. They have shared their married life for over a decade and look forward to capturing beautiful moments with no news of divorce or separation right now. 

Did Lynn Share Any Children With The Undertaker? 

Jodi Lynn shared a kid with her former husband Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker. His name is Gunner Vincent Calaway born in 1993 and is in his early 30s as of this writing. 

Gunner is the eldest child of The Undertaker who hasn't pursued a career in wrestling like his father. He is professionally a freelance graphic artist, illustrator, and online gamer who is passionate about his work. 

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of Jodi Lynn and Mark William Calaway.
Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of Jodi Lynn and Mark William Calaway. (Source: Instagram @ shogundy)

The Celebrity kid Gunner did his undergrad from Full Sail University with a degree in video game art. He sells his art online and all of his creations are available in REDBUBBLE.

Gunner is not a private but an interactive person available on social media platforms to connect with people. You could get him active on Instagram found under the username @ shogundy where he shares his graphics art and other stuff. 

Is Lynn Living a Lavish Life? The Truth Behind Her Net Worth

Jodi Lynn has kept most details under tight wraps and her net worth falls among one of them. There could be found no information on her professional career or net worth. 

Nonetheless, Lynn's ex-husband The Undertaker has made an astonishing net worth of $17 million similar to Wolfgang Thiem. He has been able to grab all this wealth through his successful professional wrestling career. 

The Undertaker has earned money working as a professional wrestler for over three decades. He was paid a staggering amount of $500k for his appearance in Wrestle Mania 23 in 2007. 

Similarly, The Undertaker has several luxurious and expensive car collections. Some of them are Bentley Mainland GT, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and Cadillac Escalade ES.

Is Lynn A Social Media Person?

Jodi Lynn is not a social media person and has zero presence on social media platforms. She may not like to stay active or have unnecessary attention from people. 

Lynn doesn't have an account on any social sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She might love to stay behind the sight of media loving to live a low-key life. 

You could find her ex-husband Calaway active on all the social media outlets. He is mostly active on his Instagram under the username @ undertaker having over 4 million followers.

An Introduction To Lynn's Bio

Jodi Lynn's birth details are yet to be revealed but her ex-husband Calaway was born on March 24, 1965. The information about her parents is unidentified searching on the Internet.

Lynn was the daughter-in-law of  Frank Calaway and Catherine Calaway. Furthermore, there are no details on whether the lady shares any siblings with whom she shared her childhood.

Learn About The Ex-husband Of Lynn In Brief 

Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker was born on March 24, 1965, he is a legendary professional wrestler. Calaway is one of the most iconic and enduring figures in the history of professional wrestling whose career spanned over three decades. 

Calaway made his debut in 1987 and adopted the persona of The Undertaker, a macabre and supernatural character. He is best known for his critically acclaimed Deadman Undertaker gimmick among wrestling lovers worldwide. 

Mark William Calaway with Dwayne Johnson.
Mark William Calaway with Dwayne Johnson. (Source: Instagram @ undertaker)

The Undertaker's legendary streak at WrestleMania, the premier annual WWE event, became the stuff of legend. He achieved an unprecedented winning streak at WrestleMania, with 21 consecutive victories, until it was finally broken in 2014.

Mark is a multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, six-time tag team titleholder, and Royal Rumble Match winner in 2007. Overall, his professional career is a testament to his remarkable longevity, versatility, and unparalleled connection with fans. 

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