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Thu Feb 06 2020
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Joe Rogan acknowledges the universal truth about a man with possession of a good fortune, and a life partner with whom he can share his good deeds for the whole life. So, it seems like he found his soulmate, Jessica Ditzel, whom he kept a friendship as well as love in a happy marriage.

Stand up comedian, Rogan is a mixed martial arts fan and psychedelic adventurer who loves to go on exotic tours in his spare time. So, what's going in the marital life of Joe and Jessica? Let's take a turnover in the beautiful pair's life.

Rogan & Jessica Tied the Knot Off the Closet...

Former MMA commentator, Rogan found himself meant to be with Jessica Ditzel. The couple met for the first time in 2008 while Jessica was serving as a cocktail waitress in a night bar. Not just that, she was also working as a model.

The duo then took their first step through a sweet conversation and became friends shortly after a while. When they became friends, they started to spend quality time, enjoying their company full of friendship.

Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel got married quietly. Know more about their current marital status?
Photo: Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel looks like they had spend quality time outdoor 
Source: Glamour Fame

The two later found their relationship is more to friendship and started to express their compassion towards each other with full of love. Joe and Jessica then got engaged without telling anyone or notifying the media's attention.

In 2009, Rogan and Jessica walked down the aisle in an intimate ceremony, where they invited their beloved ones. Upon their marriage, the couple is maintaining a strong bond of understanding while supporting the differences and carrying on to their happy marital life.

Beautiful Wife, Jessica Gave Birth to Joe's Two Kids

The catchphrase comedian, Joe and his wife, Jessica found joy after their two adorable daughters came into their life. The couple introduced themselves into parenthood after welcoming their first daughter, Lola Rogan in May 2008.

Joe Rogan with his wife, Jessica Ditzel and their two adorable children. Know more about the couple's marital life?
Picture: Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel welcomed two beautiful daughters 
Source: Panda Gossips

Following the birth of their first child, the family of three turned out to be four when Jessica gave birth to their second daughter, Rosy Rogan in 2010

On the other hand, Kayja Rose Rogan is the child from Jessica's previous relationship. Jessica was the step-mother to Kayja when she was in a relationship with Kevin Connor. As of now, Joe adopted Kayja as his daughter.

A Short History of Radio Personality, Rogan's Dating

The 52-year-old comedian, Rogan was initially involved in a romantic relationship with an American TV actress, Jerri Manthey in 1997. The couple, however, separated after six years together due to some personal problems.

Joe Rogan dated Jerri Manthey for more than five and a half years. Know more about Rogan's dating history?
Snap: Joe Rogan dated Actress, Jerri Manthey for six years 
Source: Services Brid TV

Following the split up, Joe stayed single for more than three and a half years, but after that, he began dating an American model, Lakana Zee. They also broke up on the same year, and since then, Rogan is committed to Jessica for overall 11 years.

The Married Couple's New House in Bell Canyon, California!

The podcast host, Rogan and his spouse currently resides in the Bell Canyon mansion located in California. The married couple bought their new home in July 2018 for approximately $5 Million.

Joe Rogan and Jessica Ditzel currently resides in Bell Canyon, California. Know more about the married couple's new accommodation?
Image: Joe Rogan and his wife, Jessica Ditzel bought a new house in Bell Canyon, CA 
Source: Realtor

The pair's current accommodation is based on 8,720 square feet (est.), which includes six bedrooms, 7 full and one half bathrooms. Before settling down in Bell Canyon, they lived in Boulder, Colorado, for many years. Just like them, Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber also reside in CA.


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