Jonah Frank King

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Jonah Frank King was born with a golden spoon in his hand. Frank King is the son of the famous CNN Channel, Chief National Correspondent, John King, and a journalist, Dana Bash. Jonah is one of those lucky children who gets many opportunities to be born to a reputed family.

Jonah Frank King was born on June 29, 2011, in New York, United States of America. Since birth, the adorable celebrity son is living a blissful and limelight life.

Adorable Jonah Frank

As Frank is just ten years old, he has to be dependent on his parents. In the upcoming days, there will be a lot more to write about his lifestyle. As the birth of a child in a reputed family becomes headlines for a few days, the relationship also gets an equal priority to the media. 

Jonah Frank King with his celebrity father, John King.
Image: Jonah Frank King with his celebrity father, John King.
Source: Heavy 

Jonah's parents shared some famous relationship history among them. His father was married twice and divorced. On the other hand, his biological mother also had the same history. Maceo Robert is another celebrity kid, who is gathering fame and media attraction. 

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Relationship History of Jonah's Father, John King

If you are used to watching CNN's Inside Politics then, John King must not be a new name to you. John works as a Reporter and an Anchorman in the show. John has been married twice until now. As of now, he is single and living on his own.

John was first married to Jean Marie. Much about this marriage is still a topic of debate to the media. However, from this marriage, John has two children, Noah and Hannah. The couple separated in the mid-2000s. 

Jonah Frank King's parents John King and Dana Bash
Image: Jonah Frank King's parents John King and Dana Bash
Source: Daily Mail

Soon after the divorce, John starts his relationship with his fellow CNN reporter and Journalist, Dana Bash. The couple tied their knot on May 25, 2008, in New York. From the relationship, their only son, Jonah, was born. Soon after the birth of Jonah, in March 2012, the couple filed for a divorce and separated. As of the divorce settlement, Dana and King will have equal rights to their son and will continue to co-parent him. 

Jonah's mother Dana Bash Relationships

Before tying the knot with John, Dana was previously married to Jeremy Bash. The duo exchanged wedding vows in 1998. As they were very much focused on their career, they did not have any children.

They filed for a divorce after the rumors of Dana dating John came to the media. Soon after the divorce, Dana married John. This relationship also ended like the first one. They separated in March 2012. 

Net Worth 

Jonah is very much early in his life to earn on his own. On the other hand, his parents have earned a hefty sum for him to spend in his life. Jonah's father, John King, has a net worth of $7 Million as of early 2021.

According to the celebrity net worth, John earns an annual remuneration of around $2 million. On the other hand, Jonah's mother, Dana Bash, enjoys a net value of around $6 Million. She has been earning a huge sum of money through her successful career in the Media Industry. Another CNN correspondent, Abby Philip, has a net worth of $1 Million.

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Jonah's parents view on Trump's statement on Corona Virus

In March 2020, 45th U.S President Donald Trump gave a briefing on the corona pandemic. A news reporter from NBC News, Peter Alexander asked him to address Americans who were scared by the virus. In response Trump criticize Alexander by calling him a terrible reporter.

Further, CNN anchor John King called "bull****" on Trump's attacks on news media. Meanwhile, Dana Bash seemed to be impressed with President's efforts on awaking the people. 

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