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Economist, Businessman (1971)
Wed Mar 06 2024
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Jonas Max Ferris is an economist and a successful businessman. He came under the radar due to his marriage to American news reporter Dagen McDowell. Jonas is not only an economist but an executive as well. But did you know he first started as a Network contributor?

Jonas is married to journalist Dagen, the co-host of "The Bottom Line" show. They have been married for over 18 years but did you know they do not have any children? Curious about Jonas Max Ferris' life and relationships? Uncover the life of Jonas in this article.

Getting to Know Jonas Max Ferris

Jonas is an academic genius who later founded the company "MAXfunds." He was born on September 13, 1971, in Southfield, Massachusetts. Coming from the northern part of America, Jonas has a rich North American heritage. 

Jonas Max Ferris, a man with multiple hats
Jonas Max Ferris, man with multiple hats.
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Jonas comes from an artistic family. Unfortunately, the names of his parents are not available on the internet. However, we know that his family background includes a lineage of artists. Jonas joined the Wake Forest University to study Business.

Jonas graduated with a degree in business administration in 1991. He then joined the University of Georgia Business School. After graduating in 1997, Jonas along with his classmate founded MAXfunds. However, his spotlight came from his media career.

Jonas Max Ferris Career and Profession

Before Jonas founded MAXfund, he joined Fox News as a Fox Business Network contributor in 2002. He appeared on the Fox Business show "Cashin' In," where he met his wife. Jonas and his wife, Dogan MacDowell, often had fun and informative faceoffs on the show.

Jonas on the Fox Business show.
Jonas on the Fox Business show.
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Jonas gained a significant amount of fans from the show. Later on in 2007, Jonas co-founded Inc. MAXfunds provides a fresh take on mutual funds and financial strategies. Additionally, Jonas is a financial adviser, journalist, and economic expert.

Jonas has made substantial contributions to the field as an investment advisor and economist. His expertise can be seen on the show "Cashin' In," where he gives insight into stocks and investment programs. Ferris is involved in blockchain initiatives like Beenz Hodl, Bitcoin RIP, and Fiat Maximalist.

Jonas is a producer

Yes, besides being an economist, Jonas is also a producer. Jonas produced and is credited as the Executive Producer of a 2014 drama "If The Trees Could Talk". This show, which has themes of the Holocaust, explores various aspects of life, such as religion, ethnicity, and the importance of second chances.

In addition to his other work, Jonas produced the movies "Bulls & Bears" and "The Evening Edit." Ferris was a panelist on the show "Bulls and Bears," which aired on Fox Business Network. The show was one of the longest shows on the Fox Channel.

Relationship With Dagen McDowell

Jonas married to Dagen, who he met in the show "Cashin' In." Dagen is an American journalist and a panelist just like her husband. The two met on the Fox Business show "Cashin' In" and decided to get married.

Jonas and his relationship with Dagen McDowell
Jonas and his relationship with Dagen McDowell.
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The couple was pronounced husband and wife in 2005. Their relationship has been going strong since then. It's surprising to see a relationship last this long, especially in an era where famous couples often split up.

It has been over eighteen years since they tied the knot but don't have children. The couple got married in 2005 but decided not to have children. They do have a pet dog who they share about on Instagram.

How Much Net Worth Does He Have?

Jonas has a net worth of $5 million, mainly from his work as a show panelist, journalist, and website owner. He also earned money from producing movies, many of which aired on Amazon's IMDb. His salary, estimated at $73,000 to $133,000, is in line with what economists typically earn.

Jonas' net worth is identical to the net worth of Mohamed Hadid. On the other hand, his wife has a net worth of around $5 million as well. Dagen has been working as a journalist and a panelist for quite some time. Her net worth comes from her work as a FOX Business Network anchor.

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