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Thu Jan 11 2024
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Julian Corrie Broadus is popularly known as the son of the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. He needs to go to a paternity test to prove that he is the son of Snoop back in 2008. After that, he was one of the focused celebrity kids in the industry. 

Born in 1998 by the mother, Laurie Holmond, he is currently a student at the University of California and has a strong bond with music and follows his father's footsteps. As of now, Broadus is living his dream.

Does Snoop Dogg's son, Julian Corrie Broadus have a girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, Julian Corrie Broadus is very deeply focused on following his father's footsteps. Regarding his girlfriend, he hasn't talked or shared anything about her. So, the young Broadus is currently assumed as single. 

Till now, he hasn't been linked with any women publicly; however, he is seen hanging out with his siblings and friends on his weekends. Hence, his relationship status is still marked as single. 

Julian is a sports lover and loves to play basketball. On his social sites account, he uploads his skills video almost regularly. 

Mom and Dad were never married

The world was unaware of the relationship between the Snoop and Julian until 2008. Laurie Holmond confirmed that she dated Snoop in high school in California. Though Snoop was already in the nuptial knot, the couple was romantically linked, which led them to greet Julian. 

Laurie Holmond, Julian Corrie Broadus Mom and Snoop Dogg former partner
Image: Young Julian Corrie Broadus with his mother, Laurie Holmond
Source: Africa parent 

The legendary rapper took all the responsibility of his unknown son and is taking good care of him and often visits him. Furthermore, there is no information regarding Laurie; either she is dating anyone or living a single lifestyle. On the other hand, the rapper is already divorced from his wife.

Relationship with Siblings

It is no strange that the rapper has four children from all his affairs and relationship. Julian is among four of them. With marital vows with Shante Taylor on 12 January 2008, they share three children together.

Their eldest son, Corde Broadus was born on August 21, 1994, who quit football to pursue a career as a filmmaker. Another son Cordell Broadus was born on February 21, 1997, who is following his father's footsteps. Lastly the younger one daughter, Cori Broadus was born on June 22, 1999 which makes Julian be their half brothers and sisters. 

Snoop dogg wife, son and daughter. Whole family of Julian
Image: Snoop Dogg with his wife, sons and daughter
 Source: hot97

In 2015, Julian became the uncle because the eldest son of Snoop gave birth to the child with his girlfriend Jessica Kyzer. Though their mothers are different, the whole siblings are living a happy and prosperous lifestyle and are often seen traveling each other's place in their weekend.

The net worth of Julian Corrie Broadus

Talking about Julian's net worth, he is currently living his college days and hasn't been involved in any profession. Still his father has been sponsoring him to enjoy his youth days. While on the other hand, Snoop has a remarkable fortune. 

As of 2020, his net worth is over $135 Million and there's still many more flows of fortune coming into his account in the future. Due to his involvement in the many fields, he is getting a hefty amount of paycheque. 

In 2016, he earned a total of $13 Million to his account while in 2017 he bagged around $17 Million. Similarly, he added $15 Million in 2018 alone, everything from his dynamic career in the music industry. 

Houses and cars collection

In addition to his father's assets, Snoop has many houses in the US which prices range in millions and millions of dollars, including a mansion in Claremont which today's market price is over $2 Million.

Snoop Dogg car
Picture: Snoop Dogg's custom made car, Brown Sugar
Source: hot cars

Furthermore, he has dozens of cars collection which include 1968 Buick Riviera, 1968 Cadillac Couple DeVille, 1967 Cadillac Deville Brown Sugar, Polaris Slingshot The Batman and many more which price ranges in thousands of thousand dollars. 

As of now, he is enjoying a lavish lifestyle in a luxurious way. Snoop is a very good friend with Seth Rogen and Lil Wayne.

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