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Celebrity Ex-Girlfriend (1973)
Sun Nov 27 2022
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Laurie Holmond is a social media personality and media magnet better known to people as the ex-girlfriend of an American rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus J.r., aka Snoop Dogg. She is also known for being the mother of Snoop's second child Julian Broadus.

Even though her romantic relationship with her ex-partner is very short-lived, Holmond has been on the media radar for various reasons. Multiple controversies surround her, including her pregnancy, battles over her newborn, Snoop's current wife, Shante Broadus and more. 

So, how did that turn on? Where is she now? There are a lot of things that people do not know about Snoop's ex. Henceforth, in this article, we will discuss all the matters and queries regarding the celebrity ex-girlfriend. 

More Details On Snoop's Ex-Girlfriend 

Laurie Holmond came into this materialistic world in the USA on February 3, 1973. This makes her just two years younger than her celebrity ex-boyfriend Snoop, who was born on October 20, 1971. Further, she belongs to African-American ancestry and holds American nationality. 

Laurie Holmond and her ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg
Laurie Holmond and her ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg (Image Source: BuzzSouthAfrica)

As per her academic excellence, she was raised in the Long Beach Community, so she received her diploma from Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Details about her further education are a mystery.

However, there is no doubt that Holmond has done well for herself since she raised her child as a single mother with no difficulties. 

Holmond & Snoop Had A Mysterious Relationship

The former couple, Laurie Holmond and her then-boyfriend Snoop, first met when they were Long Beach Polytechnic High School students. In no time, they fell in love and started dating. Everything was going well until she heard the news of her ex's wedding with the same high school student Shante Broadus.

This news shocked Holmond as the American rapper did not inform her or break up with her that he was going to exchange the vows with someone else. Such shocking and unexpected news makes her disappointed and heartbreaking. 

After hearing this, American rapper and musician Snoop proposed a meeting to sort out their problems which Holmond happily agreed. During the meetup, the duo's emotions went beyond, leading them to sleep together one more time. With this, the former couple made their separate ways. 

Their Son Was Born A Year After Snoop Married To Shante

Let us inform you that Snoop was already married before his last meeting with his then-girlfriend Holmond. The rapper husband, alongside his current wife Shante, tied the knot on June 14 1997, with a grand festivity. Since then, the blessed duo has been living blissfully without worries. 

Early Picture of Laurie Holmond and her son Julian Corrie Broadus
Early Picture of Laurie Holmond and her son Julian Corrie Broadus (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

Following the last meeting, the celebrity ex-girlfriend found she was pregnant because of her previous encounter with Snoop. Meanwhile, she informed the American rapper and showed his kind nature. He also helped her without telling his current wife. 

After a few months, Holmond got blessed with a beautiful son Julian Corrie Broadus, born on June 18, 1998. The rapper was also there when she gave birth and even paid the hospital bills. After that, he made efforts to keep in touch with his son and ex-girlfriend until 2003.

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Julian Corrie's Paternity Became Public Knowledge In 2008

After 2003, Holmond was busing raising her son while her ex-boyfriend was making her career alongside her wife, Shante. Throughout their beautiful relationship, the blessed duo became parents of three beautiful children.

Despite that, Snopp cheated on her beloved wife due to his fame and massive success in his music career. This led them to a divorce in 2004, but their daughters' illnesses brought them back together. As a result, the duo cancelled their divorce papers and eventually, in 2008, they renewed their vows with a grand celebration. 

Wedding Picture of Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus
Wedding Picture of Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus (Image Source: MarriedCeleb)

The same year, Snoop's secret news of fathering a son outside of wedlock came to the public. Hence, it was evident that the rapper and his son Corrie would become sensational news. But, Holmond kept quiet during the whole drama and did not point her ex negatively. She only expressed that the rapper must make more efforts to improve his son's life. 

Since then, Corrie has been enjoying the spotlight and fame for being the son of the famous American rapper Snoop. Besides, he has also paved his identity as a rapper like his father. He is best known for his fantastic rapping and stage performances. 

Holmond Is Single Since 1997

After separating from Snopp, Laurie Holmond remained single and started raising her son as a single mother. Since 1997, she has been single. As per online tabloids, she has not dated a guy for over two decades.

As per reports, she did not think of remarrying as she still feels for her ex Snoop. 

How Rich Is Laurie Holmond? 

Well, it is quite hard to know the exact net worth and sources of income of Holmond as her career remains a mystery. However, peeking at her ex's massive fame and her son's successful career, she can live a luxurious lifestyle. It is rumoured that she is worth more than millions of dollars. 

Laurie Holmond and Snopp Dogg's son Julian Corrie Broadus
Laurie Holmond and Snoop Dogg's son Julian Corrie Broadus (Image Source: Favebites)

On the other hand, her former mate Snopp is one of the richest and highest-paid rappers in the world, with a massive fortune of $150 million. Further, her beloved son Corrie has an estimated net worth of $400 thousand

Body Measurements: Height & Weight 

Holmond stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), a little shorter than the average American woman. Despite having a small framed body, she weighs around 60 KG (130 lbs). For further details, she has a cute face and an impressive smile. 

Moreover, she has a unique set of black colour eyes and black hair to complement her looks. Also, her black eyeliner and minimum makeup suit her dark skin tone, which makes her more attractive and gorgeous. She has not done tattoos. 

Social Media Presence Info 

Unlike other celebrity wives, Holmond does not have social media accounts. Yes, you heard it right; she is unavailable on social networking sites. As a result, her appearance and personal details are still a mystery. 

American Rapper Snoop Dogg's ex Laurie Holmond and his son Julian Corrie Broadus
American Rapper Snoop Dogg's ex Laurie Holmond and his son Julian Corrie Broadus  (Image Source: MarriedCeleb)

However, her fascinating pictures are still available on her son's Instagram posts and other online sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Her lovely son Corrie has more than 23.2K followers on Instagram, whose username goes @julianbroadus.

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