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Sun Nov 21 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Julianna Farrait

Husband : Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas is on the FBI's most-wanted list as one of the biggest narcotics distributors. Frank Lucas, a drug lord who spanned the globe from New York to Southeast Asia in the 1960s, built an international drug empire. Julianna admitted in an interview that she has always been drawn to risk. She proudly admitted to placing a high emphasis on money and other possessions in her life.

Julianna Farrait, also known as Julie Farrait, became famous after marrying Frank Lucas, a late heroin dealer. Julianna's life and character as Eva in the Oscar-nominated film American Gangster were inspired by Julianna.

 Asides from it, Farrait was caught in Puerto Rico for trafficking cocaine and sentenced to five years in jail to breach the drugs law. She was then drawn into a significant issue after her husband displayed a costly coat set at an occasion. 

Julianna Farrait's Married Life With Frank Lucas 

Julianna Farrait married Frank Lucas, the couple's wedding location and date are unknown. However, they appear to have married in a secret ceremony in 1960

 Frank and Julianna.
 Frank and Julianna Lucas had seven children.
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Together, Frank and Julianna Lucas had seven children: Frank Lucas JrFrancine Lucas SinclairCandaceLucasRuby LucasBettyLucasRay Lucas, and TonyLucas.

Farrait's husband Frank is on the FBI's most-wanted list as one of the biggest drugs distributors. Frank, a drug lord who crossed the globe from New York to Southeast Asia in the 1960s. Frank's wife admitted in an interview that she has always been drawn to risk. 

They were involved in illegal activities together after that and spent time in jail. Frank passed away in New Jersey on May 30, 2019, at the age of 88Aldwan Lassiter, Frank's nephew, confirmed his uncle's death, saying it was a natural cause.

Julianna Farrait's Net Worth

Julianna Farrait's estimated net worth is $1.5 Million, and the Lucas family was estimated net worth is $500,000. The Durg dealer and her spouse Frank also purchased a pair of Van Cleef bracelets valued at $142,000 each. She also bought Lucas a chinchilla coat for $128,000 and a matching hat worth $40,000 for $125,000.

Julianna Farrait at award show.
Julianna Farrait's estimated net worth is $1.5 Million.
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The authorities stole all of Julianna's husband Lucas's assets when he was arrested in the mid-1970s. Frank also contributed roughly $100,000 to the film and lent many of his exotic autos to the production. 

Here is the video of Frank Lucas's Interview

The couple was fascinated with buying fancy clothes, high-end cars, receiving expensive gifts, and visiting luxurious areas. George Jung the famous Durg Dealer's ex-wife Mirtha Jung is currently estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. The pair was blessed with a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung born on 1 August 1978.  


Julianna Farrait was born in 1941 in the state of New Jersey. But her birthdate is still unknown. Her age is 80 years old now in 2021. She completed her high school education in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican is her nationality. 

 Julianna, her late husband Frank and her grandson.
Julianna Farrait's age is 80 years old now in 2021
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Julie's parent's information is also hidden, she didn't reveal her parent's details yet. Her father and mother were the healthiest persons in Puerto Rico when it came to her family.

Farrait does not appear to have a social networking profile. The drug dealer doesn't use Instagram or any other social sites. She's had a lot of experience dealing with people and has been in and out of prison. As a result, she doesn't have time to sit and interact on social media sites.

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