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Fri May 26 2023
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Kameron Carter has gained media attention for being the son of celebrated music star Lil Wayne. Fans also know the rapper's kid as Killa. 

The father-son duo, Lil Wayne and Carter, was spotted together in the 2022 ESPYs. Following that, Many fans of the Sucker for Pain rapper wanted to know about his third child, Kameron. So, let's dive into it.

How Old Is Lil Wayne's Son Kameron Carter?

Lil Wayne's son, Kameron Carter, was born on September 9, 2009. Kameron's mother, Lauren London, gave birth to him in Los Angeles, California. Based on his birthdate, Carter is in his early teen years.

Kameron Carter and his rapper father Lil Wayne.
Kameron Carter and his rapper father Lil Wayne. Source: All-star bio

Carter, although, is young, he thinks like an adult. His speech at his stepfather Nipsey Hussle's funeral was quite respectable.

Kameron Carter's Parents Are Not Together Anymore

Kameron's parents, Lauren London and Lil Wayne are not together now. Lauren and Lil Wayne broke up in the year 2009, after welcoming young Kameron.

When the news of Kameron's birth came, there were numerous rumors. Many believed that Kameron was born out of his parents' one-night stand.

Kameron Carter's parents Lauren London and Lil Wayne were together for 11 years.
Kameron Carter's parents Lauren London and Lil Wayne were together for 11 years. Source: Married Celeb

However, Carter's parents actually dated for 11 years. His mother, London, met Lil Wayne for the first time when she was 15 years old. It was in 1998 when the loving pair started their relationship.

The childhood sweethearts stayed together in a relationship for over a decade. During this time, the former couple separated and reconciled many times.

Breakup & Hookups Between Lauren London And Lil Wayne

The first breakup between Carter's parents was in December 2001. It was two years after they started dating. Apparently, the Lollipop singer had pressurized to make sexual contact.

Lil Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Lauren London.
Lil Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Lauren London. Source: Twitter @DeMarko

The romantic duo  London and Wayne later tried to make their relationship work. They were already dating by the end of February 2007. But, as before, it did not work out, and they broke up in October 2007.

Despite this, Kameron's parents were willing to be together. They could not move on from each other. Thus, the pair soon got together and exchanged engagement rings this time.

Ex-couple Lauren London and Lil Wayne wearing matching outfit.
Ex-couple Lauren London and Lil Wayne wearing matching outfits. Source: Twitter @DeMarko

Yes, Lil Wayne and Lauren London got engaged on November 30, 2007. They remained as a fiance and fiancee for two years. Due to their incompatibility, Kameron's parents separated ways in January 2009.

The former couple, Wayne and London, had kept their relationship a secret. The world only knew after their dating life after the birth of London's first and Wayne's third child, Kameron.

Kameron Carter's Parents After Their Separations

The childhood sweethearts Lauren and Lil Wayne are still on good terms though they broke up. The former couple is co-parenting their child Kameron.

In 2016, Lil Wayne took Kameron to a basketball game in Los Angeles, marking the child's first public appearance. Similarly, Lil Wayne and Kameron were spotted together in 2022 EPSYs.

Despite the roller coaster in Carter's parent's life. The ex-couple has still managed to maintain a friendly relationship. Furthermore, she has said that Lil Wayne is a good father and partner.

Did Kameron Carter's Mother, Lauren London Marry, Nipsey Hussle?

No, Nipsey and Lauren were not legally married. However, there are rumors of them tying the knot. They were in a relationship until death separated them. 

Lauren London posed with her late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle
Lauren London posed with her late boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle. Source: Pinterest

The former pair met in 2013 when Lauren visited Nipsey's store on Slauson Ave in Los Angeles. They started talking and eventually began dating.

Kameron's mother, London, and her boyfriend, Nipsey, had a breakup for a brief time. But, the couple were back together at the time of his death.

Lauren also welcomed Kameron's half-sibling, i.e., Kross Asghedom, on August 31, 2016. It was the only child of London and Hussle as a pair.

Nipsey Hussle Was Killed On March 31, 2019, In Front of His Store.

Hussle's demise has saddened Lauren from her heart. London's partner was murdered in front of his store. Nipsey was killed on March 31, 2019

Two days later, the culprit who shot Nipsey was caught. Eric, the murderer, was sentenced to 60 years. Upon asking, Eric killed Nipsey due to an argument.

Kameron's mother, London, still remembers her late alleged husband. During the funeral of Hussle, Kameron had said Nipsey was in his dream.

Lauren London And Trey Songz Dating Rumors

In 2012, Lauren and Mr. Steal your girl singer Trey Songz were rumored to be dating. The couple had taken a picture together, and many people thought they were a couple.

Lauren London and his rumored boyfriend Trey Songz.
Lauren London and his rumored boyfriend, Trey Songz. Source: Pinterest

London later denied these rumors and said that they were only friends. On the other hand, Trey also implied that he and Lauren were good friends. However, he also disclosed that London and he used to be lovers before.

Who Is Lauren London's Ex-Boyfriend Lil Wayne Dating Now?

Apparently, Lauren's ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne is not dating anyone currently. After his breakup with London, he was romantically linked to La'Tecia Thomas, Denise Bidot, and more.

The sucker for pain singer Wayne is now focusing on his professional career. In addition to this, the father of four is spending quality time with his children. This is why he took Kameron with him in 2022 EPSY.

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