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Thu May 25 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Kassandra Clementi

Boyfriend : Dan McKernan
Kassandra Clementi is in a relationship with Dan McKernan.

Kassandra Clementi is an Australian actress known for her roles in films like Breach and Becoming Bond and series like UnREAL and Home and Away. The South Australian actress has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Clementi is currently in a relationship with Dan McKernan. However, she was previously engaged to actress Jacqueline Toboni. Let's learn a bit about the Australian actress.

Relationship Status: Clementi Is Dating Dan McKernan

Kassandra Clementi has a man in her life whose name is Dan McKernan. It remains to be known when these two got into a relationship but the actress first made her relationship public in August 2022. The pair have been going strong since.

Kassandra Clementi is lying on Dan McKernan shoulder as there is a dog in the background.
Kassandra Clementi with her partner, Dan McKernan (Source: Kassandra Clementi Instagram @kassandraclementi)

McKernan saves animals for a living. He works in a barn sanctuary and is involved in rescuing farm animals. If he isn't with Clementi, he hangs out with all his farm animals, like goats, pigs, and cows. Both he and Clementi share a common love for animals.

What is Clementi's Net Worth?

Kassandra Clementi has a successful acting career which has led her to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Similar to the athlete Kayla DiCello. Acting is her biggest source of income and she has been doing this for a long time. 

Clementi's popular works include Becoming Bond, Breach, and Home and Away. However, the amount she received for these films remains to be discovered. Besides, her partner, McKernan, also works on television with his popular Animal Planet series, Saved by the Barn, which has helped the couple's wealth.

Kassandra Clementi & Her Husband Are About To Be A Parents

Clementi and her partner, McKernan, are about to be parents, as the Becoming Bond actress is pregnant at the time of this writing. The baby is a girl and is expected to arrive in May 2023

Kassandra Clementi is standing showing her baby bump, while Mike is right in front of her and Dan McKernan is taking the picture.
Kassandra Clementi showing her baby bump with her partner Dan McKernan and cow Mike (Source: Kassandra Clementi Instagram @kassandraclementi)

The Breach actress Clementi first announced this through her Instagram on November 30, 2022. She uploaded a picture of her baby bump with her partner and their cow, Mike. 

Body Measurements

Clementi takes good care of her body, as her body measurements are 32-24-32 inches. The slim actress is taller than the average actress with her height of 5 Feet and 9 Inches (164 cm). Her body weighs 123 lbs (66 kg). 

Clementi's dress size is 4 (US), and her shoe size is 8 (US). Being an actress, she needs to be conscious about her health and body as it is what the industry demands. And she takes good care of her health, but she isn't too strict with herself. 

Previously Dated Jacqueline Toboni

Kassandra Clementi had almost tied the knot with actress Jacqueline Toboni in the past. The two had gotten engaged in August 2021 and followed it up by calling it quits just a few months later. 

Kassandra Clementi and Jacqueline Toboni are in the car and are posing like they are flexing their biceps.
Kassandra Clementi with her ex-partner, Jacqueline Toboni (Source: Kassandra Clementi Instagram @kassandraclementi)

It remains to be known how and when Clementi and Toboni two started dating. But one thing that is known about them is that they weren't ashamed to show their love to the world. They didn't hesitate to express their love for one another in the media. 

The reason behind Clementi and Toboni's split has been kept a secret. However, one known thing about their love is that they ended things on good terms. When Clementi announced her now boyfriend, McKernan, through Instagram, a fan had asked her about her split with Toboni, to which she said they got separated peacefully.

Education Background

Jacqueline Toboni's ex-partner Clementi has previously studied at St. John's Grammar School. The From Scratch actress was born and raised in Adelaide, a city in South Australia. So, it's no surprise she did her schooling where she was raised.

Clementi didn't continue with her education because she had already made up her mind that she wanted to act for a living. However, the Breach actress didn't always want to be an actress. 

During an interview with The Italian Rêve, Clementi said that she had joined the drama classes in her school and loved doing it. However, she didn't dream of becoming an actor as a kid. Only after completing high school she decided to pursue it full-time. Safe to say, the risk paid off, as she has a fantastic career.

Has A Brother

Home and Away actress Clementi has a younger sibling as well. His name is Cody Clementi. Cody lives a low-key life away from his sister's fame. The information on what he is up to nowadays is not known yet. He is on Instagram with the page @codyclementi but his account is private.

Kassandra Clementi is side hugging Cody Clementi as they are posing in front of the sea.
Young Kassandra Clementi with her young brother, Cody Clementi. (Source: Instagram @kassandraclementi)

Cody was born on June 3, but his birth year remains unclear. She has revealed that her brother used to be one of the bright kids growing up. The Breach actress has also shared a little story about her brother about the time when he was obsessed with his Oscar the grouch T-shirt and would wear it all the time.

Why Did Kassandra Clementi Almost Quit Acting? 

Clementi is having a fantastic acting career today but there was a time when she almost gave up on acting. It happened when she started acting and her career wasn't going as she would have wanted.

Dailymail, in their article, mentioned that Clementi used to think that every role she got would be her last. It wasn't until she landed a role in the 2016 comedy-drama show UnREAL that made got her career started in America. And, now she has a fantastic acting career.

Doesn't Hesitate To Get Political

Clementi isn't afraid of who she offends, as she doesn't hesitate to get political if needed. The actress has been vocal about many things in the past that most people would either avoid or give politically correct answers.

The Picture has a hand of all colors showing a peace sign.
Kassandra Clementi talking about the issue of discrimination (Source: Kassandra Clementi Instagram @kassandraclementi)

Clementi uses Instagram to talk about these things. The Breach actress has previously talked about abortion rights and she is pro-abortion. She is also a believer in the mask mandate. Besides that, she has also talked about LGBTQ rights and racial discrimination and has been vocal about the American elections.

Social Media Presence

Breach actress Clementi is present on the internet through social media as she is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Insta page, Twitter handle, and Facebook page are @kassandraclementi, @kassclementi, and @Kassandra Clementi, respectively.

Clementi doesn't frequently posts on the platform like a lot of other celebrities. Her Facebook has been inactive for the past few years. She hardly ever uses her Twitter as she barely makes a tweet in a month. 

Instagram is where Clementi is most active but that's not saying much, as she hardly posts on this platform too. But if you want to learn more about her personal life, then Instagram is the place to check her out.

A Career Summary

Kassandra Clementi is an Australian actress who is currently based in LA. Unlike most actors, she developed a love for acting much later in life. She first started acting in her school dramas and eventually thought of making a career out of it after finishing school. Anthony LaPaglia is also an Australian actor by profession.

When Kassandra first started, she was doing three different jobs. And she has said that juggling between all of these works led her to underperform in all of them. She worked as a Barista at a Child-care center, Nightclub alongside her acting career when she was 19.

Kassandra's hard work paid off, as she now makes a living as an actress. Her most significant success in America has been UnREAL, the show featuring Karissa Tynes. Some of her other works include Becoming Bond, and Breach, among others. The actress's first work, according to her IMDb page, is The Boys Are Back in 2009.


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