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Ice Skater (1951)
Fri Jun 17 2022
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The 1972 United States Figure Skating Championships winner Kenneth Shelly is a professional American figure skater. He competed in singles and double competitions with his partner Jojo Starbuck.

Kenneth was born on October 4, 1951, in Downey, California, the United States as Kenneth Jene Shelly. He went to Downey High School in his home town. He met his skating partner Jojo when he was just eight years old, and they were paired together.

What's her relationship status?

Nothing regarding the figure skater's personal life has been disclosed. So, we don't have any information regarding his relationship, just like Jameirkgolden.

Net Worth from Skating

The 68-year old's net worth has not been disclosed. However, his net worth has been estimated to be anywhere between $1 million to $5 million

Ken Skating as a kid
Snap: Keneth with Jojo through his career
Source: famousmormons

Shelley, in his time, competed in the biggest competition, Olympics and World Championships. A study done by BBC Sports showed individuals earn $57,332 in prize money, and pairs earn $85,998 in prize money. But the former skater may have made way less than these figures in those times.

Skating Career

Shelley started skating as a eight-year-old when he was paired with his partner Starbuck in 1959. They started training seriously when they moved to Arctic Blades FSC, a skating club with coach John Nicks.

The skating pair qualified for the 1968 Winter Olympics in their first year of senior competitions when they were both 16 years old. During that time, he was still in high school and training with the cheerleading squad. Before the Olympics, he also won the U.S. Championships Junior competition in 1967.

Shelly with his partner jojo
Snap: Shelly and Jojo in 1972 winter Olympics
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The skater won the United States Championships for pair from 1970 to 1972. Before that, he was 2nd in 1969 and 3rd in 1968. He also won the 1971 North American Championships in couple skating and came 2nd in 1969.

Kenneth and Jojo also came third in World Championships in 1971 and 1972. With the pair also coming fourth in 1972 Winter Olympics.

Singles Career

Kenneth was also involved in singles competition along with pairs and was reasonably successful. He won the 1972 United States Championships and was second and third in 1971 and 1970, respectively.

The skater competed in the 1972 Winter Olympics, where he came fourth. He also came 7th in the same year in World Championships. He came third in North American Championships in 1972.


Jojo and Shelley skated in the Ice Capades and competed professionally after retiring from competitive ice skating. His career was immortalized when he got inducted into the U.S Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1994.

Shelly with his former partner
Snap: Shelly with his former partner Jojo 
Source: Twitter@StarbuckJoJo

The figure skater is relatively active in his old days. He has no social media of his own but is seen in his partner Jojo's social media. He is involved in various ice skating events and made appearances with his former partner. 

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