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Mon Feb 27 2023
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Kim Petras has been the moment recently with multiple hit songs, celebrity collaborations, and publicity. She has been honored as the openly transgender woman in history to win a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Recently she has gained more publicity for her music Unholy with Sam Smith. 

Kim is a German citizen born in the city of Cologne in Germany on August 27, 1992. Now based in Los Angeles, California, the singer-songwriter is rising to the peak of her career with her music collaborations and magnetic stage presence.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Kim Petras? 

Kim Petras is estimated to have a net worth of about $4 million. She earned the bulk of her fortune from her music career and endorsements. Her music is selling very well and getting rave reviews, and her collaborations are top-tier.

Kim has shot ads for Spotify and Uggs collections with great flair. Her brand partnerships exist with SKYY Vodka and Hunkemöller lingerie. Her music royalties, contracts, and endorsements are raking in cash.

Controversy About Working With Dr. Luke

Kim Petras has faced criticism for her association with music producer Dr. Luke, who has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by several women, including Kesha. She has publicly stated that she supports due process and believes that the accusations against Dr. Luke have not been proven in court. 

Kim was one of the stars signed by Dr. Luke's new label, Amigo Records, in 2021. The singer has been involved with him since she started a new phase of her career with Luke's publishing company, Prescription Songs, back in 2017.

Kim Petras dressed for the 2023 Grammys
Kim Petras dressed for the 2023 Grammys. (Source: Instagram @kimpetras)

Petras's recent fame and Grammy win have again reignited the debate, and many fans want her not to associate with Dr. Luke. However, this seems impossible due to her 2021 record deal and the fact that the two of them have worked together for more than five years. Kim has been called out for working with him multiple times.

Result Of The Scandal 

Some feel that Petras' association with Dr. Luke detracts from her status as a prominent advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and a positive role model for young fans. Further, there are rumors that Dr. Luke's team is using Kim's background as a transperson and Kesha's story to create further controversy with the end goal of getting more sales.

Petras has defended her association with Luke on Twitter, stating that she has nothing to be ashamed of. She later deleted her tweets and appeared to be distancing herself from Luke, although this has not been confirmed. Petras has also expressed that she is "held to a different standard than other artists" concerning her collaboration with Luke, as many others have worked with him.

What Do Her Fans Think About The Dr. Luke Scandal?

Kim is not without her loyal fanbase. While they disapprove of Dr. Luke, the argument seems that when Kim made a rush decision to sign with him as it seemed no one wanted to sign a trans artist. She was made to feel reduced to her genitals at most label meetings.

A recent picture of Kim Petras.
A recent picture of Kim Petras. Source: Instagram @kimpetras

Furthermore, they allege that considering Dr. Luke's past, it is very likely that he and his team are in complete control of her releases and social media and threatening to turn her career into a dumpster fire if she chooses not to comply. These allegations have risen in the case of Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat. One of her loyal fans on Facebook said: 

Because if it was already easy to delegitimize a person with a career as solid as Kesha, imagine an independent artist who is also Trans.

Considering that Kim signed that record deal after already having a prior publishing deal with him, she could not sign with anyone else. The label would take a massive cut, cause unnecessary complications because of the existing publishing contract, and even shelve her career.

Early Life Details 

Petras grew up as the child of a choreographer mother, Konni Petras, and an architect father, Lutz Petras. She has an older sister, Sina Petras. Kim's birth name is Tim Petras.

Kim was assigned male at birth; that is, she is biologically male. Growing up as a Transsexual person, she got a lot of backlash for expressing herself and even dressing up in a feminine fashion.

An old Photo of Kim Petras
An old Photo of Kim Petras. Source: Facebook

Growing up, Kim wore gender-neutral clothing but preferred pink and girly clothes. She sadly had to move through many schools due to her sensitive gender identity and experience. She loves Barbie dolls and listening to Pop songs.

Gender Identity: How Did Kim Tell Her Truth?

According to reports, Kim was aware that she was a girl on the inside from the young age of two and wanted to get gender reassignment surgery before she was even ten. She identifies as transsexual. Her parents had trans friends, so they were educated on the concept and supported their child. Once in an interview, Kim described her experience:

Of course, being a trans kid, I got spit on. I got shit thrown at me. I had to change schools. I got beat up.

Kim became famous during her early teens in Germany for being very public about her gender identity and lobbying to get her gender assignment surgery before reaching adulthood. In 2008, she became the youngest person in Germany to have the procedure at just sixteen years of age. She wanted the surgery early as she did not want her voice to break or grow a beard.

Relationships: Is Kim Petras Dating? 

Kim Petras has kept her love life a secret. This is to be expected, considering the hate and harassment many trans people face. Rumors suggest that she is currently single and had ended a relationship some years prior. She looks for a sense of humor in her relationships and wants to date positive people.

Kim Petras in a music video.
Kim Petras in a music video. Source: Facebook

Regarding her sexual orientation, Kim had previously said that she had written a love song for a boy crush and that she had boyfriends in the past. This means that she is attracted to men. But it is not clear if she is bisexual or identifies as another sexuality.

Trans Identity And Trans Activism 

Kim Petras has been a vocal advocate for several policies that would improve the lives of trans individuals, similar to that of Mj Rodriguez. Most of this was due to her childhood experiences growing up despite receiving the full support of her family. Some of the specific policies she has supported include: 

  • Access to gender-affirming medical care, including hormone therapy and gender-confirmation surgery.
  • Anti-discrimination protections in areas such as housing, employment, and healthcare.
  • Improved access to identity documents that accurately reflect a person's gender identity.
  • Inclusive education policies that support trans and gender non-conforming students in schools.

Kim has gone on to say that she does not wish to be defined by her transsexuality. But she does participate in fundraisers and awareness programs. Even after her Grammy win, she was there to state her presence as a trans person and how grateful she was for the past Trans artists who paved the way.

About Kim's Surgery And Legal Buzz

Kim Petras got her gender reassignment surgery in Germany under Doctor Bernd Meyenburg of Frankfurt University Hospital. He is a member of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, who has studied transsexuality since the 1970s. 

Doctor Bernd was also accommodating and helped arrange the surgery, which was conducted secretly near the end of 2008. This made her the youngest person in Germany to receive such treatment back then. Likewise, the transgender author Jennifer Finney Boylan got her surgery at 42 in 2000.

Before that, Kim started hormone replacement therapy at twelve years of age and received counseling and help from doctors. Her medical staff was supportive as she met the proper people and doctors after years of not getting any support from her previous doctors and medical staff. 

Back then, legally, a German citizen could get reassignment surgery only after age eighteen. Kim was glad she got the procedure done when it happened and reportedly was excited to wear a swimsuit and change in the ladies' room.

Early Career 

Kim made music from an early age, or 'as far as I can remember.' She wrote her first song in second grade, which was romantic, and later released music by the age of fifteen in Germany. She had locally released her first CDs before the surgery and gained good reviews.

Kim also did modeling and was the face of a German hair salon chain before her surgery. She was busy making music and connecting with her inner struggles. Her first global hit was her 2017 debut international single, I Don't Want It at All, which gained a good amount of buzz. 

A 2009 photo of Kim Petras from her model days.
A 2009 photo of Kim Petras from her model days. Source: Facebook

The MV for the song had a cameo by Paris Hilton and made Kim famous. In October 2017, she was selected as one of the RISE Artists by Spotify and dubbed "most likely to dominate the pop charts" by Paper magazine. The same year, she appeared on Charli XCX's mixtape Pop 2 for the track Unlock It.

Petras released the extended play Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1, in October 2018. Her debut album, Clarity, was released in June 2019. The lead single of Clarity, “Icy,” landed her on “Good Morning America,” and Ariana Grande invited her to appear on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. In February 2020, she released the single Reminds Me

Recent Career

Kim has kept her career moving and growing. She made history by being the first openly trans performer to take the stage at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2021. Additionally, she acted in a holiday movie, and in February 2022, she dropped a surprise EP called "Slut Pop," which got mixed reviews but was successful.

In June 2022, she performed at the LA Pride with Christina Aguilera. However, despite intentions for an album with the working title "Problématique," some songs were leaked online, and the album was scrapped. 

Kim's big win came when she collaborated with Sam Smith on the song "Unholy," which became popular on TikTok and peaked at number one in several nations, including the United States. 

As a result, Petras became the first openly transgender woman to have a song reach that position. And Smith became the first openly non-binary person to do so. The duo won the 2023 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Is Kim Religious?

Kim has been very vocal about her relationship with God. While Germany is considered secular, Christianity plays a huge role in the lifestyle there, with religion present in schools and hospitals. So, she was aware of the religious impacts. 

In an interview about her new single, If Jesus Was A Rockstar, Kim said:

I just never got a chance to know about spirituality or be accepted by God.

Kim has often talked about feeling unwelcome in religion. Growing up, she got the message that she would go to hell for her transsexuality, and it was unpleasant to participate. 

Feeling out of spirituality, Kim released her 2022 single If Jesus Was A Rockstar which came from the isolation felt by her during the Pandemic. The song was about her need to connect and how she felt.

Kim Is A Stunning Live Performer 

Kim has always been a performer at heart, with fans calling her live concerts 'energetic.' She is the moment and brings energy, positivity, and fire to her shows, just like Yassi Pressman.

Kim Petras dressed for her performance with Christina Aguilera.
Kim Petras dressed for her performance with Christina Aguilera. Source: Instagram @kimpetras

A fan once commented:

Her stage presence had me magnetized, and I have seen a lot of live performances.

Her artistry is a vital part of the shows, and she is dedicated to her art. She is also credited for having a stunning voice and control over her vocal range. She dominates her performances and establishes excellent connections with her audiences. 

Music Inspirations 

Kim was always a girly person, and some of her strongest music inspirations were stars such as Brittney Spears, Cher, Prince, Spice Girls, and Scottish producer Sophie to name a few. Talking about her influence & music style, she gave an interview saying: 

I'm all about passion, and I just really want to inspire people to create and be passionate and find inspiration and be themselves — not necessarily just do everything that other people are doing. I want to inspire people to be themselves.

With her pop style and classic iconography, Kim hopes to inspire more people, especially trans people, to make music. With her art and visibility, she wants to spread the idea that trans people can have successful and memorable careers.

Kim And Her Sister Sina Petras Were A Duo 

Kim has an older sister named Sina Petras, an artist. The two sisters posted videos together singing a song called Marry The Night, a cover of Lady Gaga's music.

Kim Petras with her sister Sina Petras (right)
Kim Petras with her sister Sina Petras (right). Source: Facebook

From old videos, Sina is a tall brunette with a slim figure. She can play the guitar, and the two sisters often made covers of songs together. Kim was often the lead singer, and Sina accompanied her on the guitar. They used to play gigs together before Kim moved to America to pursue her career.

Kim Is A Dog Lover

According to her socials, Kim has a pet dog named Schnitzel. She may have access to one or more dogs, but she calls her Schnitzel her son and is often seen celebrating his birthdays. 

Kim is constantly posting videos about dogs and hanging out with them, similar to the American model Alan Ritchson.

Physical Appearance

Kim Petras has stunning blue eyes, which appear to be a family feature. She is also a bottle blonde as she colors her hair from a darker shade. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall (167 cm) and weighs around 56 kg.

Kim Petras posing for a picture.
Kim Petras posing for a picture. Source: Facebook

Considering Kim's transsexuality, she did get gender-affirming surgery to better fit in with her inner body. But it is unclear if she got any other elective surgery. Overall, she has a slim body and a toned physique, and due to her natural biology, she is less likely to get cellulite.

Kim Has A Strong Social Media Presence

As a successful artist, Kim Petras and her team try to stay connected to her fanbase. As most of the promotion and streaming are digital, Kim is active on all the social media sites. She posts regularly on Instagram with the handle @kimpetras, with over 800K followers. 

Kim's Facebook page, Kim Petras, also with a decent following of about 150K followers. Her Twitter handle @kimpetras has 236.1K Followers and has been active on the platform since 2009.

Petras also averages about 45 million listeners on her Spotify account. Her presence on TikTok is substantial, and she has 529K followers on the platform as @kimpetras. Some of her viral Toktoks get millions of views. 

Kim's youtube channel @kimpetras is also thriving because it has over 400K subscribers. She has a website called, where she promotes her music.


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